Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 2

You Could Drive a Person Crazy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 02, 2005 on ABC

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  • An alright one.

    I thought Tom is starting to be ridiculous. 1. I would NOT sleep on baby vomit. Especially since it's not on his side so what does he care. 2. things like painting before breakfast. I get it's kind of a matter of parenting but still children have systems, and kids like theirs shouldn't be allowed out of their system. If they aren't allowed sugar after 5pm because of being hyper, well Tom shouldn't just go and give sugar for example. And I think Lynette did a good job for 7 years or whatever, so to provide advice is not bad. And I think Tom is still being quite cruel because of his anger about the job (which as I've ranted before, he neglected to tell her about the travel so it was equal).

    And my god at Phyllis. That woman is horrible. At I thought Bree is acting quite normal for her really. And I suppose as the audience we know she did break down already but urgh.. Phyllis is such a horrible actress too. If the tears are supposed to be genuine then my god it's horrible, because she stops instantly and there's no real tears. If it's supposed to be fake well then ok.

    Loved that slap! Well overdue, wish it was harder and for more justified reason at that point in time though. The nerve on Phyllis for calling the insurance company! And just every word she says. Tell Bree people would console her if she showed emotion. People are trying to console her! You keep stopping them! The nerve of her calling the Insurance company! A hug does not constitute a boyfriend!! And a few photos of a hug does not constitute evidence either!

    Cannot see Edie and Carl at all! I mean I know Susan should kind of stop being as possessive as she can be sometimes. But at the same time, Carl admits he likes (from memory) or at least hugged her a lot, and then the next day he's asking out Edie.. But Susan did start of being an adult and responsible and staying quiet and Edie kept badgering her for a reaction over and over. Especially about the Jacuzzi and the best sex he's ever had? Quite rude of her to say. I did like Susan's comeback though. And then the look on her face when she saw Edie coming at her ha. And still Susan was being the adult with Edie doing her whole "you don't want anyone else to be finished".. But Susan hitting her was entirely an accident! We can see it was an accident. Carl then telling Susan off for telling Edie about the conversation? Seriously. You go out with someone else same day you ask for someone else back. Sorry I'm ranting. Writing as you watch is probably not good. Cutting herself on the thorns of the roses is funny but seriously, hardly something to bring up, that IS an accident. But I don't know, I feel like Carl is such a manipulator and doucheface.

    I tend to use these to get my frustrations out, I still really like the show and the episodes though.

    Lol at Lynette's little speech to the rat in the trash can though.

    Damn Betty is believable at tricking that doctor into sleeping pills though! Go her.
  • That slap!

    Lynette tricks Tom into finally cleaning the house. Susan crashes into Edie's parade, literally. Gabrielle needs to convince a woman to get a boob job for Carlos' safety, and Bree is extremely annoyed by Phillis' behavior.

    First of all, I have to say, that slap was just epic! I have been waiting for Bree to do that since the moment Phyliss arrived on the show. Bree is definetely taking center stage this season. She's litterally the only lady with an interesting storyline this time around. The makeup/breakup Mike and Susan plotline is growing rather tiresome, and so is Tom Vs. Lynette debacle. I mean it's funny, yes, but we need to start to get some individual Lynette storylines. Also I think Carlos needs to get out of jail because his stay there is blocking Gabrielle from actually having an entertaining storyline.
  • great


    well i thought this episode of desperate housewives wass a prettty bigg improvvmentt on the ratherrr borring seassoon premire, i loved the teaser at the beginning with the paper boy that was pretty funny, i am also intrigued by the applewhites although they seem abit isolated from everyone eles hopefully that will change soon, the lynette stuff was fun with the rat haha, the gaby stuff was ok but no great, but for me the bree stuff was the best it was grreaat to seee geroge back he is so creepy

  • Cada ama de casa encuentra la manera de tener un poco de control en sus vidas.

    Susan se las arregla para llevar la batuta en la relacion con Mike. Lynette se las arregla para hacer que Tom lleve la vida doméstica en la manera en que se tiene que hacer. Philly se las arregla para que Bree esté un poco más cuidadosa sobre su relación, para al final lograr inculparla por sus amorios. Y Gabrielle finalmente logra que tener el control sobre el dinero de Carlos. Y Betty la nueva ama de casa nos muestra que todo en su vida está casi que perfectamente controlado, y su secreto nos intriga mas y más en cada episodio .
  • One of the best episodes of the season

    You can tell from the very first scene, this episode is a series classic, though still not as exciting as Next. Susan learns of Karl's new girlfriend, Bree copes with her mother in law's emotional outbreaks, Lynette learns working comes with a price, and Gabby must run some unusual errands for Carlos.

    The episode starts out with an explanation of the neighborhood paper boy, Danny Farrel. After this, while Susan is getting her paper, she notices Karl at Edie's house, and ending with her storming off, and throwing her paper at Danny. As it continues, Phylis's constant crying drives Bree insane ("Good God, Phylis. Don't you ever worry about dehydration?"), resulting in Bree slapping Phylis. Lynette is distraught that Tom isnt keeping the house clean, so, in return, she releases a rat in the house. And, Carlos is threatened, leading Gabrielle to give a fellow inmate's girlfriend money for a boob job.

    It's a series classic; And quite frankly one of the best episodes of the season.
  • Good but not great.

    After the season premiere, this episode was definitely better than Next. I enjoyed Bree and her mother-in-law's constant bickering, and when she slapped her, that was hilarious. What was also funny was when Susan backed over Edie with her car. Unfortunately, Susan wasn't quick enough to ask who was making the nose after Matthew walked up behind his mother, but thats typical of the writers, drag the storyline on and on for the entire season. I'm sure we won't find out for weeks. Lynette was as good as usual, and Gabrielle could have been more interesting. When is Desperate housewives going to get back to that season one juicy-ness? I can only hope it gets better in the coming weeks.
  • Well i have to say i really did miss it when it's wasn't on, Bree in trouble

    This second episode was also good, I liked how Lynette motivated her husband to clean the house by using a rat, I didn’t know u could buy them from a pet shop?, anyway it worked I’m surprised how Tom was doing the housework, surely if you’re a guy and you see rat the first thing u would try to do catch it, then don’t tell Lynette about it but then 3 kids would of mentioned it. Still I loved the bed fight that was rather amusing.

    Susan finds out the truth about Mike being Zac dad and freaks out and dumps him but they somehow try to be friend which aren’t going to last for long. If that wasn’t bad enough she finds out Edie is sleeping with her ex-husband-don’t u think Edie has done something a bit low, I understand she hates her but sleeping with some ex-husband is a low-blow in my books. Mind you Susan did burn down her house so I think she has some right to do whatever she wants.

    Bree, I’m feeling bad for her I mean mother-in-law tell insurance agency about Bree boyfriend, OMG we both know that not the case and look like Bree might not get the money. That note doesn’t help things either so we have to wait and see what happens.

    Gabby, she really knows how put her husband Carlos in a difficult position, in the end she got what she wanted but I’m not sure how much she really loves him, if it wasn’t money I don’t think she would be with him. I thought his assets were frozen last season but I’m guessing once he was in jail they became unfrozen. I wonder if he gets out of jail this season?
  • Someone's in that basement.

    When the Applewhites debuted on Wisteria Lane towards the end of the first season, it was always clear that something was afoot. Randomly suspicious, reluctant to accept help, oh, and those weird looks and expressions from Betty didn't help much either. Last week we were shown a scene of the two placing a dinner tray in their basement, food for their "prisoner". This episode goes a little further with this idea, introducing banging and crashing, alerting Susan to the fact that all is not as it seems.

    Alfre Woodward as Betty Applewhite is fantastic. Her character shown promise as soon as she debuted, and already she's shaping up to be "season mystery". Granted the "we dont know everything about our neighbours" angle is hardly new, more so compared to the events of last year, but regardless it is getting interesting. Let's hope the closing chapter of this story is as satisfying as last season's.

    Elsewhere, Susan is still her horribly "wacky" self. It's revealed to her in this episode that ex hubby Karl is in a relationship with neighbourhood-rival Edie Britt. Karl's reappearance is definately the saving grace of her scenes this week, as is the revival of her feud with Miss Britt, always continuing to charm as a long-running storyline. Will Susan ever become a little more bearable? I doubt it, but with supporting actors like Richard Burgi on board, they should at least make things a lot more watchable.

    The rest of the housewives this week is pretty much standard, with Bree grieving in her own way (and meeting George!), and Gabrielle going to visit Carlos again (yawn). Lynette as always though does one better and completely dazzles.

    Fearing Tom is starting to neglect his housework and generally failing to keep the place tidy, Lynette stirs things up a bit by letting a rat loose in the house. It's a brave move, but fortunately Tom goes berserk upon finding it, turning into Superdad in mere seconds. No scenes of Lyn at the workplace, but with a plot of this charm and humour, we don't need it! Felicity Huffman is again fantastic, and with more episodes like this, she could easily become the "face" of 'Housewives.

    If only Susan was killed off in a couple of episodes time...

    *considers and smiles*
  • Well, a definite improvement on last week!

    I really did enjoy number 2 of the season, accounting for my higher and improved rating than what last week managed.

    I'm especially glad to see some of the more dramatic aspects of Rex's death starting up - did Bree kill him? Well no, but, will the police think she killed him? We'll just have to wait and see...I'm also particularly happy to see George back in the picture! A great scheming secretive character (played a part in rex's death?) who I'm sure will umtimately play a bad part in Bree's life. Oh, and when talking about Bree - can we have her old hair back, please? I'm not such a fan of this pathetic bun.

    Lynette, excellent as always. I LOVED her heart-felt discussion with the rat "It's probably no condolense, but you really helped save my marriage". FANTASTIC!

    Gabrielle was her usual self, and I found the breast enlargement scene humorous. I LOVED it when she finally worked out the power she held over Carlos. hehe.

    Susan had a great moment of chemistry with Mike, and I even found her bareable throughout her discussion with the ex. Oh, and the roller-skating/car-driving scene was hilarious. Great to have you back, Edie!
  • War Games Written by Chris Black And Alexandria Cunningham Directed by David Grossman

    Is it me or is there a weird sense of deja vu going on here? Mary Alice’s breezy opening narration mentions all the notions of arrogance and control, summing up the ongoing plotlines for this episode as our women attempt to take control of the current woes.

    Let’s start off with Bree who is doing her best to get on with her life now that her husband is dead. This was always something that was going to be hard for her but has been made even more challenging as her infuriating mother in law continues to be a thorn in her side and a general pain to watch.

    Last week when I let rip my hatred for Phyllis, a friend of mine thought I was being a little too harsh and should give her the benefit of the doubt and I did try to with this episode but again I came to the same conclusion – she’s an out and out bitch! It’s bad enough she has to hysterically sob every time Rex’s name is mentioned but as an actress, Shirley Knight is terrible. The woman fails to illicit any kind of sympathy alter ego and her performance here was especially hollow.

    A part of me wants to feel bad for this woman. After all she lost her son in a pretty cruel and unexpected manner but Phyllis’ lack of respect or interest in Bree’s feelings along with her maliciously intended phone call to the insurance office after seeing her daughter in law share a hug with George basically killed any chance of endearing herself to me. The sooner this vapid woman is sent packing, the better in my opinion and how I cheered when Bree slapped her in front of Lynette. It’s just a pity she didn’t earlier on in the episode but it was a delight to watch.

    As for Bree herself, I think the way she’s dealing with things is believable and in character for her. She’s distraught over Rex’s death but doesn’t feel the need to constantly make a spectacle out of herself and while even I won’t her stoic type behaviour, Phyllis should’ve acknowledged that.

    Although I hate his guts for murdering Rex, it was nice that George got to be there for Bree to comfortably let out her feelings. Admittedly his comment about coming to kidnap shook me a bit. If he’s capable of doing in someone then I don’t think abduction is a massive stretch for him. I do love Roger Bart’s subtle but easy to tell approach when it comes to George. Oh and there’s also the issue of Rex’s final letter getting to the insurance clerk and the doctor who now predictably think Bree is responsible for her husband’s death. Nice that got thrown back into the mix.

    It’s certainly grim and what’s more depressing is two 40 something women fighting over a guy they don’t really love. Step up to the template Susan and Edie, whose hostility for each other is raised. When it comes to Susan, I’m not sure she deserves entire sympathy here. I know distancing herself from Mike (due to Zach being his son) is hard for her but it was her who made that decision and she needs to deal with it and one of doing that should be not give a crap whether Edie and Karl are dating or not but no Susan had to behave like a spoiled child when she Karl getting Edie’s paper because it seems she can’t help herself.

    However Edie was no saint either. As enjoyable and funny as Nicolette Sheridan was, Edie did deliberately bait Susan and instead of having the self respect or common sense to stop after Susan managed to contain her fury, Edie had to doggedly pursue her in order to get her to react. Susan outdid herself as not only was she responsible for burning Edie’s house but now she inadvertently ran her over and sent her roses that cut Edie in the hospital. I know Marc Cherry and company would think that this is endearing and an accident but it was incredibly reckless and irresponsible and stuff like this may have been funny in Season One but now it really doesn’t do either Susan or Teri Hatcher any favours.

    As for Karl himself, the difference a year certainly makes. In Season One he was a bit of a jackass but in this episode, I found myself actually quite liking him which is a good thing because the writers still need to justify making Richard Burgi into a regular this season. To be honest, I don’t really care all that much about him and Edie as a couple and I have serious doubts of them lasting either. Still though, at least he and Susan managed to behave like adults towards each other at the end. It certainly made for the slim picking we got of Julie and Mike this week.

    Meanwhile in Casa De La Scavo, the reality of Tom and Lynette’s certain situation continues to deliver as the former’s laziness leaves a lot to be desired. I’m hardly Martha Stewart myself but as a guy even I would have enough self-awareness to change the bed sheets if they were covered in baby spit up. The following argument with him and Lynette was hilarious but her method of adjusting Tom’s cleaning habits was a dangerous idea given the age of her children. Most people would have found this as light relief compared to other arc but it works well for me.

    Other storylines working admirably are Gabrielle and Carlos’ as they find themselves under blackmail by Carlos’s cellmate Richard who wants his girlfriend to get breast implants. Gabrielle’s little speech about how Rita looks fine without fake boobies is a riot even if it’s meant in good faith but once again this plot assesses that it is Gabrielle and not Carlos who is in the driving seat of this marriage. Last year I would’ve bitched about her pulling a stunt like this and endangering her husband but weirdly enough, I’m beginning to see certain screwed up logic behind most of her schemes. That doesn’t I totally think she’s in the right though.

    After the prick teasing final scene from “Next” the clues as to who are in the basement still linger on but after this hour I’m thinking it’s Mr Applewhite whose abusive history towards his wife and deceased son (that’s right Matthew had a brother) is revealed when Betty gets some prescription sleeping pills to keep her hostage asleep. Whoever he is, he is a noisy so and so and I found Betty’s punishment talk quite interesting (her and Matthew ignore him/she endures his hysteria). If it her husband, then why doesn’t she have him committed to a mental institute or prison instead of taking the law into her own hands?

    However if I were Betty I would be more concerned with Susan who’s snooping streak is on the verge of a comeback when she tackles Betty about the noises coming from her house and if Susan is relentless in love, she can also be equally relentless in investigating stuff even if she inept at it. It also doesn’t Betty much favours by being abrasive and antisocial with her new neighbours but Alfre Woodard exudes the right amount of creepiness without being detestable. In a weird way she’s almost like a female version to Paul Young.

    Also in “You Can Drive A Person Crazy”

    Housewife of the week: Bree, Susan, Gabrielle and Ida Greenberg all were suffering the wrath of a bratty paperboy. That is until Susan puts his career on hold.

    Susan (re Edie): “You are forbidden from ever seeing her again. Do you hear me? Forbidden”
    Karl: “We’re divorced. You can’t tell me who I can date”.

    Phyllis: “Do you want to see me keel over?”
    Bree: “No, not really”.

    Contrary to popular belief in the Ireland On Sunday, the phrase “sexcapades” is hardly new.

    Gabrielle: “Why are all rich men jerks?”
    Carlos: “Same reason all beautiful women are bitches”.

    There were a lot of regulars missing in this episode. We had no Paul (him and Betty should meet), Zach, John, Andrew or Danielle. Even the Scavo twins are AWOL.

    Carlos had a sports scholarship in golf. And he used to play tennis according to “Pretty Little Picture”. He’s not the traditional football lover.

    Bree (re not being emotional): “People have said that?”
    Phyllis: “A few yeah”.

    Lynette: “Being too lazy to change the sheets is not a principle”
    Tom: “You are not gonna win this one”.

    What was that movie Lynette was watching for her rat idea? Also showing the different between cable and network TV we didn’t actually see the dead rat even though Lynette’s apology was fun.

    Carlos (to Gabrielle): “Don’t tell me you have self-esteem issues”.

    Edie: “You know what I’m like when I drink tequila. A couple of shooters and my bra unhooks itself”
    Susan: “Circumstances beyond your control. I get it, so if you’ll excuse me”.

    Was that exchange supposed to be a parody of the scandal ABC and Nicolette Sheridan had last year over a brief glimpse of her backside or a happy coincidence?

    Karl: “Susan”
    Susan: “Just give me a moment. I’m waiting for God to kill me”.

    Chronology – six months since the episode “Move On”, which represents how long Karl and Edie have been dating.

    Standout music: The music in the end credits seemed a lot punchier than usual. Did anyone else notice that?

    Something of a filler episode, “You Could Drive A Person Crazy” felt a little bit like an update on Season One’s “Running To Stand Still” but while that episode had a level of subtlety, this one felt a little more obvious for its own good. Bree and Lynette storylines continue to impress and the Applewhite mystery is gaining momentum, so all isn’t bad.

  • I'll summarize my favorite plot of this episode, which is Lynette's problem with the lack of cleanliness in her house. In addition, Edie is obnoxious, Gabrielle is surprisingly feminist, and Phyllis... well, we love to hate her just as much.

    This episode embodies the trickery and double-faceted-ness of the Housewives. The rat Lynette places in her house is ingenious, as is the fact that Gabrielle finally realizes her feminist side (hooray, Gabrielle!), and proceeds to keep the money for herself (oh, well...). Susan's anger at the paperboy is funny, while Phyllis' determination to ruin Bree's life makes me simply ADORE hating her. In fact, this episode is sure to become a series classic because of its scripting, the character's need for control (as Mary Alice so kindly says at the end of the episode) and the general attitude is truly classic of Desperate Housewives.
  • It was good, not great, but sets up a few things. Overall, pretty enjoyable installment

    I did love the episode. Lynette trying to comfort Bree and Rex's mom dragging all the attention over to her.

    Well (in Bree's mind): clearly she's hysterical, otherwise she'd have remembered Bree's conversation about this matter and she needed to be slapped! Hilarious. Bree was so angry at her. When she's angry, her smile tightens up to the point of psychosis. I absolutely love everything Bree does.

    She's almost certainly going to be tried for murder by the end of the season, tho. But you know she'll dress appropriately.

    I hope that Betty was telling a true story about how she came to have jailed her husband (if that's her husband, and I'm guessing it is). It justifies her actions and makes her a very sympathetic character. If she's just lying to get the drugs ... well, we'll know soon enough.

    I really miss Mary Alice. I wish we could have a few more flashbacks.

    And I really wish Susan would be honest with herself. She was angry at Zack but she didn't have the whole story. Now that she does, she's gotta reevaluate a few things, and I really hope she does.

    This has not become a Tom show with Lynette off to work. I think Tom should have more neighbors dropping by during the day.

    What is going to happen to their poker games?

    Poor Carlos. That whole storyline was weird this week -- getting beaten up by the guy who wants a boob job for his girlfriend. He just needed to tell Ritchie what he was in jail for -- embezzlement -- and that he's really not rich anymore.

    Oh well -- as usual, Gabi plays it for all it's worth.

    Like I said, I do love this show.

    The absence of any Youngs and the duplicity of George and his part in Rex's death notwithstanding, as it were.
  • I loved Teri Hatcher in Season 2, but they're making her too crazy and clumsy.

    The episode was pretty good, but the whole scene with Susan in the car and Edie on skates was one of the stupidest of the whole series. It seems the writers are making Susan crazier and clumsier whenever they get a chance, and it's ruining her character.

    The only storyline that was really good was Lynette's. She's always had control in her life, and when it looked like she was about to lose some of it, through some clever manipulation she was able to grab some of it back.

    As for Gabrielle and Carlos, their storyline wasn't that important, but I like that they're keeping both of them in it despite him being in jail.

    As for Bree, I'm not a big fan of the mother-in-law, and was kind of indifferent after this episode on whether the storyline is good or not.
  • Control Freaks Written by Chris Black and Alexandra Cunningham Directed by David Grossman

    " lose it is to put our fate into the hands of others, and what could more dangerous?"--Mary Alice

    This week on another fabulous episode of Desperate Housewives, the theme once again is control. Clearly a theme exhibited in several episodes of the series however this one seems to refer to it the most. Every housewife is losing their sense of control and watch it move into someone else's hands. Bree is losing it to her mother-in-law, Phyllis. Lynette while passing on the control seems to be taking more since Tom isn't doing his job. Susan is trying to get in the driver's seat with Mike but hesitates and focuses more on Karl and Edie. And Gabby is forced to hand the finances over to Carlos but later delivers a powerful ultimatum.

    Susan's storyline seems to be the large majority of the plot this week when she goes to retrieve the morning paper and catches Karl fetching Edie's paper (in his bathrobe). Susan runs right over and demands an explanation. Karl reminds her that they are divorced and are adults yet Susan pushes the "child issue". Later, Julie tells Susan she knows they have been dating for a few months shortly after Julie's birthday party in the infamous "Move On". Susan becomes hurt when she hears that both Karl and Edie are now a couple. Mike then arrives on the scene when he asks what level they are on in their relationship. Susan tries to minimize what is going on because she really doesn't want anything to do with Mike (since Zach is his son) despite being extremely hot for him. Mike kisses her but she backs away and Mike soon leaves. Edie then confronts Susan while roller skating with skates that look like their from the '80s. Edie brags to Susan that Karl said that his best sex ever was with Edie. Susan retorts by telling Edie that Karl wanted to get back together with her shortly after Julie's birthday. Susan then drives off and Edie skates after her.

    When Susan approaches a school zone guided by a crossing guard, Susan is forced to stop where Edie demands an explanation. Susan tells her and Edie runs off. Susan isn't finished and winds up running her over. Luckily, Edie only suffered minor injuries and is quietly resting at home when Karl visits Susan. Karl asks why she did it and Susan tries to explain. After the two finish talking, Karl tells Susan that he will be moving in with Edie only putting another shatter on her heart. And even though she probably hates Karl there is still a shed of love because Edie is the last person Susan would want to date Karl.

    Meanwhile at the Van De Kamp household, Phyllis is still over publicly displaying her emotions of grief. While doing errands at the cleaners, "Babu Bhatt" from Seinfeld delivers his condolensces on Rex's passing. When he asks how Bree is doing, Phyllis soon hoards into the conversation by discussing how she feels. Later, Bree witnesses Phyllis discussing family business on the phone with her electrician and then cries on Lynette's shoulder only to be slapped hilariously by Bree. Phyllis then catches Bree hugging George--of all people who encourages her to get out and have fun. Phyllis sees the two hugs and thinks Bree may have had something to do with Rex's death. She then consults the insurance agent that Bree has a boyfriend and later catches them embracing.

    Lynette becomes very busy at work and has no time to clean her house so she asks Tom if he would be able to clean up the "pig sty" so that she could have a break (+ it is his duty now that he is a stay-at-home dad). When Lynette arrives home she sees more of a mess and finds Tom becoming increasingly lazy when he refuses to change the bed sheets after Penny throws up on them. Lynette gets her next big idea when she watches a late night movie featuring an infestation of rats. The following morning she buys a mouse at a pet shop and lets it lose in the house. That night Lynette walks into a spotless home where Tom confesses he found a rat. Lynette asks if he let it free but Tom pulled a "Petrovsky" (Sex and the City) and beat it until it died. Lynette later goes to apologize to the mouse and tells it that it saved her marriage in a cute, yet weird scene.

    In addition to his distrust of Gabby over their infidelity Carlos decides that she may not be trusted with the family finances which means driving to the prison every day so that Gabby will have some money. When Gabby yells at Carlos about being such a mean rich man another prison overhears and threatens Carlos. Gabby soon finds out and is forced to deliver $7000 to the prisoner's girlfriend or Carlos will get beat up. When she shows up with the money, the prisoner's girlfriend tells her that it is for a "boob job". Gabby then talks her out of it leading to Carlos' asskicking. Carlos asks her "why" but she tells him that self esteem is a powerful thing. Soon after, Gabby gets control of the finances again.

    Betty Applewhite's prisoner surely makes a lot of noise. Slowly pieces of the puzzle are being revealed-- or maybe they aren't. After getting a complaint from Susan about the noise coming from Betty's house she tries to come up with a constructive reason but it turns out badly. She later sees a psychiatrist who she tells is having trouble sleeping since she constantly remembers her abusive marriage with a husband who beat her and killed their young son. The doctor prescribes a dosage of sleeping medication which Betty puts into the prisoner's soup that evening so that he will be quiet and not make too much noise. Which brings the question: "Who is down there?" Is it her husband, her son or maybe even someone we know. Personally I think it's her husband, its the only logical explanation. He is being punished because he was abusive.

    Other important events in "You Could Drive a Person Crazy"...
    *Title reference: The episode title comes from a Stephen Sondheim song from the play "Company".
    *In real life would Lynette's plan really go as planned. It's a possibility but what would happen if the mouse had an encounter with the kids. I don't think it would very pretty then.
    *I liked how Gabby demonstrated her independence from Carlos but it had mixed results. Gabby regained the control of the finances but Carlos got the beating of his life. I hope this won't continue, I don't like Carlos but no one deserves that.
    *I loved the opening montage, it was very amusing with the paperboy because there are really kids like that.
    *There has been a lot of debate on message board whether Mary Alice should still narrate since her plot is dissolved. I think Mary Alice carries the show because her voice is very calm and cool and she is one of the important facets of the show. Plus I think the show would be a lot more dull without a little voice over. MAVO forever!
    *Does Bree constantly have to wear black? I understand she is mourning but she has other pretty outfits. It looks as if it will continue next week as seen in the preview. I loved her little comment on Italian grieving since I'm half Italian. One of the reasons I love Bree: even under grief she can be humorous between the slapping and her actions.

    "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" is not a bad installment with some very funny scenes and some not so funny. The acting on the series is still superb and witty as well as the very good writing. It's not exactly my favorite but it is still a pretty good episode considering.
  • Susan learns something shocking about Karl and Edie. Lynette and Tom are at odds. Bree's mother in law Phyllis continues to drive her crazy. Gabrielle continues to do Carlos favours and Betty's prisoner begins to make some noise.

    Overall, I didn't like her storyline that much. There were some funny parts especially when she ran Edie over. Im interested to see where the Karl/Edie storyline will go and Im sure there's gonna be some conflict between Susan and Edie over Julie.

    Bree's storyline is the most interesting this season. Phyllis is actually a good character- she's much much more better than Susan's mom. How evil was she at the end?!!!

    I was a bit interested in Lynette's storyline. Her scenes with the rat were hilarious! haha on Tom!

    Gabrielle's storylines are getting weaker each week. They need to spice it up more!!! Cant wait to see what happens with her and John tomorrow!

    The Applewhites are the thing that keep me watching the episode every week! I really cant wait until tomorrow to see what happens with her and the prisoner.
  • it may not have been my favourite episode but it did have some good parts in it that i enjoyed

    firstly i have to agree with mosy people that say the noly part of the show i enjoy most is the ones with either bree or lynnette on the show. frankly i am tired too of terry hatchers acting of a lost kitten routine is sooo annoying now, at first i thought awww thats cute but now :@:@. as for gabrielle i dont see any bump yet!!! she is preggers i need to see a bump. the bit with the rat tho i loved it!!!:D:D and the bit where bree slaps her mother in law classic
  • Well written episode but a little stunned about peoples actions

    This episode was a little slower then most and some people seemed a little bit out of character. Carlos and Gabriel were fighting with each other and Gabriel blackmailed Carlos with his life. That was a little too black for me.

    As usually though plenty of drama and surprised along the way.
  • The second episode of Season 2 was a very good episode. Great performances all around and good writing make this episode good.

    The second episode of Season 2 was a very good episode. Great performances all around and good writing make this episode good. That pretty much sums it up. The episode revolves around Bree dealing with her mother-in-law, Lynette dealing with a dirty house, Carlos and Gaby dealing with a prison mate who is forcing money out them, and Susan dealing with her ex husband dating her rival. The writing is hot, the acting is spot on, but the pacing was a little off. I enjoyed the episode, but felt it could've moved faster.

    Highlights of the Episode :

    - "Grandma may be a bitch, but she's family, so she's our bitch."
    - Gabrielle confronting the prison mate's girlfriend.
    - Bree slapping Phyllis.
    - Susan knocking the paper boy over.
  • Average episode. It did have its funny moments, but I don't think that it was the best.

    This episode was an average one for those who really follow the lives of those on Wisteria Lane. Susan finds out that Karl, her ex-husband is now dating Edie and has been since sometime last year. When Edie and Susan face each other they talk and as Edie is rollerblading away Susan accidentially hits her with the car. Bree is still mourning over Rex, although not as openly as some people would like. Lynette is starting to get frustrated with Toms cleaning scheldule at home. So, she buys a rat to get him to clean more. And the new neighbor is starting to make some noise, with her HUSBAND in the basement. Although this was a informative episode, I don't think that it was the best, but hey next weeks looks good.
  • DH is back!!

    I was a tad disappointed last week as the episode was a bit weak, but essential to the story line. However, this week, the dialogue is back and I got a quite a few LOL's out of it. The conversation between Susan and Edie (on skates) was delightful. "A couple of shooters and my bra practically unhooks itself", and "snacking on your left overs" was worth the entire hour. For those that look for DH to come up with explosion after explosion, week after week, I think that would be difficult for the writers. The scene dialogues, though, are what the show is all about. This is good writing. Everything is implausible on this show, but this is good entertainment. Who wants to watch something that copies what actually happens at home. Boring.... In a way this show reminds me of the chippy writing that went on with M.A.S.H.
  • Just a few steps forward ...

    The show was definitely not a pivotal one in the grand scheme of things. It was really a show to advance all of the plots forward just a little.

    Bree reconnected with the pharmacist. Bree's M-I-L found out and used that to her advantage.

    Susan hit Edie with her car, another notch in the war belt.

    More maritial bliss between Carlos and Gabrielle.

    Lynette continues in her quest to prove she was right about how hard things are at home.

    Betty gave us some small insight into what did or did not happen in the past.

    The show was okay, but not essential.
  • This show isn't as good as it was last year.....

    Last year Desperate Housewives was the "it" show, and it was very good. But, this year it doesn't seem to be as good as last year. It started slow and is slowly getting better, I really hope this show gets back it's "desperate" charm soon! Hopefully next week will be better.
  • Blah blah blah

    Not only did nothing happen, it didn't happen well.

    We've got the new memeber of cast in a deep, dark situation that seems much too evil to tell. No way in today's world of kidnapping and abuse woul d a neighborhood allow such sounds to go uninspected.

    Rich wife got the money (yawn) and looks to be headed back to having sex with children.

    Happily married wife used a rat to trick her husband into doing the dishes. Riiiight.

    Widow smacks mother-in-law and is soon to be a suspect in her husband's death.

    One tart runs over another with her car.


    Wake me when it's over. This might be the last episode I've ever watched.
  • This show is slipping...although the ad for the NEXT weeks preview seems interesting. So the only interesting part in this episode was when Bree slpped her mother in law, and th were a few other ok moments like susan and her exhushand and edie.

    This show is slipping...although the ad for the NEXT weeks preview seems interesting. So the only interesting part in this episode was when Bree slpped her mother in law, and th were a few other ok moments like susan and her exhushand and edie. Gabrielle and Lynette were alright...OVERALL: alright but not good or great
  • A very enjoyable, fluffier episode of Desperate Housewives.

    The second episode of Desperate Housewives was much brighter and lighter than last week. The episode served as a means of moving issues within the plot, but was not nearly explosive as the previous episodes have been. After the never-ending drama of the end of last season and the surprises in the pilot- it initially appeared that this was an uneventful episode, but a lot of events important to the rest of the season occurred.
    While it remains unclear what will happen with Gabrielle this season, it was great to see her take control of the situation with Carlos. The episode was one of the best in recent memory for Gabrielle. The story line regarding the boob job was very well written and performed beautifully. Gabrielle and Carlos\' chemistry has increased since he\'s been in prison and has enabled some wonderful exchanges between the two. Gabrielle: Why are rich men always such assholes? Carlos: The same reason that beauitful women are always such bitches.
    Lynette\'s story line wasn\'t very eventful, but it was very necessary. I miss the twins soon and hopefully they\'ll be back. They really add a lot to the show and her family\'s relationship. The house seems so empty without them. It really irks me when they pretend that the kids are there. I can\'t wait for Lynette\'s drama at work next week. I think it\'ll be refreshing to see Lynette struggling with something other than her kids. The show would\'ve gotten stale had she not re-entered the work force. The possibilities seem endless for Lynette at work; she also is appearing to be a much stronger housewife on Wisteria Lane, almost as confident as Bre, which was not expressed last year because of her role as the underdog mother, overrun by her kids.
    The Susan and Mike dynamic has improved a great deal. I came away from last week\'s episode bored by the two of them, hoping that they would just end it. The Susan/Mike/Carl/Edie storyline has really intensified and should allow for some brilliantly awkward comedy on Susan\'s end. The scene about \"what\'s casual\" was very very well done between Mike and Susan- I found myself rooting for them and hope that eventually they\'ll be able to work it out.
    Bre continues to be wonderful this season. The slap was brilliant and her facial expressions were wonderful throughout the episode. Bre and Phyllis exude a wonderful chemistry together. The DH issue of people claims that Phyllis will leave explosively- I for one can\'t wait for the fireworks.
    The Applewhites continue to intruige me. I thought that their storyline was too dark for the show last week, but it appears to be much more under control. Betty\'s scene with Susan was excellent and I think that they will fit into the series very well. I can really envision Susan staring out of her kitchen window to spy on them. The Julie/Susan dynamic was great as well.
    Next week looks far more explosive, which we all love. I am left with a few questions- why is Susan\'s make-up so weird this season? She looks extremely exhausted and emaciated. Teri looked wonderful at the Emmy\'s- which were held during their 6th week of filming or so; hopefully it was only a temporary exhaustion. Will we ever see Bre in outfits that aren\'t black following Rex\'s death? Where is Gabrielle\'s story line going- it feels stalled lately- I will be very bored if all we ever see her do is visit Carlos in prison. Finally, why does everyone leave notes on this show? The people on Wisteria Lane are sppparently big fans of written correspondence.
  • This has the unfortunate position follow the hilarious season premiere; this weak episode might not be as bad as it seems.

    Betty - Nothing new, but there's an interesting fib by Betty, where she tells Susan that the noise from her house is made by Matt. Then, Matt shows up returning to the house too.

    Gabrielle - How lame are the Gabrielle storylines going to be if they mostly consisted of arguing with Carlos in prison? I didn't care about the subplot, which involved her giving Carlos' roommate's girlfriend seven grand for boob job money, or else Carlos would get a beating. My question is - why didn't they show Carlos getting a beating in prison? That would have been hilarious.

    Bree - The bad relationship between Bree and his mother-in-law Phyllis is explored once more. Emotional Phyllis is hugging all the consoling, while stoic Bree is getting nothing. It's true what Phyllis says though; Bree doesn't seem to be grieving, not in normal ways anyhow. I suspected that this storyline might end in Bree shedding a tear. But nope - it climaxes when Bree slaps Phyllis. Can Phyllis win Round 3?

    Susan - The Susan stories are at best when it involves Edie and the writers know this. Why else would they ever let Edie settle for Susan's ex? I think it's out of character for Edie to settle down, but hey it is an interesting direction. I dig the scene where Susan's driving and Edie's in roller-skates. Nicolette Sheridan's whole outfit is so scandalous, it's funny.

    Lynette - Hands down. Her story is the best this week. Stay-at-home dad Tom is fighting for his principles and his flawed system of cleaning every 2 days. He thinks Lynette is criticizing him because she wants control. This leads to a hilarious scene where she wants to change the bed sheets and he doesn't. Eventually, she succeeds by introducing a rat into the house, which motivates her husband to make the house spotless. A marriage saved!
  • Back to the show that I love

    The season premier of \"Desperate Housewives\" failed on many levels for me. I just could not enjoy the show that I had spent the last year falling in love with. But that all changed with this episode. The show is back and better than ever (in my humble opinion). Every housewive, including Eddie, has a story line which really helps with the flow of the episode.

    Gabrielle story line involves her visiting Carlos every day in prison. After all the drama and trauma of the events of the first season, it is taking alot for them to forgive each other and in turn allow each other to love one another again. As carlos says \"I forgive you. I just don\'t trust you.\" Carlos is feeling abandoned and imprissoned (as he should), while Gabby is feeling intrapped and like she is being punished (like she should). But also the problems they are sorting through not only endear\'s the audience to their relationship, but it shows the posibility of these two to actually end up celebrating a 50th wedding annivesary, more than any of the other housewives.

    Bree takes a small backseat in this episode, as she should after the premier centering mostly around her. She is still feeling and dealing with the loss of Rex, but she is also starting to move on, as you can see with her interacting with George again, eventhough that creaps us out, because we know what he did to her. Also, the fighting between Rex\'s mother and Bree helps to freshout both characters and shows a realistic interaction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, one which i can see in the relationship between my grandmother and mother.

    Lynette, while being presenting in a C Storyline, shows us that her Emmy Win was not a fluke. In the funniest moment in the entire episode, she proves her point to her now stay-at-home husband of the importances of cleanliness by releasing a rat in their home. But her obituary for the rat after its death is the reason why this series has endeared itself to so many people: something that should come accross as stupid actually comes accross as hilarious and meaningful at the same time.

    Eddie, We finally find out that Susan\'s husband has been up to (and why the steady stream of hunks in and out of Eddie\'s life has dissapeared). The writters are trying desperately to make Eddie a more centeral character, and they are doing a rather wonderous job. She has gone from the bitchy supporting character to the bitchy (yet human) supporting character... One day I can see her taking her place as the fifth woman in the apple sequence.

    Betty, are newcomer. Since she has replaces Mary Alice as the mysterious woman in the show, she has caused alot of talk. The man locked up in her basement, her husband? adds a creaply, \"people under the stairs\" (low-budget Wes Craven movie) side to the show, that is alot more intriging that the (im sorry) easy to figure out mystery surrounding Mary Alice in season one.

    Finally I come to Susan. After being absent from most of the premier, she is back and in full force. Susan has two problems to deal with that puts her in the center focus of the episode. Problem A - her ex is finally moving on, with Eddie, and he is actually happy now & Problem B - working out the kinks in her relationship with Mike. When it comes to relationships Susan has always been the most screwed up, and her sweatness and nieveness is what attracts her to the audience...

    The show that I have come to know and love over the last year is finally back. While \"Buffy the Vampire Slayer,\" \"Angel,\" \"Dawson\'s Creek,\" and \"Gilmore Girls\" will never be replaced as the most endearing series to myself, \"Desperate Housewives\" has the potential to join there ranks.
  • Not as intense as last week but does nicely progress plots.

    Well, this didn\'t grab you like last week\'s did but some things kept it from seeming lame.

    The Gabrielle plot seemed goofy at first with the woman wanting implants and Carlos beating beaten but did have the important twist of Gabrielle getting her access to money again which will no doubt play into things in the future.

    Lynette...I hope that her Emmy win will mean Felicty Huffman doesn\'t get into such foolish plots. Using a rat to try and get her husband to clean is low even for her although her apology to the rat\'s corpse was nice. Still, I do worry about how selfish she gets and how that may not bode well for the marriage.

    Ah, Susan, once more in the whackiness. I know she doesn\'t have feelings for Karl still but the encounter with Edie was pretty crazy, especially accidentally running her over. It is nice, however, to show more of Karl\'s character and how Edie seems to be taking her rivalry with Susan to a new level. It will be interesting how the Karl/Edie relationship goes as Nicolette Sheridan does need more screen time.

    The Bree plot was quite intriguing. At first, it seemed more of the rivalry between her and Rex\'s mother but it was nice to have someone finally tell Bree how being so emotionally controlled is a bad thing. Of course, the more important parts are the setting up of the idea that Bree had Rex killed. Truth to tell, I\'m almost looking forward to the idea of Bree interrogated by police. Ten to one, she insists on cleaning the room while they question her.

    So a bit more of Alice and her mystery which I think will be far more complicated than it seems. So, while this may seem less exciting than the premire, I think it will set up stories that will play well as the season goes on.
  • Pretty good episode. Keep 'em coming!

    Another great episode.

    Obviously the writers are keeping everyone in suspense in regards to the mysterious chained man in the new neighbors' basement. Pretty trippy stuff. At the end ... I actually thought the drugs were for her ... so she made up the story to get those drugs for the prisoner ... whom we still don't know the identity of.

    The Carlos storyline is hilarious! That scene with Gabrielle and that trailer park woman? THat was awesome! It was great how she stole the money back at the last minute. That was f-ing hilarious when Carlos came back out near half beaten to death!!! oh man ... jugs the size of texas ... that was f-ing funny!

    They're obviously having doubts about Rex's death ... they still don't realize Bree had nothing to do with it. George was the reason. BUt Rex's mother? Annoying ... how ironic that she would ruin her chances with the insurance company .... and put everything in jeapordy by labeling George as her "boyfriend."

    Susan's ex and Edie together? Okay .... anyway, she and MIke are still apart. That scene between roller-skating Edie and Susan was awesome! Then she reverses and hits Edie, dropping her on her ass!

    Lynette and Tom fighting over baby vomit! Hilarious! The rat was a pretty nice touch. Her talking to it and trying to comfort the dead body of the rat in the trash can was hilarious!

    Pretty good episode. Keep 'em coming!