Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 17

Women and Death

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2012 on ABC

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  • Women and Death

    Not perfect, but still a powerful episode that gave us a glimpse of what Mike meant to the ladies, even if at times the character came off as a little useless. A fitting tribute to him, but again Teri Hatcher's acting was not up to par for the task.
  • 8.17 "Women and Death"

    Written by: Annie Weisman

    Directed by: David Grossman


    It was not that special of an episode after all. The only flashback I liked was with Gaby/Carlos & Mama Solis. So there. I said it. I appreciated seeing Lupe Ontiveros after all those years and Steven Culp is always a pleasure. Too bad Rex was a jerk in this one. My ratings would have been 5, but since it moved some of the storylines ahead I decided to give it 7.5. The highlight of the ep is Teri Hatcher's brilliant and subtle acting and Vanessa Williams' singing at the end. That was a beautiful scene and editing was nice. Gosh, the end is near :( .... 7,5/10
  • At Mike's Funeral, Each Of The Ladies Thinks How Mike Influenced Their Lives. Bree Is Interrogated About Alejandro's Murder.

    This is propably the most touching episode they have ever made. The plot involving the murder continues with Bree. The viewer can almost forget it entirely, but that is not what this episode is about. It's about the characters. The flashback scenes are very well done in terms of realism and pure emotion. The best of such sequences, in my opinion, is the one where MJ asks his parents about life and death. It's so well done that you might actually think you are seeing an actual event rather than a scripted one. The ending scene where Susan tells her worries about the future with MJ to the ladies was the saddest scene in this episode. Excellent tearjerker.

    The only flaw in this episode is the TIMELINE. At the end of the previous episode, Susan stated that she was going to make dinner for Mike. This episode takes place minutes after it. However, when the episode began, Bree was talking to phone and said that she has told to the paperboy that the sprinklers start at 6 A.M. as she picks up the newspaper. The easier way to understand my point is to watch the opening sequence. Anyway, an excellent episode.
  • Not much action or drama, but still an incredible episode for different reasons!

    Such a sad and moving episode, with Mike having his funeral and everyoen having their flashbacks...

    The best scene - which was exceptionally touching - was Mike explaining to MJ what heaven is, and I thought Susan's speech was so cute at the funral! It was so touching and sad! :(

    Farewell to Mike! :'( A really likeable character!

    Can't wait to find out what happens next, as we near the cculmination! :)
  • farewell mike delfino

    This was an incredibly sad episode of desperate housewives as the women said goodbye to mike delfino. The use of flashbacks in this episode was abit predictable i mean desperate housewives has done this before with eli,edie and robin but this was different as the flashbacks actually moved the story along.. lynette is now determined to get tom back and gabby is finally going to let carlous do what makes him happy these were good development's, brees flashbacks didnt have anythhing to do with mike so they kinda felt out of place i also thought the scene with young bree and her mother and akward and badly written but it did shed some light onto why bree is the way she is. The best flashback was obviously susan, teri hatchers acting was absoulutly superb in this episode you really felt her emotions, The ending sequence with renee singing was beatifully done and the women all comforting susan was a great scene, Overall a really sad housewives episode that was a fitting tribute to mike
  • And it took them this long to show Mike some appreciation why?

    Mike has been a vital character in almost all the mysteries and storylines on the show.

    In Season one, he was David's dad and dierdra's ex. The woman who Mary-Alice stabbed, leading her to suicide. The finale's highlight was Mike and Paul's stand-off.

    Season 3, how does Orosn know Mike exactly? How was he involved in the murder of monique? Will he get his memory back.

    Season 5, the accident that led to all the drama.

    Season 7, did he shoot Paul Young.

    Mysteries aside. His love story with Susan has been epic. Their on again off again relationship and the legendary love triangles that followed. Edie/Susan/Mike. Katherine/Susan/Mike.

    Mike has been just as important as the core four housewives yet they almost completely ignored him in the last three seasons and gave even newcomer Ben more attention.

    Even his tribute episode felt out of place. When did those speeches he gave those housewvies even happen and what effect did they have?

    Nonetheless, the last few minutes make up for most of the cons and had me in tears.

    Mike, you will be missed :(
  • Amazing grace flashbacks

    This was an amazing episode. When I read this wasdo a flashback episode I was pessimistic

    about this episode. The last one was really boring and a fillers episode. But this episode gives us flashbacks pre-season 1! It actually gives new information about our loved housewives and flashbacks that don't focus too much on Mike. Above all, this episode manages to have a light tone, something that was necessary after the shocking end of 'You take for granted.

    Gaby: I'm sorry, during her flashbacks, I was still pessimistic about this episode,

    didn't really get to me, same tricks

    Lynette: nice '2nd date with Tom' flashback, which makes Lynette realize

    that they MUST stay together (I presume)

    Bree: flashbacks of little Bree and her mother who teaches her to always

    smile a little bit, so that people can't see what you are really feeling. Brilliant!

    Of course we all know Bree is the queen of facade, but we actually learn how

    she became that way. Good guest rol, by the way.

    Susan: nice flashbacks where Mike tells Susan and his son that real heaven is in the present, not when you are dead.

    A chilling and heartbreaking end of the episode, with a very nice monologue played

    wonderfully by Hatcher at Mike's funeral. And what a killer, Vanessa Williams sings

    'Amazing Grace' at the funeral. I totally forgot how beautiful she sings

    This episode was not perfect. Mike was shot in cold bloud by some man, at the middle of day. Shouldn't they worry about their safety? Shouldn't the police focus more on protecting our housewives after this shooting? Of course the last few episodes will focus on the housewives and their murder secret again and I really hope the series will continue on the level of this episode. This episode made me realize I will really miss this series. I have had my complaints and I still have about many episodes but I'm DH will leave us with a bang and wanting more. Wish they would have done more flashback episodes like this.
  • Women and Death

    Women and Death was a riveting episode of Desperate Housewives and I really enjoyed watching this episode. There was a lot of character and plot development as each character had a flash back which featured a moment when Mike influenced their life in some way. I think this was one of the most beautiful tribute episodes to send off a beloved character in nearly all of television history. It was interesting to see the police closing in on Bree as each of the other women were dealing with their own issues along with being there for Susan. The circumstances are so sad and a lot of emotion is felt while viewing. The ending was exciting and not a total shock but I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Flashbacks, but moving forward

    Their flashbacks episodes (Edie, the Handyman etc) were good but seemed a little cheesey. The handyman was seen for the very first time and Edie's flashback episode involved a lot of scenes that were out of character. I was worried that Mike would become this counsellor in this episode and it would be out of character, but they did it very well. The women thought about Mike and how his/Susan's relationship affected each one of them. Mike gave a little advice but nothing overly cheesey or unusual I thought.

    The flashbacks weren't overly long either, short and sweet which made the episode seem to go very quickly. Susan's speech was very moving and the Amazing Grace scene was incredibly sad.

    A perfect tribute to a beloved character, with a progression in the mystery. I just don't see how they're going to get out of this one now. My guess is Bree will take the fall for all of the women because she has the least to lose.
  • Grace will lead me Home

    Ohhhhh. What a brutal episode. Not in the bad sense, brutally beautiful. I would have scored this a perfect 10 for the last 6 or 7 minutes, if I didn't feel that the rest of the episode felt a bit redundant and cheesy. Still, at least it didn't feel shoe-horned like the other flashback/character episodes. Way better than the one about the stripper, that's for sure.

    In the wake of Mike's death, each of the women reflect on the difference and good that he did. The last few minutes totally killed me though, as if last episode wasn't emotionally draining enough when we saw Mike shot dead, this one really took it and ran. Susan, MJ and Julie all pay their respects to Mike in the graveyard as the neighbourhood looks on, while we have an absolutely heart-wrenching rendition of Amazing Grace by Renee (Vanessa Williams - no stranger to singing). The song made this scene. Williams' beautiful voice along with Hatcher's acting made for a very very sad, though beautiful, burial of a character we've known for 8 years. I was never here nor there when it came to Mike Delfino, but this episode still humbled me. Very very sad, and extremely powerful. RIP Mike <3
  • Ivanova

    I can't believe that Mike is gone.They are so sweet with Susan,so happy.His character will miss me many although there is little to end the serial.I'm so sad of this episode .Goodbye Mike . ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( ;(
  • Sad but still weird

    I still don't agree with death of mike. Cause seriously, it doesn't make sense how a character ... a MAIN character gets killed off right before the end. I mean torturing the viewers was already enough for a couple of season but when the couple finally got together they kill him off? Wow dramatic for one life. Still, at least this flashback episode wasn't as boring as Edie's or Carl's flashback episode. Would've been better if we saw Susan beating the crap out of the loan shark though
  • Incredibly sad and moving epsiode.

    I hate how Mike had to die, but it certainly gave us a fantastic episode here. Susan's sadness was very real, and her flashbacks were heart-breaking to watch. The ending was very well done, in that she broke down, and her friends vowed that they'd be there for her. I do wonder where they'll take the character from her - I hope they keep the storyline solemn for a little while longer.

    Lynette deciding that she is going to fight for Tom was great, a long time coming. It was nice to see their first date, and how Tom bought the house. Gabby realising that she needs to give back to Carlos was nicely played, and I enjoyed the flashbacks again.

    Seeing Bree as a child with her mother was very interesting, and gave huge development to her character. She was the only person lacking a scene with Mike though - which was disappointing. And she's in trouble too - they've got her at the scene of the murder. Oh dear.

    All in all, a very sad but moving episode and probably the strongest of the final series so far.
  • An incredible episode of Housewives!

    This episode was fantastic. Unlike many of the series flashback episodes this one still allowed the overall season plot to progress nicely, especially in terms of the mystery.

    Each character came to understand something pivotal about themselves with the help of not only Mike but also other influential people in their lives who we have seen die throughout the series. Bree's flashbacks probably were the most fun as they took us away from Mike briefly to talk about a major plot point for her characters development into who she has always been, aka. the woman with the cold exterior and beaming smile. Discovering her mother taught her that is brilliant.

    A key flashback with Lynette, Tom and Mike was also a nice touch in which the writers chose to take a scene we saw transpiring at the end of the first or second episode final narration and turning it into an unseen sequence in which Mike advises Lynette. It was wonderful idea that was so effective. The only draw back of the Lynette section were inconsistencies with another Lynette flashback seen in Season 2. But I wont let that spoil what otherwise was a fantastic episode of the series.

    The finale act was incredibly moving and a wonderful send off for Mike. The fact this episode ended with the women reunited and all surrounding Susan with love was fantastic and we were left with a sense of where the series is going in the lead up to its finale, as well as a hint that Bree may have gotten herself in more trouble then she anticipated.... :D