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Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 4

Who's That Woman?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2004 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Cash-strapped Mrs. Huber (guest star Christine Estabrook) finds herself blackmailing Susan after learning of her involvement in Edie's house fire, and Carlos becomes suspicious that Gabrielle might be cheating on him... with the cable man (guest star John Haymes Newton). After Rex goes away for a while, Bree's son Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) starts acting out, much to her displeasure, and Lynette is called to school because her twins are getting out of control. Meanwhile, the ladies decide the time has come for them to give Paul the note they found among Mary Alice's belongings.moreless

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  • Things heat up but...

    Martha blackmails Susan. Bree goes head to head. Gabrielle "socks" her way out of a dilemna, and Lynette considers medicating her kids.

    The Martha storyline gave this episode it's suspense, however Martha needs a smack in the face. She is by far the most annoying character of television history. Gabrielle's story is growing tiresome, and the only thing saving Lynette from rowening the show with her repetitive storyline is how funny it actually is. Bree is still a robot, and they better give her some emotions soon.

  • loved it

    loved this episode of desperate housewives, i loved the stuff with susan and martha huber although martha is horrible blackmailing susan im glad susan stood up to her in the end, the gaby stuff was also fun, loved the stuff with bree and the theripist the mystery was also great this week paul is so scary cant wait to see what he and mary alice are hiding a great episode
  • Un episodio, dónde lo único que resalta es la manera no tan ingeniosa de Susan detener el chantaje de la señora Huber.

    Quizás sea muy duro, pero este episodio agrega muy poco a la trama, el episodio no pasa a ser famoso, simplemente llena la lista de la primera temporada. Los problemas de Lynnete con sus hijos ya es algo que sabiamos, depronto aparte del chantaje de Susan, también que le tocara obligarse dejar a Edie ir con Mike a cine cuando ella se moria de ganas de hacerlo, pero como dicen "El mayor bien"... AL menos se libera de la prueba que la liga al incendio en la casa de Eddie.

    Me hubiera gustado ver mas sobre Gabrielle, John y Carlos pero mas adelante tendremos mas sobre estos tres.moreless
  • It was not original as the other ones. It was more like a filled episode, anyway the funny moments saved it.

    Well, no so original as the other ones...

    Susan storyline was not such especial in this episode, it is kinda boring and it was not so funny despite it had some interesting moments. But it is not such interesting.

    Bree as the big mother was really funny, I loved when she broke up the door! She really knows how to impact the audience. This one is not such interesting too.

    Gabi was really funny in here, the story was original! The socks and then Carlos punching the boy! Xd I guess the best story in this episode.

    Lynette story was funny too but not such original like the other ones, in fact she doesn't appear too much in this episode. It was not as the other ones that we have seen.

    In fact this episode was not such original as the other we have seen in the past. Anyway is not a bad episode, it has funny moments and all but it is more like a development episode that is more about the story and not so much about the character (A lot of time is spend in the fire for example)moreless
  • Identity.

    Lynette can't control the boys and the teacher in school is having a rough time dealing with them and they all suggest ADD medications but Lynette doesn't want to drug them.

    Susan is being blackmailed by Martha Huber who figured out that Susan burned down Edie's home. Susan tells everything to Julie and they find a strategy to steal the measuring cup from her. Gabrielle is continuing her affair with John but Carlos becomes more and more suspicious of her but targets the wrong guy which later turns out to be gay.

    Bree is now without Rex and she can't control Andrew who picked up a bad time to rebell.

    Edie is desperately trying to conquer Mike's heart but ultimately fails.

    Absolutely fabulous episode with a lot of memorable scenes.moreless
Mary Pat Gleason

Mary Pat Gleason

Ms. Butters

Guest Star

John Haymes Newton

John Haymes Newton

Jonathan Lisco (Cable Guy)

Guest Star

Michelle Ewin

Michelle Ewin


Guest Star

Joy Lauren

Joy Lauren

Danielle Van De Kamp

Recurring Role

Brent Kinsman

Brent Kinsman

Preston Scavo

Recurring Role

Shane Kinsman

Shane Kinsman

Porter Scavo

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Gabrielle left the socks in the little room. That room is supposed to have a door that goes to the kitchen, but in this scene you can see clearly that there isn't such a door. There is only a window.

    • Goof: When Lynette goes to the school the teacher is waiting outside eating. If you look her hands you can see that she has a white napkin. This napkin changes to one hand to the other between shots, and in one shot it is small and in the other it's not.

    • Goof: How it is possible that Gabrielle can find so many socks in the hamper so quickly? If you think about it, there should be so many clothes in it that it would be impossible to find so many socks and all in the same spot. It would take much more time to find them.

    • The magazine that Andrew puts down while talking to his mother in the bedroom disappears in the next shot.

    • In the strip club we can see that Andrew's friend to the right sitting next to him an adult man with a suit, in the very next shot there is a teenager sitting in his place, when Bree shows up, there is not much time before the teenager suddenly disappears.

    • How could the twins teacher decide if they have ADHD (ADD) when she isn't a psychologist? Also where is she getting the medication from?

    • In the scene where Lynette and Gabrielle are talking to Paul on the driveway, the chocolate boxes under Gabrielle's arm flip back and forth between shots, showing the label sides and backsides in turns.

    • The cartons of eggs and juice that Susan places near the register are totally weightless. They are props, but should at least have some weight on it.

    • When John gets out of the bath with Gabrielle you can see for a split second his reflection in the mirror and he is wearing bathing trunks. Later when he is thrown out of the window, he is supposedly naked.

    • When Lynette is standing at the kitchen window doing dishes, you can see the draining tray for the dish rack is backwards (will drain to countertop).

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Martha: Oh, Susan, let's not be unpleasant. We can go back to the same friendly relationship we've always had.
      Susan: I will keep my lawn looking nice, and I will make sure my music doesn't play too loud and if I get some of your mail, heck, I'll run it right over 'cause that's what good neighbors do. But from now on, when I run into you on the street and I say "Good morning, Mrs. Huber" or "How are you, Mrs. Huber?", just know that inside I am quietly but decidedly hating your guts.

    • Mary Alice: (opening voiceover) When I was alive, I maintained many different identities. Lover, wife, and ultimately, victim. Yes, labels are important to the living. They dictate how people see themselves, like my friend Lynette. She used to see herself as a career woman, and a hugely successful one at that. She was known for her power lunches, her eye-catching presentations and her ruthlessness in wiping out the competition. But Lynette gave up her career to assume a new label, the incredibly satisfying role of full-time mother. But, unfortunately for Lynette, this new label frequently fell short of what was advertised.

    • Gabrielle: Why are your friends staring at me? Did you tell them about us?
      John: No. They're staring 'cuz they think you're hot.
      Gabrielle Oh, okay. (Waves)

    • (Susan is absentmindedly washing dishes as she stares out the window at a shirtless Mike)
      Julie: Mom, the dish is clean.
      Susan: Huh?
      Julie: I still don't understand why you don't just ask him out on an 'official date' date.
      Susan: I'm trying a new strategy. I'm playing hard to get.
      Julie: How long do you think you can keep that up?
      Susan: Oh, maybe until noon. Then I'm going to have to run over there and beg him to love me.

    • Martha: Still, people say "I'll make mincemeat out of you."
      Susan: I don't think that people really say that anymore.
      Martha: I do!

    • Mary Alice: In that moment, Lynette made a decision. When it came to dealing with her children, medication was no longer an option.

    • Mary Alice: It suddenly occurred to Lynette her label was about to change yet again. And for the next few years, she would be known as the mother of the boys who painted Tiffany Axelrod blue.

    • Gabrielle: I love taking baths. Especially with you. It's like taking a vacation from the world.
      John: I hated taking baths when I was a kid. Course back then, the only thing I had to play with was my rubber ducky.

    • Gabrielle: (After Paul explains about Mary Alice's 'condition') Wow. I think he's lying.
      Lynette: So do I.

    • Edie: I'm not feeling well. I got a sunburn washing my car the other day.

    • Andrew: You went in my room?
      Bree: You think that's bad? Tomorrow, I'm cleaning it.

    • John: You want me to mow the lawn wearing sandals? I'd lose a toe.
      Gabrielle: You'll lose more than that if Carlos finds out you're trimming more than the hedges.

    • Bree: (In the strip bar, to Andrew) I'm staying for the show! I'm dying to see what the fuss is about.

    • Lynette: I used to run a company with 85 people, and now I can't even wrangle two kids without doping them?

    • Lynette: (About the twins) When they're not making me tear my hair out, they're actually pretty sweet.

    • Carlos: (to Gabrielle) Our maid wears size 13 gym socks?

    • Susan: Mrs. Huber, will all due respect, you're crazy.

    • Martha: Ah, Susan. Being coy is a strategy best employed by virgins at
      their first dance, for women of our age it's just annoying.

    • Martha: (To Susan, cheerfully) I was just thinking of that expression, "I'll make mincemeat out of you." Mincemeat used to be made up of little bits of meat chopped up, so the expression was like saying, "I'll chop you up into little pieces!"

    • Martha: (To Susan) Do I need an excuse to do something nice?

    • Martha: Susan likes Mike?
      Edie: Where the hell have you been, Martha?

    • Mary Alice: What type a person would send such a note? (shot of Paul looking out onto the street) Was it an enemy? Of course, but what kind? An acquaintance? A stranger? Or how about a neighbor, that lives a few feet away?

    • Julie: (talking to Susan, referencing Edie squirting water all over her chest) You better get out there, she's wearing cotton.

    • (At a skin bar, Andrew and his buddies are caught by Bree)
      Bree: Keith, that was a lovely solo last week in church.
      Keith: (nervous) Thanks (to Ian), we're out of here!
      (They leave)
      Bree: I hope it wasn't something I said.

    • Bree: Andrew, I'm curious. When you fantasize about this woman, do you ever stop to think how she came to be on this runway? That's someone's little girl. And that someone probably had a lot of dreams for her. Dreams that did not include a thong... and a pole...

    • Carlos: Wait? You're gay?
      Cable Guy: Yeah. Is that what this is about?
      Carlos: Um, yeah.

    • Yao Lin: I hate lying.
      Gabrielle: Yeah, well, I hate your ironing, so there.

    • Susan (to Julie): You gotta be kidding! She washed her car yesterday!...Yep, she's bringing out the big guns.
      Edie (to Mrs. Huber): I hate Susan Mayer. Everytime I see those big doe eyes of hers, I swear to God I just want to go out and shoot a deer.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Mike: Do you like Alfred Hitchcock?

      Alfred Hitchcock was a very popular British film director born on August 13th 1899 and died on April 29 1980.

    • Episode Title: This episode's title comes from the song Who's that Woman? from the Sondheim musical Follies.