Desperate Housewives

Season 8 Episode 16

You Take for Granted

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2012 on ABC

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  • You Take For Granted

    This was certainly a shocking death. The announcer told us we would get one, but I don't think we expected this. Teri Hatcher's acting wasn't up to par for the scene though, thus the quick fade out.

    This was the kind of twist the show needed, which makes up for a pretty mediocre run recently.
  • 8.16 "You Take for Granted"

    Written by: Matt Berry

    Directed by: Jeff Greenstein


    Yeah, well ... we totally did take you for granted Mr. Delfino. Ever since season 2. And now you are dead which is kinda shocking because I thought Susan was gonna live happily ever after. Damn it. Lynette almost let Jane choke to death. Heartless bitch. Jane did not steal your husband from you, you drove him away! She needs to die - Jane should do the honors and cut her annoying throat. Gabs was selfish - how new is that again? lol, Carlos is now spiritually connected and wants to give all his money to some former employers. This guy is batshit crazy. Juanita almost fell of the roof because of the cat a l 1970s sitcom. Renee had 2 scenes - one with Bree (who had a problem with agitated McCluskey, explain it later) and one with Susan when they talked about loan shark threatening Mike to kill him. Which he did at the end of the ep and it was amazingly done. Bree promised McCluskey to help her die / kill her which was odd but you never know with DH these days. All in all the episode as a whole is 7 for me, but I loved the last scene so so much with the nostalgic montage of old scenes/memories that I just had to give it a 9 :) see ya.
  • Mike Goes To The Police When The Loan Shark Is Hunting Him. Jane Crashes Penny's Birthday Party And Bree Is Asked To End Karen's Life.

    Aside from its obvious significance in that it is the end for one of the beloved characters (next episode is Women and Death), "You Take For Granted" is memorable for other reasons. One such reason are the excellent performances by all the cast members. Their firey acting is just terrific. It's a shame that we won't see many of those in the future anymore. The best storylines in this episode were Carlos' storyline and Mike's storyline. It was great when Carlos got mad at Gaby about her selfish acts. The reason why i'm giving it a "10", is the final scene. The death of a beloved character brought more spark to the show. The final montage was so beautifiul and it made me cry. I think that it was a good ending to this special character. The episode ends with a crazy cliffhanger. Flawless. 10/10.
  • So sad! :'(

    Wow, this was unexpected and depressing. Not the ending I was hoping for. I assumed Karen would be the one to die, seeing as how she was planning suicide throughout the episode, but it was not to be.

    The storyline with Carlos and Gaby was different and a little interesting in places, but for the most prt, not very dramatic, and very few epic Gaby quotes in this episode, which was a little disappointing.

    Meanwhile, Bree & Karen's storyline was really emotional in som e ways, and funny in others. The Suicide Pie was a funny conecpt, in a ll honesty! I found it funny!

    Lyntte's storyline has been borderline torture to watch for the last season or two, and that continues today, as expected. It's honestly not even worth watching any scenes with Lynette in them these days. So disappointing.

    But obviously the part that was best in this episode was the loan shark storyline. I don't wanna spoil exactly how this ends, but it was shocking, emotional and upsetting! I can't wait to see what happens netx!

    One things for sure! Desperate Housewives continues to supply the excellent drama, and I can't wait to see what lies ahead, even though I am extremely depressed to see this show go! :(
  • With the exception of Lynette and the ending, this episode does not fit in with the rest of season 8.

    Season 8 has been quite splendid. So full of life. Colorful and crowded in the cosy way. This episode however felt messy. Desperate Housewives usually does a good job at splitting the laughs and tears into the right places, but this one was too dynamic for my liking. Between laughing at Lynette trying to get into every picture, and frowning at how upsetting it'll be to lose Ms. Mcluskey, it was all to exhausting to watch. The ending left me angry. Really angry. Every foundation of Desperate Housewives had been destroyed this season. Tom and Lynette, not together. Carolos, drunken disaster. The Bree we used to know is losing her mind and now they kill of Mike.

    I am really, really enjoying season 8 and it's shaping up to becoming one of my favorite seasons on the show, but this one felt like a step in the wrong direction.
  • No, don't kill Mike!

    No, don't kill Mike!

    Then again, the series is ending anyway, so I guess it's not quite so bad.
  • Wisteria lame

    Really! Was that necessary? Mike -of all the people? Seems to me they just did it for the shocking surprise! Of course no-one would have expected him to be the one dying at the end of this episode and no-one wanted him to be!

    I didn't like the storyline of the loan-shark from the beginning or at least from that point where he started acting so exaggerated and illogical. I mean, if he hadn't got his money back, ok, they might go to all lengths but after everything was settled? Harrassing Renee, just because he found out she was rich? Hating Mike so much he didn't just send someone to beat him up but actually shoot him in broad daylight? I don't know!

    And for the rest of the characters: lame attempts to keep the audience in suspense of who would be the one killed. Juanita falling down from the roof? Yeah, that would have been an even bigger surprise, but the writers wouldn't dare to kill a child, would they? Clearly it wouldn't be Mrs. McCluskey, since too obvious. Jane almost choking to death while Lynette watching her? Please! Getting in a fight and pushing her into a swimming pool, maybe...

    Bree being accidentally killed by a poisonous suicide cake? Lame, lame, lame....

    I agree with ChristinaAlber, too many storylines, obviously just for the big showdown. Nearly all of the characters have acted illogically at times, in my opinion. The murder of Gaby's stepfather was ok, but why blame Bree for everything? And Bree herself going through all that, nearly killing herself and then agreeing (even if not seriously) to euthanizing Mrs. McCluskey? Ok, I'm not expecting the housewives to act like "normal people" but still.

    Lynette: not getting over the end of her marriage even though she first stated that she was "relieved", letting Tom fly to Paris with his girlfriend, getting a new lover, telling Renee she had accepted that Tom was moving on and then being so shocked about them moving in together?

    Susan has always been too emotional but painting the murder scene for everyone to see? Visiting Alejandro's family and putting everything at risk again after they were finally in the clear? Mike not telling her that that was a bad idea? Alejandro's wife just smiling at a blood stain on Gaby's carpet, not asking about what really happened to her husband , after she found out that he had threatened Gaby again?

    I could go on and on, Gaby being selfish, Gaby being understanding, going back to selfish, Carlos being a tough businessman, Carlos having doubts about the true values in life - hadn't they been through that before when he turned blind and got seeing again?

    Well, I've been truly devoted to the show all through these years but this end is not what it deserved. I wonder if Gaby and Carlos will also fall out in the end because then all the characters would be miserable, and that's it then?

    I've loved DH for its witty dialogues, great laughs, unexpected turns, heart-breaking events and suspense-packed storylines but also for the happy endings, friends making up after a quarrel, couples getting through rough patches and the good winning over the bad.

    With just two more episodes to look forward to I wonder how they will round it up, I fear that either way it will be disappointing, either we'll be seeing another illogical 180 degree turn or be left with desperate residents all over the street. They might then as well let an earthquake swamp the whole Wisteria Lane!

  • Lame shock factor SPOILERS

    This show hasn't been the same for a long time. Iv been looking forward to it being over because I wanted to see nice endings for all of the loved characters. But now that mike is dead I could care less about the show. I'm so mad that Susan is going to end up the way her character began. A single mom. I'm sure they wants to shock us but this wasn't the way to do it. With all that's going on, I think it was not needed. What a disappointing end for a good character. I wonder if this means that Lynette will end up alone too.

    All I can say is is this was a lame thing to do in the last season and shows me that maybe the writers and actors don't get along. Why else would they give all the characters such crappy ends. Shame on the show.
  • If only we could slow things down...


    Although I found most of this episode a little underwhelming at times, possibly with the exception of Lynette's storyline (It was heartbreaking to see how much she mourns her relationship with Tom while he seems to move on so easily), the final few minutes of this episode bring my score straight up.

    Again, SPOILERS.

    In the final few minutes, we have a very touching scene between Mike and Susan, where we see how much they really love each other. Found this especially nice, considering how much of Susan's storylines these days seem to be her being ditzy/wacky with Mike bringing her head down from the clouds. It was great to see some down to earth, heartwarming exchanges between them. But remember the Loan Shark from last episode? The one who's been terrorising the lane?

    A Car screeches to a halt, the Loan-shark pulls out a gun, and Mike is shot, and fatally wounded. As Mary Alice tells us in the opening and ending monologue, Mike is dead. This last minute is filled with a beautiful montage of Mike and Susan's life together, along with some really heart-wrenching music from the ever spectacular Steve Jablonsky, before we see Mike push Susan out of the way and receive a bullet straight to the chest.

    The episode ends with Mary Alice saying "We all take life for granted, if only we could slow things down... Because before you know it, the gift is gone". How devastatingly true, as we see Susan screaming for her husband. Seriously powerful ending, and an example that Desperate Housewives can still break your heart.
  • Disappointment

    This series.... should have been called Desperate Widows... I mean seriously? Season 8?
  • this seasons sucks

    omg this season sucks too many storylines, it's as if they want to put in all the events the producers ever wanted to happen. Why did they have to kill someone AGAIN? Why Mike?? Isn't there enough happening on the Lane? And I wonder how the girls will manage not to end up in jail
  • well done in stressing me out for about 43 minutes!!!!

    I read on the net about a week ago that someone was gonna die in this episode and opened the link and lef it open tl now but never read it & I'm just glad I didn't!!!!

    The information would have spoiled me the fun and expectation I had during the whole episode. It was very well done to focus in the opening scene on so many characters and have everyone of them on the verge of demise at some point in the episode and I'm super glad it was none characters on the roof, they have already been through enough this season, haven't they???

    I can't really say I'm gonna miss the character since I never really liked that character even though the actor always did a great job with what he was asked to play!!!

    If the last episodes are of the same caliber, we're in for a good interesting ride, still love you Desperate Housewives and still will cuz you (almost) never disappointed me!!!!

  • You Take for Granted

    You Take for Granted was a good episode of Desperate Housewives and I enjoyed watching because there was a lot of great character development, new revelations and twists and a shocking ending! It was hilarious to watch Lynette put herself in all the photos with Penny and Jane. I am curious to see what happens with Carlos now that he is seeing the world differently. It was kind of sad to watch Mrs. McCluskey ask Bree to help her die on her own terms, but the pie and slow poking afterwards was funny. I am shocked at the ending and kind of wish it would have been character on roof after cat. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!
  • "Sad but not surprisd"

    I've been watching this show since day one. They've killed a lot of people off that I really did love including Rex, Carl and Edie. Now Mike gets killed for trying to help two friends. I have to be honest though this show is lacking what it used to once have. I'll will miss Mike in the last episodes to come and look foward to seeing next weeks episode which I'm sure it will be similar to the 100th episode and Edie's last episode. Lynette was to funny jumping in all those photos with Jane and Penny. I don't blame her though but when Jane was choking I really thought Lynette was going to let her die. I'm glad she ended up saving her. I'm also glad that Karen didn't die because I really like her. I knew that Juanita and carlos would be ok and I'm glad they got a cat. I love cats. They are so cute. But Gaby you are one selfish woman and that's why I love you so much. But if she wants expensive things then get off your lazy a$$ and get a job. Carlos isn't happy with his corporate job anymore. I'm happy that Carlos wants to change careers and help people. That's who he is and I love it. But like I said I'm happy this show is coming to an end. It really needs to. I love all the seasons before this one and I like this one to but every show needs to come to an end and it's this shows time.
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