Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 6

Witch's Lament

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 30, 2011 on ABC

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  • Witch's Lament

    This was a pretty mediocre and forgettable episode. Making Lynette desperate to win Tom back sort of destroys her character.

    Some good Bree and Gaby moments, but forgettable overall.
  • That's Desperate Housewives

    The best episode of the season.

    After some episodes which were very so and so, the Witch's Lament prove that some of the air of the original Desperate Housewives is still alive. Great episode!

    Except for one thing: Renee. I think that her storyline was the bad thing about this because it was treated like a comic relief and it wasn't necessary at all.

    Despite of this, great episode. Hope that the next episode stays
  • 8.06 "Witch's Lament"

    Written by: Annie Weisman

    Directed by: Tony Plana


    After a bunch of weird/not very satisfying episodes there comes a big improvement with this one. I was so happy and excited watching it, they had me during intro. Dark, shadowy and dark comedy. Jane showed her real face to Lynette which was awesome and I love that she told her to ef off. Gabs & Bree tried to fill the area of Ben's construction with endangered species of frogs which did not work out lol, so then they decided to dig up the body only to find out somebody was there first!! Renee plans and erotic night with Ben and she tried to use a help of this erotic potion but it gives her a huge disgusting rash, so instead of hot sex she is rushed to the ER room by Ben scaring some neighborhood children on the way lol. Susan was dealing with Andrea (Miguel Ferrer) and it was not impressing - the only weak link in this episode. 7/10 :) better and constantly improving with this one.
  • Very interesting!!! I am really enjoying it!

    As a whole, the episode had its flaws. There were some scenes which were not overly enjoyable. Susan's art sotryline was better today, but the whole thing is below average for me, and they should come up with something different.

    I actually enjoyed Lynette's storyline for a change! The costume for her dauhgter was HILRAIOUS!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!

    The end of the episode was the best part. I loved the cliffhanger, and I cannot wait to see what will ahappen next!!!

    Can't wait for netx week!!!
  • Witch's Lament


    Witch's Lament was a superb episode of Desperate Housewives and I really enjoyed all the story lines and how they are progressing. It was fun watching this episode as Susan confronts her art instructor, Andre, over being a father to his son which was touching. Susan's costume was awesome. It was fun watching Lynette try to compete with Tom's new girlfriend, and I like how the girlfriend handles it. It was also fun watching Renee and Ben scenes and when Bree egg'd his house. The ending was interesting and I look forward to find out more in the next episode!!!!!!!