Desperate Housewives

Season 3 Episode 22

What Would We Do Without You?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 13, 2007 on ABC
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Susan and Mike finally become engaged, exactly one year after Mike's hit-and-run situation, but Susan's happiness is struck once she finds out that her best friend Gabrielle has practically stolen her cancelled wedding to Ian. In the meantime, Tom tries to save his marriage, as Lynette refuses to speak to him, and Edie tries to keep Carlos close to her at all costs.moreless

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  • Again this is a great show! Gabby and Susan fight over weddings! Tom and Lynette have problems!

    Once again a great episode. Susan and gabby fighting was so funny highlight of the episode i think. Again showed what an idiot victor is! She shouldn't marry him! Lynette can't have cancer i have really liked her this season, hope its just a scare! Marriage couselling thing was also funny! Edie was evil once again but also was completely un edie!

    Great episode, finale next week can't wait, should be even better then the last few episodes which as i have said before were great!!!moreless
  • Season 3, Episode 22.

    Wow, great episode. There was a lot of friction between Gabby and Susan! I love episodes like that... Like 5.03. I can't believe Gabby just stole Susan's wedding, although it makes sense. I liked when Susan made the scene at Gabby's house and broke the vase. Mike and Susan are finally together! They're engaged again! Woot woot! There's a lot of drama going around. Mike and Susan are engaged, Lynette finds out she has cancer, Edie tells Carlos she wants a baby yet secretly takes birth control pills... WOW! Marc Cherry really knows how to bring the drama and entertainment. Great episode. The only thing that could have made it better is Bree. =]moreless
  • Since the moment we wake up in the morning, till our head hits the pillow at night our lifes are filled with questions Is not Lynette the best character ever? Will I be able to wait for the season 4 to start? Is not this show the most touching show?moreless

    This final should have been the season final! Lynette storyline was the best. I liked the whole "questions" theme and the music was so touching. The best ending of the season!

    Susan part was great! At least the beginning was! Xd, When she is expecting the question! Xd At last she is happy! But I have no idea how things are gonna stay since here. I mean... what is going to happen between then? I don't believe the "happy ending" thing.

    The idea of making the two weddings in the same day was great! how they fight because of that! The scene in Gabi's house was hilarious. I loved when she putted the feet to stop the door closing. Gabi was so a bad person doing that! The whole scenes between them both were so great! Susan believed that she was lesbian XD Hilarious!

    Eddie and Carlos scenes are great! They should stay together. They have chemistry. What about Eddie doing the sabotaj and funny parts? The scene with Lynette and Susan was so funny! I understand why she did what she did, she was not a bad person because of that.

    Lynette storyline was the best again, I loved her character so much and the acting was so cool! She must feel so bad, and it has to be so hard. The final(The fight and the hospital scene) should have been the scenes to the season finale! They where very touching, I feel that they really love each other. She did it perfect, and I loved how they did the camera job! It was two perfects scenes and a great episode final! I never would get tired to see the two final scenes.moreless
  • Is she really sick?

    And there's only one episode left before season three ends...a couple things came out: two couples are going to get married, Lynette may have cancer, Carlos tries to have a baby with Edie who still takes will it end?

    Just a little more than a filler episode in my opinion, the big stuff will be shown in the season finale...I really hope that Lynette has nothing, I think it would be inappropriate at this time, and a bad way to end the crisis she's living with Tom. Finally, Gabrielle won't marry Victor, I'm pretty sure about it. About Carlos, he'll be furious when he'll discover Edie's lie, and she'll be alone as she's never been, a bad ending for such a character.

    Let's see if my predictions are right.moreless
  • Hard questions, easy answers.

    Lynette is going through a crisis now and Tom fidns out that she had fallen for Rick and he calls his friend who is a marriage counselor to try to sail it through but Lynette doesn't want to talk and they go into a physical fight end end up in the hospital but it ultimately ends up for Lynette finding out that she has cancer.

    Susan and Mike are planning the same wedding she wanted with Ian and that is when she goes into a fight with Gabrielle because Gabrielle is planning the wedding on the same day and Gaby stole Susan's wedding.

    Edie thinks that she is pregnant but she is not and Carlos is dissapointed. She wants to have a baby just so she could nail Carlos because she is still taking pills.

    Amazing episode leading to the season finale.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: It's clear that Tom has scratches before Lynette scratches him.

    • When Susan is at Gabrielle's and finds out her friend is using the flowers she picked out for her wedding with Ian, Susan throws the vase. It looks like the vase breaks way before it makes contact with the wall.

    • Mike set up the trailer to renact what was supposed to happen a year ago, although he never saw the trailer decorated the way it was and would not know how to set it up the way he did for it to look the same as last year.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Mary Alice: (narrating) Exactly one year had passed since the night Mike Delfino and Susan Mayer were supposed to become engaged. So when Mike took Susan to her favorite restaurant, she just knew he was going to pop the question.
      Mike: (to Susan) What're you gonna have?
      Mary Alice: And when he did…
      Susan: The chicken…
      Mary Alice: …she'd be ready with her answer. But as the evening wore on, the moment Susan had been waiting for… (Mike gets down on one knee, but only to tie his shoe)…failed to materialize. (Later, a man standing next to their table playing the violin) And though many opportunities presented themselves… (Mike puts his hand inside his jacket as if he wanna take something out. Susan drops what's in her hand to get ready, but Mike only takes out some cash to give them to the guy) …the question was never asked. (Later, a plate with a cover is put on the table and Susan thought this is it) Until the thought began to dawn on Susan that perhaps… (Mike removes the cover and reveals a seemingly special sweet dish) …it never would (Susan looks very disappointed).

    • Scott: Yes, Lynette, I am a couple's counselor.
      Lynette: Really? And what do you call this? Ambush therapy?

    • Mary Alice: From the moment we wake up in the morning 'til our head hits the pillow at night, our lives are filled with questions. Most are easily answered and soon forgotten. But some questions are much harder to ask because we are so afraid of the answer. Will I be around to watch my children grow up? Am I making a mistake by marrying this man? Could he ever truly love me? And what happens when we ask ourself the hard question and get the answer we've been hoping for? Well, that's when happiness begins.

    • (Tom suggests to Lynette to have sex since she doesn't wanna talk to him and this is the only way they can communicate).
      Lynette: Remember when I was giving birth to the twins and screaming in agony because Porter was dragging my uterus out with him? Well I was more in the mood for sex then than I am now!

    • Edie: (to Susan, about Gabrielle) At least get her a thoughtless crappy gift, like a blender.
      Susan: I got you a blender for Christmas.
      Edie: And I use it everyday... Gotta go! (Edie leaves)

    • Gabrielle: (to Susan) Oh, Susan, Julie told me about Ian I'm so sorry, you must be devastated.
      (Mike is moving his stuff over to Susan's house)
      Mike: Hey Gaby.
      Gabrielle: (to Susan) I see you've picked up the pieces!

    • Susan: (to François on the phone) And I wanna see if you still available to do the flowers. Bye… oh, ah, just so you know, Ian's not the groom anymore, long story, call me!
      Susan: (on the phone) Hi, Kurt, Susan Mayer. You did my wedding invitations, ah, I'm gonna need another batch, exactly the same only change the name Ian Hansworth to Mike Delfino, long story, call me!

    • Edie: (to Carlos) I just peed on that, for God's sake, put it on a coaster!

    • Mary Alice: (narrating) Yes, Susan knew Mike was about to pop the question. The one she thought he'd never ask...
      Susan: Oh, Mike.
      Mary Alice: And thanks to Susan..
      Susan: Will you marry me?
      Mary Alice: ...he never did... Luckily, it wasn't the question she needed to hear...
      Mike: I kinda had a speech prepared, but, sure, what the heck.
      Mary Alice: was the answer.
      (Mike puts the ring on Susan's finger.)

    • Gabrielle: (to Susan) Just so you know, if I was a lesbian, I'd totally do you.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Episode Title: "What Would We Do Without You?" is the title of a song from the 1970 Stephen Sondheim Broadway musical "Company".