Desperate Housewives

Season 6 Episode 9

Would I Think of Suicide?

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2009 on ABC
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In the wake of another unexpected attack, Nick decides the time has come for him and his family to move away from Wisteria Lane. In the meantime, Susan and Bree clash over the latter's affair with Karl Mayer, whereas Gabrielle and Lynette clash over the latter's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Katherine's crazy schemes have brought Mike to a point where he can no longer put up with her, and a heated arguement between the two of them has shocking results.moreless

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  • Seriously, whats up with the Bolens???

    With most shows revving up its suspense quotient before retiring into the holiday hiatus, Desperate Housewives on its behalf did nothing short.

    With this episode, the Bolen's are seriously getting on my nerve. Are they good people or are they not? Why aren't they scheming and villainous like the other bad guys? One moment you think Nick Bolen is a damn murderer, and in the very next episode he convinces you he's not. There were a couple of things that I am actually super excited about. One - the Lynette-Carlos war initiated by Lynette's lies and now fueled by some legal drama. And now with Lynette getting fired, there is gonna be a definite rift between the housewives. And I hope Katherine dies and puts an end to our weekly misery of watching her vanity. But going by next weeks episode summary, that seems unlikely.

    Good episode.moreless
  • Funny AND Shocking

    Another amazing season six episode - this series is shaping up to be rather exciting and funny.

    Susan/Bree: her finding out about Bree was absolutely hysterical. When she tried to strangle Bree during the self defense class was soooo funny. It was also nice of Susan to give the relationship her blessing. It shows the character has come along way since season one.

    Gabby/Lynette - well war has now offically been declared on the lane between the two families. Eva and Felicity have great chemistry between them and its a shame to see that fall apart(for the purposes of the show - not in real life). Strange to see Evil Carlos again - thought this side of him was gone....

    The Bolens: more creepiness and revelations. This time it appears Angie has killed a man - but who? and why? And Danny is called Tyler. Hmmm...... Katherine/Mike the final scene was shocking. Dana Delany and James Denton acted the final scene very well. It was a shame that poor innocent MJ was caught up in all the drama. I didn't realise Mike could be so cold and Katherine so... schememing.moreless
  • At long last, Desperate Housewives appears to be finding its feet again.

    At long last, Desperate Housewives appears to be finding its feet again. 'Would I Think of Suicide?' is undoubtedly the best offering we've had so far this season and it's all down to the reduction in the number of contrived storylines being thrown our way. Granted, there are still some questionable moments, but on the whole, this feels infinitely more believable than gumf like 'The Coffee Cup.' Perhaps it's the amping up of this year's suitably intriguing arc plot, which runs a couple of miles forward thanks to the murder of the poor waitress, leading to a refreshingly off-hand revelation (in the background, no less!) about Nick and Angie's storied past and a lovely scene between the two when Danny attempts suicide (no no no, we can't have this hot piece of ass off our screens!); or perhaps it's the well overdue exposition of Bree's illicit affair with Karl, which is milked for all it's worth by having Susan be the one that spots them in the act. There are some considerably amusing exchanges between the two friends, perfectly pitched by Hatcher and Cross, and for all the mock fight sequence is a little silly, it's a small component of a rich whole that contains much that is very, very welcome, particularly Susan's acceptance of their relationship, which is probably the most mature thing the character's done in about three years.

    There's also Lynette's difficulties at work which, while containing some less than savoury elements (of course Carlos and Gaby would wait until morning to offer their forgiveness to Lynette; naturally, Lynette would run to her lawyers straight away and they'd be round the next day... ack!), work well thanks to the comedic - and dramatic - talents of everyone involved. Felicity Huffman rides a roller coaster of emotion here, while Ricardo Chavira does a surprisingly impressive job of portraying an aggrieved Carlos, a role that could so easily turn into a one-dimensional soap villain in lesser hands. Both families benefit greatly from a mutually inclusive narrative, especially the Solises, whom the crew often seem to have great difficulty writing for. And it's certainly good to see the whole debacle having significant consequences; a quick fix would have been an incredibly easy and convenient story device but instead, it looks like Lynette is actually gainfully unemployed once more.

    The only real disappointment here is the continued bastardisation of Katherine Mayfair's character, whose attempted suicide is hopelessly contrived. The idea that she would mouth off to a young child about how duplicitous his mother is is ludicrous enough, but Mike's confrontation with her takes the biscuit, cake and pecan pie. Right, so this clearly disturbed woman turns a knife on herself and asks her former lover to end it all (which is cringe worthy enough, and a complete betrayal of her character) and what does he do? Instead of appearing concerned, or perhaps acknowledging the considerable part he has had to play in getting her to this point (he led her on for months and months, 'thinking of Susan all the time'? What an **** he hurts her even more with indifference. And then she sticks the knife in herself. Desperate cry for attention? Oh sure... but more on the part of the writers than the character, who are clearly clamouring for their place at the water cooler, thinking up of the most 'controversial' and 'shocking' developments that they can without really giving a toss about whether they make any sense. And next week's pre-Christmas 'finale' looks set to continue the trend...

    While the painstaking destruction of Katherine's character is frustrating as hell, 'Would I Think of Suicide?' remains a good episode, buoyed by a series of refreshingly fast paced, humorous and interesting narratives for the central characters that are largely bereft of contrivance. Here's hoping 'Boom Crunch' can defy the insurmountable odds and repeat its success.moreless
  • Great episode.

    I feel weird giving this episode an 8.3, which is a little higher than my average score for a Desperate Housewives episode, because if you think about, not too much actually happened. Katherine/Mike/Susan was only progressed a little bit, within MJ now added to the equation, and Lynette and Carlos' fights were about the same as last week.

    That being said, this was pretty much the quintessential example of Desperate Housewives. A lot of zany behavior that somehow seems rational and believable as it is done by the folks on Wisteria Lane. The Carlos/Lynette situation that I mentioned very well might be the most mature storyline this show has ever done as for once there's something that doesn't involve sex or murder, just corporate betrayal, and now lawyering up. I am really excited about where this might be heading, especially if it leads to Gaby getting on the witness stand which would be iconic television.

    I'm getting bored with Katherine so unless she goes super psycho and kidnaps MJ and takes him to some cabin in the woods, I really don't care about her anymore, but this show does have a lot to love right now. Very well-done episode.moreless
  • Finally!

    The best episode of the season so far. It's finally interesting, engaging, and leaves the viewer anticipating the next episode, just like in the old days of the first season. Susan finally discovers Bree's secret; Mike finally sets his foot down when it comes to Katherine's creepy behavior as it starts to threaten his family; Lynette's secret is out and just as you think the war is over, it's just beginning. The new family's secret begins to unravel as well, started by its youngest member's tragic steps.

    The level of humor is also top notch; I actually laughed. But what I really appreciated, is that the plot finally made sense; all the pieces of the (very) scrambled puzzle finally started to come together.

    The good old wives' are back!moreless
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Robert W. Sudduth


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • When Susan calls Julie to confirm if she is at the motel, Julie is at the library reading "Pride and Prejudice", by Jane Austen.

    • When Susan gave her blessing to Karl and Bree, the shot of her showed her arms folded up but in the next shot her arms were down.

  • QUOTES (1)

    • Bree: Susan, I went into this with my eyes wide open. I know who Karl was and who he sometimes still is. But I believe him when he says he wants to change. And isn't that what you're supposed to do when you love someone?
      Karl: Did you say... love?
      Bree: I think I did.
      Susan: Bree, I have to ask you one question... Are you drinking again?

  • NOTES (3)


    • Episode Title: The title of this episode is a lyric from the song "Could I Leave You?" from Stephen Sondheim's 1971 musical Follies. The full line is "Putting thoughts of you aside in the South of France, would I think of suicide? Darling shall we dance?"