Desperate Housewives

Season 7 Episode 2

You Must Meet My Wife

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2010 on ABC
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Susan is wracked with guilt about lying to Mike regarding her new, risqué side job, and Gabrielle is forced to rush to the hospital after her daughter Juanita becomes the victim in an accident that also involves a fellow resident of Wisteria Lane. In the meantime, Bree fires Keith (guest star Brian Austin Green) without a warning when she suddenly finds herself falling for him, and after Renee starts spending way too much time with Tom, Lynette becomes concerned that she may be trying to sabotage her marriage. Paul Young finally introduces his lovely new wife (guest star Emily Bergl) to his neighbors on Wisteria Lane.moreless

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  • Susan Has Second Thoughts About Her New Racy Job And Bree Gets Involved With A Young Contractor. Another New Neighbor Arrives On Wisteria Lane.

    "Desperate Housewives" has started the season on the right note. I know it's only the second episode of the season but the show is hitting all the right notes. Drama, emotional and funny moments. I could not agree more with the other reviewers. This has got to be one of the funniest episodes of the series to date. I enjoyed this episode very much and all the storylines were entertaining. Bree's and Gaby's storyline was pure gold, it was the highlight of this episode. Marcia Cross and Eva Longoria work very well together. I hope the writers keep them together. They make a very good duo. Lynette's and Renee's storyline was great! Susan's new job has not interested me very much but I'll give it a try. Susan's and Mike's scene was the funniest scene in this episode. As usually, Mark Moses (Paul) was excellent here. His wife looks interesting. I really like Mark's acting. Bree's and Keith's side story is very good and entertaining. Let's hope she finds love. Overall, a very good episode filled with many memorable and funny moments.moreless
  • pretty good....

    the seventh season seems to be going ok so far with some decent and enjoyable storylines coming to the surface...

    the bree storyline is ok but nothing special i mean cant they find bree anything to do other then have relationships with men...

    lynette had an ok week i am intriged by renee and toms secret im sure they just slep togther or something but i would like it to be something more original

    gaby had an ok storyline but this whole baby swap storyline kind of feels like the type of storyline a daytime soap would do

    susan's porn storyline is pretty funny i admit it is abit daft but i am enjoying it

    it was nice to meet pauls wife she is abit crazy and i am excited to see where that character is going to go and what plans paul has for the residents of wisteria lanemoreless
  • Enjoyable but nothing special.

    The 7th season of Desperate Housewives seems to be going okay. It's still funny, dramatic and entertaining but nothing special seems to stand out these days. I'm looking forward to more of the Gabby storyline as she hasn't got very interesting things in the past few seasons. If done well it could be great.

    Susan walking on the internet for men to get extra money is quite amusing, far fetched but funny. While I like Renee, I did think her having history with Tom was a little predictable. The relationship between her and Lynette is an interesting one though. Bree is a character who has changed hugely. While I enjoyed her storyline with Keith, the Bree from the first few seasons would never be interested in him.

    Paul Young's return has me intrigued, his relationship with his wife was strange and should be a good part to the season. Hopefully this season will pick up a bit more!moreless
  • This episode belongs to Marcia Cross, Mark Moses and Eva Longoria-Parker

    This episode definately falls into the top ten of funny episodes. Especially the opening scenes

    The moment Bree runs over little-Junita i was laughing. Then the scenes in the hospital - Paul Young offering to pray much to the surprise of the residents and Gabby's telling off Bree (Next time SWERVE!) made me laugh even harder.

    Once again, its nice to see Marcia Cross embrace her sex side as she gradually falls for her hunk of a handyman. Teri Hatcher also proves to be rather sexy in her new role, though her guilt is slowly growing. Meanwhile Vanessa Willams and Flicka Huffman have great chemistry, though I wonder what Tom is hiding.

    Eva Longoria Parker proves she owns the role of Gabrielle. Her comedy routine (sex sleeping and her exclamtion of Junitia's French!) swiftly changes to sadness when Carlos tells her the God Awful Truth. We don't hear what he says but we can see how devestated she really is.

    Oh and Paul's Prison Wife Beth arrives. She is scared of Paul but why? What is that man up to?moreless
  • Eva Longoria Prker is just hilarious!

    This was another great instalment of Desperate Housewives, and I really found a lot of hilarious moments throughout this episode. Eva Longoria Parker made a few hilarious comments, mainly about her daughter's (or so'called duaghter's) size, which were quite means, but hilarius!

    The variuos storylines developed nicely, and now Vanessa Williams is officially moving in to be one of the 'desperate' housewives.

    Speaking of desperate housewives, things are getting interesting for Susan. I wonder how long she can keep her little secret!

    Keep it up, Desperate Housewives! I'm enjoying the new aeason thus far, and I would highly recommend hthis episode! Great work, and I can't wait for more!moreless
Amy Pietz

Amy Pietz


Guest Star

Emily Bergl

Emily Bergl

Beth Young

Recurring Role

Brian Austin Green

Brian Austin Green

Keith Watson

Recurring Role

Lainie Kazan

Lainie Kazan

Maxine Rosen

Recurring Role

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    • Mary Alice: (closing voiceover) There are certain kinds of pain that can't be treated in a hospital, so those who are suffering do what they can to heal themselves. Some cure the ache of loneliness by making new friends. Some soothe their excruciating guilt with an infusion of cash. Some alleviate their burning desire with small acts of kindness. But sadly, there will always be thos who can't begin to heal... because they realize there is more pain yet to come.

    • Andrew: Why does this keep happening?
      Bree: I don't know. I mean, maybe God's punishing us.
      Andrew: Or, God is punishing the Solises, and we're just doing God's work.

    • Karen: So, where's that Chippendales dancer you hired to fix your house?
      Bree: If you mean my contractor his name is Keith, and I had to let him go.
      Karen: Why? You catch him, uh, grating cheese on his abs?
      Bree: It just wasn't working out.
      Karen: It must have been pretty bad for you to kick that shirtless wonder out of your front yard. I was finally reaching my target heart rate on my walk.

    • Gabrielle: What the hell is wrong with you people? First you take out my mother-in-law, then you go after my daughter. Are you trying to kill off every Juanita Solis on the planet?
      Bree: I'll admit, it was a terrible coincidence.
      Gabrielle: You're getting sloppy, you know. This one was in broad daylight.
      Bree: I'm sorry. She just came out of nowhere.
      Gabrielle: Have you seen my daughter? She never comes out of nowhere.

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    • Episode Title: The title of this episode comes from a song of the same name in the Stephen Sondheim musical, A Little Night Music.