Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 19

With So Little to Be Sure Of

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 2012 on ABC

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  • With So Little To Be Sure Of

    I feel like the show is crawling to the finish line a bit. There were some funny moments in this episode, but a lot of it was filler. The introduction of the risktaking lawyer was good, but that was countered by so much boring things from Lynette and Susan discovering Mike's secret.
  • Very, very interesteging!

    Well, I found this episode highly entertainig and extremely enjoyable! Gaby's storyline was phenomenal and hilarious, particularly when she pretends that Carlos is her brother! I was like "this woman has officially lost it", lol;! :) :P

    Lynette's storyline is finally getting a little omore interesting after a season and a half of nothingness.

    Susan's storyline was very interesting, with Mike's secret and Julie's decision! Very interesting!

    And of course, things are heating up for Bree!!! Can't wait to see how this works out!!! :)
  • 8.19 ''With So Little to Be Sure Of''

    Another perfect episode and I can already feel the finale-vibe. I loved the intro of Bree being man-handled by the policemen and it was crazy when Gaby thought they were actually strippers. Bree's new lawyer Trip (Scott Bakula) is great (I kinda like him better than Karl, he is way too smart and immediately liked Bree's organge muffin lol). Detective Murphy is getting sloppy and so is this case because this devious idiot is now sort of trying to frame Bree for the crime and try to get revenge for his dead pal Chuck. Stupid guy!

    I felt very sorry for Lynette in this episode because she is trying so hard now (better late than never) to win Tom back and she was sure she could achieve her goal until now. Jane took the divorce papers Tom signed a few weeks ago and delivered them to Lynette in person while she was baking a cake for him - on his birthday!! Wow, talk about bitchiness. Such a horrible thing to do. Lynette went to the restaurant and confronted Tom, then signed too. She broke down in her car, but I had a little problem with Felicity Huffman's acting there - don't get me wrong, I love her acting, it just seemed off for some strange reason. Then Tom confronted Jane, he was very unhappy she did something like this. Damn, this is getting more and more complicated by every freaking minute.

    Lee was helping Susan with Mike's stuff and clothes and he found this black little box. They found some pictures in it (they weren't MJ's), letters, picture of Susan and their son, passports. At first Susan thought he had a secret child because there was also his check book and it was clear that he was sending some money to this account every month for the last 8 years (since they were divorced at that time Susan assumed he had a secret child), so she and Julie went to the adress and found out he had a sister whom his parents put away when they realiyed she had special needs. This helped Julie because she decided not to put the baby for adoption. She says she doesn't wanna be ashamed of this decision for her entire life. Good move.

    And the last but certainly not the least is Gaby and her new job. She is a personal shopper, but she doesn't have clients because all those rich ladies already have one. So she tries to work for the men's department and it works! Those schmugs are willing to buy stuff only to spend time with her and be touched by her sweet little hands lol. Carlos is not happy about it, beacuse she isn;t wearing her wedding ring at work so they can flirt with her and buy more stuff. Carlos is fed up and thinks she constantly rubs in his face that she is a moneymaker now and pays for everything. But Carlos, you should've counted on that when she allowed you to quit your job. 10/10
  • Scott Bakula

    It's great to see Scott Bakula on this show, he was great as Captain Archer on Enterprise and he's great here, too. By the way: could him playing with a ball and his name Trip be references to Enterprise (Archer loved to watch water polo, and his best friend was his engineer 'Trip' Tucker)? Would be funny :)
  • Bree Is Arrested For The Murder Of Alejandro. Susan Discovers A Secret That Mike Had Hidden From Her And Lynette Decides To Win Tom Back - By Any Means.

    Wow! I don't see why not to consider this episode as one of the best episodes in this season. This was an interesting and exciting episode because many things happened here. The murder plot continues with Bree and I liked the scene where the ladies tell to Bree that it is admirable to take the blame for Carlos's murder. I agree, but we will see in the finale if the ladies finally tell the truth to law enforcement. Mike's secret was great but it could have been better if Susan had a scene with his secret. It is not a flaw. Gaby's personnal shopper story was weak, but it became really good when Carlos confronted him about the money stuff.. Lynette's storyline continues with Jane. By the way, I definitely HATE detective Murpy since he staged the evidence! You bastard! I hope he goes to jail in the finale. But Trip Weston impressed me! Thank god he is here to save Bree! Overall, the murder plot was the highlight of this episode for me. I can't to see how the story concludes! I will certainly tune in to the next episode. Bullseye!!
  • Officially my favorite season.

    Bree's problem hits maximum heat, while Gaby conjures up her own problems with Carlos. Susan, with the help of Lee, discovered Mike had been keeping a secret from her, while Lynette finds out about Tom's decision regarding their relationship.

    Emotions are running high. This episode is the first one this season that really made me feel the build up towards the finale. With great speed, it seems Desperate Housewives is gathering all it's skills when it comes to exitement, and brewing us one heck of a countdown.

    I found the scene were Julie decides to keep the baby her best on the show, and the first one where we really get a true "performance" from the actress. Lynette's car breakdown was heartbreaking, and Tom's meltdown kept me on fire. The new laywer in town, is an extremely likeable addition to Desperate's family of charcacters, and seems to fit Bree's eccentric persona perfectly; I smell a future relationship.

    Another perfect episode, and even though I'm probably going to cry my eyes out, I cannot wait for the finale.
  • A Little Less and A Little More

    While there are little hints as to whether the girls will be acquitted of the crime for the finale, there is a little more for what is there at the end. One, I'am now one hundred percent sure that the final episode will include Julie giving birth (yeah, cheesy as it may sound, it is one way of putting on a suited ending for a series whose episodes always started light and quirky and end up with darker and heavier thoughts, yeah, it signifies a lighter life ahead in the future of the lane) Which is i think appropriate since they'd already killed off Mike and an ending with a Mike and Susan happily living together is kinda lame, since they've been married for how many seasons now. Since Susan is, as it was built from the beginning, the lead of this show, seems appropriate that she closes the show (or at least her family)

    Lynette and Tom's ending is a bit clearer but am not counting on them getting back together (as in together together)I think it's best they have their story open ended and let us make up stories in our heads if they'll eventually get back together.

    Bree's and Gaby's are the real blurry ones. There is no clear path as to what it is they're trying to build up with Gaby and Carlos' life since we're only left with at least two more episodes. AS for Bree's best think she'll be at peace in the end (though I'am seriously thinking she'll die at the finale - yup, Hello Mary Alice)

    But if there is one thing I know I can rely on a Desperate Housewives especial episode is that they can and probably would bring back all possible characters (the ones that has gone, left, died or whatever) back. Now that's something this show is really good at. (although am not counting on Eddie making an appearance - after all of Sheridan's spat with Cherry or whatever debacle those two were, sealed the deal of us not seeing Eddie ever)
  • With So Little to Be Sure Of

    With So Little to Be Sure Of was a perfect episode of Desperate Housewives and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character and plot development for Bree, Lynette, Gaby and Susan. Bree was dealing with charges for murder while Lynette was confronted by Jane about ending her marriage with Tom, Gaby worked hard to provide for the family but Carlos doesn't like what she has become, and Susan discovers a secret of Mikes which turns out to offer hope for the future for both her and Julie. Detective Murphy is relentless and Bree's new lawyer seemed to quantum leap into her case! I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • building up for the finale...

    hmmmm the ladder to the finale is kindda falling down for me but theres Lynette always saving the show
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