Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 12

What's the Good of Being Good?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 22, 2012 on ABC

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  • What's the Good of Being Good?

    For all the light-hearted fun this show has produced over the years, it can from time to time deliver very strong and powerful moments. Openly discussing child sexual assault on this show is an edgy moment but one that hit home and made this final season worth it.
  • Lynette Decides To Move On And Goes Out On Date With Renee's Hairdresser. While Bree Is After Men, Claudia Sanchez Storms Wisteria Lane.

    This episode was entertaining that's for sure. The episode's best part was Claudia Sanchez's arrival Wisteria Lane. I thought thst she will call to the cops when she learned the truth about her husband. It was also kinda emotional when Gaby told the truth to Claudia and when Marissa told the truth to her mom what Alejandro had done to her. Also, a very good thing is that Ben was given more screentime because I like him and he is a nice guy. However, there were a few problems in this episode for me. I think that Bree's lust for men feels like its a recycled plot device which i'm getting tired of. Lynette's first date was something that I did not care for much. Claudia's arrival to the Lane saved this episode.
  • 8.12 "What's the Good of Being Good?"

    Written by: Jason Ganzel

    Directed by: Ron Underwood


    This was an entertaining episode with some nice & funny moments that made me laugh after that debacle of 8.11. I loved Lynette in this one - not very good with dating, right? The guy was very nice and she kinda screwed that one up, at least she admitted she knew she was totally wrong and out of her place during the restaurant scene. Renee was introduced more in this episode which kind of took time from Susan, but that is always a good thing. Ben admitted he wanted to use his engagement to Renee to get money for him & his business and with that gesture he totally grew on me :) but he borrowed money from the sneaky loan shark. Oh! Longoria did some decent acting in this one with Justina Machado, they had some powerful confrontations towards the end and I admit I even loved Bree being the town tramp. Also such a great intro :) Liked this one! 7,5/10

  • VERY good episode!!!

    I absolutely loved this episode! The draama with Susan and Gaby plus Alejandro's new wife and daughter was very good, and I loved watching it! The post(ers that the woman posted about Susan with the 'Have you seen this man?' signs was hilarious! I couldn't stop laughing at that!

    Meanwhile, Bree's storyline was hilarious! She has totally lost ocontrol, but it is quite funny to watch!

    Lyntte's life is boring as usual. That sotryline did absolutely nothing for me.

    Renee's story with Ben was great! I absolutely find that fascinating, and I can't wai t to see how that develops next.

    Keep it up, Desperate Housewives! I hope the remaining episodes are as entertaining as this! And hopefully even better! :)
  • One final test of character.

    Over the years, we've seen lots of changes happen to the main characters. Gabrielle went from supermodel adultress, to overweight mother of two, to abused as a child, and then finally the strong, confident and mature woman she is now.

    Lynette went from being a woman who dedicated her whole life to her job, to a woman he dedicated her whole life to her kids, then she beat cancer, helped a serial killer find peace and now after five kids and twenty years of marriage, we see her get back into the dating game.

    Bree was a woman with strong morals and principals regarding traditions and relegion. Now a dead husband, a dead boyfriend, a teen pregnant daughter, a gay son, a mother in law murder attempt, and three failed relationships later. We see her lose control and giving into her alcohol problems bringing with it sexual enduendos no one thought they'd ever see Bree encounter.

    Finally, Susan. Now Susan is the one character who has not changed since episode 1 and I find her art storyline this season is a way of giving her some kind of character development.

    This episode features a very different Lynette and Bree. We see them like we haven't seem before. They're funny, they sassy and fabulous and I loved this storyline. I love that theyr'e dealing with their problems in such a experemantive manner.

    I found Renee's reaction to Ben's true intentions touching. I'm realling feeling Renee this season and I like the sweet Renee alot more than the b!tch we all met in season seven.

    Susan and Gabby dealing with Alejandro's family was very well done. Especially how it all went down. The whole plotting and scheming and finally giving into the truth circle this show does so well has been such a vital part of every episode.

    In conclusion, extremely entertaining episode and I'm glad Desperate Housewives is in full swing for it's final season.
  • Mixed

    I'm giving this an 8.5, because overall I did enjoy the episode and I have enjoyed the mystery this year, but there were points in this episode that I wasn't so keen on and I agree with EXACTLY what MikeMierzejws has said.

    The Susan/Gabby thing was good this week. While I hated Susan all last week for opening up another can of worms like an idiot right after one has been dealt with, it was good to see Gabby deal with her own abuse as well as the little girls. Never once has Gabby been so blunt about what happened and Eva did a great job with the acting. I agree with Mike though, despite finding out everything about your partner is a lie, you can't easily accept that he may be dead, and how stupid is Gabby for leaving that blood stain on show by the front door?!

    Lynette's story was good in the sense she was out dating again, but the only thing that tires me about her is that she's learning the same lessons over and over again without doing anything about it. "Oh my god, I'm controlling". She's said that about four times in different episodes in some form or another - maybe develop her story a bit more now?

    But the thing that I wasn't happy with is Bree. Maybe it's because it's the first time they've done this, but the last scene when she walked out looking proud of herself was just not what I was expecting. I expected a downward spiral yes, but I didn't expect her to be happy with being called a "town whore", and it happened so quickly? S2 was good because Bree's drinking was a slow storyline - you saw her drinking glasses every now and then and it became more frequent, but all of a sudden she's ready to be a complete whore with no morals. Maybe it's just because she feel as though she has nothing left and maybe the fact she is so out of character is the point - will have to see how that story pans out.

  • Continuation of the on going murder cover-up.

    I'm really mixed on this episode. Truthfully, I enjoyed it. But something about both Bree and Lynette felt very out of character to me. Their actions did not feel like the actions of grown women, even those who are going through difficult times. Lynnette was always the strong one who pushed people, but she also was a quick learner. She's been told already she has to stop controlling, so you'd think she would at least try?

    Bree... Well, this side of Bree is everything she despised for years. I know she's drinking and not all therein the head, but something steel feels off. And this is not the way I was expecting her life to go after her attempted suicide. It feels more like a written plot to be entertaining, rather than actually develop the storyline.

    Onto Susan and Gabby. Well... Gabby's confrontation with Alejandro's wife and stepdaughter was great. Only one thing bothered me and that was the final scene where his wife figured out what the blood stain was and simply said "get rid of that." Even though what he did to her daughter was horrible, you don't simply find out the man you loved and have been looking for for months is dead and accept it easily.

    OverallI know i just bashed this episode, but it was still good to watch. I just feel that the actions of the characters has been out of line this season. In the past, no matter what crazy story arc was written, I was able to say "Yes, the way they are responding and handling it is exactly how any sane person would handle it" But now... not so much.
  • What's the Good of Being Good?

    The episode "What's the Good of Being Good?" was pretty good and entertaining. It was very interesting to watch Ramon's wife confront Susan and use the flyer tactic! This story line dealt with a sad and touchy subject and in the end every one came to terms. Bree's story line was also fun and the way it ended for her was shocking but pretty cool at the same time, though perhaps sad in some context. Renee learns an awful truth about Ben who later decides to make a dangerous deal while Lynette goes on a date and can't help but be herself. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!