Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 13

Your Fault

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

Susan is horrified when she walks in on Julie and Zach kissing at the kitchen table and forbids her from going to the dance with him. She asks Paul to help keep the kids apart and he tells her they're moving. When Julie gets a phone call, Susan listens in and hears Zach mention Dana. Susan volunteers to chaperone the dance to keep an eye on Julie. Paul also volunteers, after asking Zach what kinds of things he's been talking to Julie about. Paul asks Susan to dance and she confesses she eavesdropped on Julie's conversation with Zach and that she knows "everything" about Dana. Paul assures her it was an accident.

After the dance, Paul tells Zach that his memories are wrong. "You didn't kill anyone. And Dana is very much alive." Zach says he won't tell anyone the truth, but only if they don't move. Zach stops by the Mayers to share the good news but Susan isn't happy about it. When she tells him to stay away from Julie, he throws a fit. "Thank you," she says. "You just made this really easy for me," and she says she will call the police if he comes near Julie. Julie and Zach meet and try to decide what they're going to do now.

Gabrielle is surprised when the Rowlands stop by to ask for her help in persuading John to go to college instead of his new plan of gardening fulltime. When Mrs. Rowland threatens to go to the police, she agrees to talk to John. Gabrielle goes to John's apartment to convince him he should give up the gardening business. He tells her he wants to work so he can support her, because Carlos can't anymore. And then he drops to one knee and produces a ring. "Mrs. Solis, will you marry me?" he asks. She returns the ring the next day and lies and tells him she regarded him only as a toy. It works: a heartbroken John is going to college after all.

In the middle of divorce negotiations, Rex asks Bree why they don't just send all the lawyers home, but she just goes onto her next demand. When he repeats his offer to call off the divorce, she tells him she wants revenge, possibly by having her own affair. When she's out at a diner alone, she runs into George and asks his advice and he tells her she should forgive Rex. She gets home late, and this time it's Rex who's waiting up sleeplessly. Rex goes to the pharmacy to pick up his prescription and warns George that if Bree ever makes a move on him, she'd only be using him to even the score. George suddenly can't find Rex's prescription, even though it's right in front of him.

Tom's father, Rodney, a traveling salesman, comes to visit. When Lynette returns home unexpectedly, she stumbles in on Rodney making out with a mystery woman, whom he claims is just a client. Lynette takes a tough stance and throws Rodney out of the house. Tom comes home and says he's not all that surprised about the affair, and that he's actually kind of impressed that his dad is still getting it on. Which results in Tom sitting next to his father on the curb. That night, Lynette apologizes for overreacting but needs to be reassured that Tom would never cheat on her. He assures her he's not his father, but later admits to Rodney that he has committed an indiscretion of his own, one that Lynette can never know about.
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