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Desperate Housewives

Season 2 Episode 3

You'll Never Get Away From Me

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 2005 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Bree's mother-in-law, Phyllis (guest star Shirley Knight), gets her in trouble with the law. In the meantime, Susan tries bravely to accept Edie's new role in Julie's life, whereas Lynette's demanding boss (guest star Joely Fisher) makes her miss Parker's first day of kindergarten.
Gabrielle finally comes to terms about her feelings regarding Carlos and John after seeing the latter with another woman, and Betty has some troubles with her captive.moreless

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  • An alright one.

    Can I just say I hate cops like that dude... When they twist everything you say! "don't talk to her" oh so you won't make a statement or whatever. "we were married of course there were issues" "oh so you had issues" .. like what.

    GOD I am SICK TO DEATH of Carlos holding cheating against her YOU VIOLATED HER BODY BY FORCING HER TO GET PREGNANT. His constant need to remind her of how shit she is but not taking ANY responsibility himself. You treated your wife like an object, I don't condone cheating but her reasons actually made sense for someone like her. but I'm sorry, I see messing with someone's pills and going against their wishes forcing them to forever change their body and their life 100x worse.

    I thought her apology was very heartfelt and yes it was due. I am now waiting for Carlos' overdue apology!

    I don't think there should be any competition between Edie and Susan. Susan is Julie's mum, I don't care who someone dates. If Carl disliked Mike he should get a say and if Susan dislikes Edie, she gets a say. Julie is their daughter and they get a say who is around and sleeping in the house with her.

    I did feel a bit for Susan when you find out your daughter is singing AND that she chose your rival to sing with.. But I thought it was nice that Susan chose to ask for lessons oppose to just banning anything. And she sounded very desperate and pathetic when she asked for lessons, and I think how much it hurt her that Julie asked Edie actually came through in her acting. Go Teri.

    I thought Edie insulting Susan in front of Julie is way out of line. "I don't do trio's", insulting Susan's talent, wanting her to leave, saying Julie would choose Edie over Susan etc quite rude of her. You can hate Susan but you don't have a right to act like that to someone else's child! And Susan didn't even know about the recital until Julie told her and then also told her about Edie.

    And Carl was totally out of line telling Susan off. Susan is Julie's mother, and she gets first pick! And Edie was a total bitch to/about Susan in front of Julie which is way out of line but naturally Carl doesn't hear about that.

    But god, at the church. Susan TRIES to be the bigger person and Carl pratically yells "thank you susan' in such a rude tone. And Edie is then rude to Julie's mother again in public this time. But I was glad Susan was a bigger person and I was glad Edie sucked! ha.

    I saw both sides of Lyns and Nina's arguments. To argue against Nina, you can't compare someone wanting to go to a show, to someone being there for a child. Children matter, you hired someone with kids, and yes they wouldn't normally be a problem, it's not a normal situation it's his first day it's a ONE time situation. Asking to an hour late once, is not bad and I think Nina needs to grow up a little and stop being so anti-children. But to argue against Lyn, you did promise you'd separate the lives and this is hardly doing that I guess. It's a stupid situation though. And my god Nina "now now now NOW".. jesus.

    I kind of think the 'making the bed situation' can be seen multiple ways. Bree could've been in shock and obviously her OCD is coming out. Bree was angry at him because she just 'found out' Rex had told people about her and humiliated her.

    John you're kissing a lady outside her house in the middle of the day.. And you hope nobody will see you.. He's such a little douche. You get Carlos sent to jail for what you hope is 8years and then you just basically move yourself into the house. And John already believes he's in love with someone else! But he's never even called her Gabrielle/a and wants to just get back with her.. he's a tool.

    I quite liked Bree and her lie detector plan, and how she wanted her kids there to see it. I didn't like Andrew's quip, what happened to being the perfect child for his 'plan'. I don't really think the polygraph and the whole being in love thing is quite well done. I mean I don't entirely see them being in love at all. Nor do I feel her answer would such a horrible 'lie' level. But I know it's needed.moreless
  • Much better...

    Gabrielle wrestles with her feelings, while Susan wrestles Edie for control. Lynette struggles to find a balance between her work and her family, and Bree takes the ultimate test.

    This episode felt like something out of the golden first season. Fast paced, yet solid. The situations were funny, like Susan at church or Lynette spilling that coffe. There was shock factor, like Bree actually being inlove with George, and it was revealing since we take a look at the man who's being stored within the basement.

    I'm still having trouble with the recycling of storylines. We have had more Edie Vs. Susan storylines than we've had episodes. It's a tad tiring, no matter how well crafted the stories actually are. Also I feel like there should be a little bit more concentration on the Apple Whites and the dissapearance of Zack. The subplots are getting all the attention.

    My favorite character of the episode : GABRIELLE SOLICE! She finally understood how she felt, and what she wanted. She did the adult thing and apologised. It's astonishing how she redeemed herself with that one scene. A part of thinks, it shouldn't be so easy, but then again, with love, the biggest decisions should be easy, because if they're not, it isn't love.moreless
  • not bad

    i was a bit disopointed in this episode of desperate housewives the storylines just ddint seem that greratt of juicy like they did last year, the return of john rowland was that great that storyline is abit boring now hopefully thats the last we see of him for now, the lynette stuff was pretty fun but not that juicy the susan stuff was ok as was the bree stuff as i was glad to see the back of rex's mum, the applewhites continue to be abit boring, overall the season has been abit of a letdown hopefull next week it abit bettermoreless
  • Es tán dificil dejar los problemas atrás.

    Mientras que Lynette se empeña en decirse que su relación laboral no afectará su vida personal este episodio es una muestra que ella cada vez se equivoca más. Gabrielle se da cuenta del grande error que fué haberse metido con John y pues se muestra sincera y vulnerable frente a Carlos, lo que en mi opinión le da nuevo aire a su matrimonio y hará más fácil que siga vivo mientras este sigue en la carcel. Mientras que la relación con Mike de Susan sigue en el limbo, el personaje de el esposo de Susan se vuelve más importante en la serie ya que empieza a salir con Edie, me parece que es un personaje que se puede explotar mucho y del cual sabemos muy poco, a diferencia de los demás esposos que vemos con más frecuencia.moreless
  • A great episode. One of the best so far.

    Another great episode with our favourite housewives. So, we finally get to see who is in the Applewhite's basement, but we still don't know who he is or why he's in there. I didn't know whether to laugh or look in shock when I saw Betty open the door and the tray came flying out of her hand. I thought the scene was very well done. And we also finally get to see Gabrielle show some emotion, so now we know that the character has some depth and that she is not a completely cold bitch. It was good to see Bree send Phyllis on her way, I was getting a bit sick of her. But the return of George was a bit disappointing. The whole Edie, Susan and Julie thing was a bit over the top. Susan was the typical jealous mother, while Edie was very defensive about her new role in Julie’s life. And finally Lynette knocking over the coffee cup so she could see her son’s first day at school was hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode, and I can only hope they keep getting better.moreless
Rende Rae Norman

Rende Rae Norman

Mrs. Novak

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Bruno Amato

Bruno Amato


Guest Star

Phil Abrams

Phil Abrams


Guest Star

Shirley Knight

Shirley Knight

Phyllis Van de Kamp

Recurring Role

Harriet Sansom Harris

Harriet Sansom Harris

Felicia Tilman

Recurring Role

Joely Fisher

Joely Fisher

Nina Fletcher

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: The phone that Tom uses when with Parker is a Nokia 3220, which does not support videocalling, as shown in the episode. The phone is not a 3G model, which hadn't yet been released nationwide in the United States.

    • Goof: A cemetery wouldn't leave a empty grave open as shown with Rex's grave. It would be roped off and most likely covered with fake grass or something to protect both the physical aspects of visitors and their sensibilities.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Mary Alice: (narrating) Over the years, Bree Van de Kamp had grown increasingly concerned over her mother-in-law's forgetfulness. Her lapses had become more frequent, more glaring, and more dangerous. Yes, Bree was worried about Phyllis' faulty memory, but she was more than happy to remind her, especially when it came to the important things. It was in that moment Bree could finally see the truth. Her mother-in-law's memory was fine. It was her soul that was faulty.

    • Lynette: I've got this thing...
      Nina: Good God, this is not about your kids again, is it?
      Lynette: I know, I promised I wouldn't do this, but Parker really needs me to be there on his first day of kindergarten. He's so freaked out I can't be there.
      Nina: I'm sorry. How is this my problem?
      Lynette: Because we can't escape the fact that I have kids. I love my job, but to be fair, there's gotta be some balance.
      Nina: Okay, how about the people that don't have the kids? Did you ever consider that they might need a little more balance in their lives, hmm? Like, maybe they want to go see a matinee or perhaps they want to come in a little late after a big crazy night out or maybe they just want to get a haircut, which I, myself, have not been able to do for two months. So, no, this is about fairness to the people who are childless by choice, okay?
      Lynette: Okay. Good point. And I'm sorry about your hair. I can see why you're upset.

    • George: I don't understand. We're just friends. Why would the police assume that people in a platonic relationship would want to murder someone?
      Bree: Um, um, during the test, they asked me some questions about you and, um, us and whether we had a relationship and I said yes, because it's true. And then they asked me about something else, something I hadn't considered.
      George: Which was?
      Bree: They asked me if I loved you.
      George: What did you say?
      Bree: I said no.
      George: Oh.
      Bree: But according to the polygraph, that wasn't exactly true.
      George: Well, I don't, I don't know if that means anything. Polygraphs aren't completely reliable.
      Bree: I think perhaps the machine picked up on something, something that I wasn't aware of.
      George: Wow.
      Bree: That's why I need you to take the test and answer the detective's questions, because I'm not going to know exactly how I feel until we put this behind us, but then, once we do...
      George: We can move on.

    • Susan: Well, I don't mean to be technical here, but this show, I mean, it really is supposed to be a family thing, and I hate to point out you're not family.
      Edie: No, but I have talent, and to most audiences, talent trumps family.

    • Mary Alice: (narrating) Everyone enjoys a game of make-believe now and then. Of course, the ways we can play can vary greatly.(shot of Chloe Pendgergrass and her tea party) Some tell ourselves that work won't interfere with our family life (shot of Lynette looking at a picture of Parker) Sometimes, we imagine relationships as more meaningful then they actually are. (shot of John and Gabrielle passing each other on the street) Occasionally, we put on a show, as if to tell ourselves our secrets aren't really that terrible. (shot of Betty and Matthew preparing food for their prisoner downstairs) Yes, the game of make-believe is a simple one (shot of Bree looking at George taking a polygraph test) You start by lying to yourself, and if you get others to believe you, you win. (George states he did not poison Rex, and the polygraph reveals that to be true)

    • Mike: I'm trying to find Zach before he gets into anymore trouble. Do you know any friends that he might have? Anywhere he might be hold up? I know you were close to him.
      Felicia: Funny thing... since he beat me and threw me down the stairs, we just don't stay in touch like we should.

    • Carlos: You never even apologized.
      Gabrielle: I apologized a million times!
      Carlos: Yeah, but you always followed it up with an excuse: "I was lonely; you weren't home enough; a woman needs to be loved."
      Gabrielle: A woman does need to be loved! And since you didn't give it to me, I had to find it elsewhere. (brief pause)
      Carlos: So that's what the teenager was doing in our bedroom? Filling you with love.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Episode Title: This episode takes its title from Mama Rose's song "You'll Never Get Away From Me" in the Sondheim musical Gypsy.