Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 10

What's to Discuss, Old Friend?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 08, 2012 on ABC

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  • Episode 810

    Some good acting from the Scavos here, but the whole Bree bit felt forced. I just could not see her getting to the point of killing herself, not yet anyway, given the situation she is in.
  • Bree Is Ready To Kill Herself When Her Friends Have Abandoned Her. Gaby Tries To Find Carlos And Lynette Makes A Confession To Tom.

    Desperate Housewives returned better than ever after the mid-season break. Finally it seems that the plot is going somewhere. The last episode ended with Bree in a motel room grabbing her gun and ready to kill herself. I liked the way how the scene ended at the motel. Another strong point in this episode was Vanessa Williams's excellent performance. In my opinion, it is her best performance during her run in the show up to this point. Finally, she was serious and did not try to be funny. The music in this episode is awesome and creepy. However I can't rate this as a "10". There are a few flaws in this episode. I can't understand that what made Gaby talk to the police about Chuck's death. It was silly and stupid. The ending scene with Mike and Susan was good, but it could have been much better if it was not copied from their previous scene in the episode. And once again, Desperate Housewives gave us an wonderful cliffhanger ending. I am looking forward to the next episode.
  • 8.10 "What's to Discuss, Old Friend?"

    Written by: Wendy Mericle

    Directed by: David Grossman


    This was a beautiful episode of Desperate Housewives and when I watched it on 1/9/2012 I was just reminded of the good old days. Vanessa Williams proved to be a great addition to the cast and everybody seems to like Renee more this season. Her relationship with Bree is very sweet, it was great when she saved her from suicide. The only weak link of this episode is Susan and her weird storyline. Lynette and Tom had some powerful stuff and the ending was surprising since she sent him to Paris to meet his girlfriend Jane there. Gaby was her usual selfish ego when she went to the police and asked all those questions. All in all - this had an early season vibe in it. 10/10
  • Love it!!

    Love it!!
  • One word: EPIC!!!

    What an amazing episode! So much drama in the aftermath of Vance's death. Bree is ready for suicide, while we see an interesting and amazing new side of Renee, which I just loved seeing!

    Gaby was at her hilarious best at the police sation as usual. She is just amazingly hilarious!!!

    Meanwhile, I thought Lynette & Tom's storyline was rather interesting for once. And Susan sets off on a task to ease her guilt. Should be interesting to see how that pans out! :)

    But the best part was the cliffhanger at the very ending of the episode! Another note: "You're Welcome" ot Bree! I can't imagine who this comes from! I can't wait to see how this develops!!!
  • How the mighty have fallen ...

    This episode wasn't bad, but it's not even close to what we were used to with DH. It's like the writers run out of ideas. ABC - the 'cancel it without warning' network, actually gave the once great show a one year warning, to pack up and have a proper ending. So far,, this is by far their worse season and this is simply unacceptable! They are building up worthless episodes on the poor to begin with storyline with Gabriella's stepdad that they formed out of thin air in the last couple of episodes of previous season.
  • Lazy writing!

    Lazy writing's been the contagious disease in the DH writers' room for the last few seasons. I mean, Tom Scavo is the only guy in the WORLD that doesn't know the ending of Old Yeller?? Oh come on, give me a break!

    And now since they killed Vance, they need another can of worms to open. And who better than Susan, a once intelligent and likeable character they plucked like a chicken over the years, to go and get the can opener from Alejandro's family in OK.

    I can't be happier this show's over soon!
  • What's To Discuss, Old Friend?

    What's To Discuss, Old Friend? was a really great episode of Desperate Housewives and I enjoyed watching it as the story picks up from last week with Bree about to blow out her brains when Renee enters her motel room only to discover what she was about to do and the two bonded through the episode which was really touching and nice as we saw a deeper side to Renee. Bree's plan was to :

    Pour herself a glass of her favorite chardonnay

    Put on her most stylish night gown

    And leave behind a note on embossed stationary

    But she poured into a plastic cup? I found this hard to believe for her character at a time like that!

    Tom an Lynette had some good scenes, and it was funny that Tom got Bob as a Lawyer to help Lynette but then didn't need him because Chuck Vance was killed by who knows who at this point. Susan attempted to flee to New York City to become an artist, but Mike wouldn't let her, so she went to check on Alejandro's kids, which will lead to some good drama I'm sure. Gaby and Carlos deal with some serious issues as well. Overall a great episode with character and plot development. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
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