Desperate Housewives

Season 1 Episode 13

Your Fault

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2005 on ABC

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  • Pointless episode.

    Lynette catches Tom's dad having an affair. Susan is worried about Julie and Zack's relationship. Bree creates a rumble between George and Rex, and Gabrielle breaks John's heart.

    Mike was nowhere to be seen, and I realized that he and Susan have not been seen together for the last two episodes. Carlos, Paul, and Zack get on my nerves, and this episode really didn't do anything for the plot except for putting John's storyline to rest. The writers overestimate how much we care about the younger characters like Zack, Julie, and Mike. This had to be the least entertaining episode of the show so far.
  • good


    this was another pretty enjoyable episode of desperate housewives not the best of the season but still entertaining, i enjoyed meeting tom's father even if he is abit of a jerk, im intrigued by what tome feels guilty about though, i hope he hasnt cheated on lyntette, the bree storyline was ok but not great, her and rex going to war was pretty funny though, overall an ok epiosde just not the memorable

  • Un corazón se puede romper a cualquier edad.

    Cada personaje recibe un golpe en el corazón que hace que su vida cambie de ahora en adelante en la serie. Zach y Julie continuan con su romance escondido mientras Susan prohibe que esa relación continue. Gabrielle decide elegir el camino correcto (Carlos) sobre el camino más apasionante (John), dejando a su jóven amante con el corazón roto pero con la decisión de madurar. Rex tiene su corazón en duda, por la salida nocturna de Bree, y más cuando confirma que se vió con George a la madrugada. Y Para finalizar Tom confiesa que hizo algo de lo cual teme Lynette se dé cuenta, por la forma en que aparece la revelación, es algo que tiene que ver con infidelidad. Definitivamente un corazón roto nos cautiva.
  • There Will Be Consequences Written by Kevin Etten Directed by Arlene Sanford

    It's been three episodes since the lovely John last graced our screens and in his absence, Gabrielle's been doing her best to get on with her life. It was only a matter of time before she'd have to deal with the Rowland's and they're here in mighty form when Helen issues a reasonable ultimatum – get John to get his life back on track or face jail. Unfortunately, despite an attempt on Gabby's part, it wasn't surprising that her little chat with her jail bait ex-lover would yield far different results.

    The proposal thing didn't surprise me within the slightest and while I really feel for the guy, I'm glad Gabrielle did the right thing even if she had to break his heart in the process. Sure, he was a toy to her but she probably did feel something for him. The question of Gabby leaving Carlos gets raised again, so if does get convicted, there's a possibility she will. When she finds out he's been tampering with her birth control pills, she definitely will. Carlos really had bugger all to do in this episode, so the Rowland's made up for that.

    Helen's anger was reasonably justified but Bob's surprisingly kindness towards Gabrielle did take me aback until he revealed that he wished he had made at least one mistake like his son. Does that mean he wished he cheated on his wife? Or maybe he himself had been in a similar position to John when he was seventeen but made a different choice than his son? I'm not really sure but I like this family and here's hoping Cherry and company can thinks of ways to bring them back as I would be happy to learn more about them.

    The cheating curve gets a great workout within the Scavo marriage when Lynette finds her slightly sexist father in law Rodney (Ryan O'Neal giving a good performance) cheating on his wife with one of his clients in the living room/foyer. This looked like it was going to be an amusing plot but it quickly becomes serious when we learn Tom is well aware of his father's infidelities and isn't one bit affected by it. Lynette's anger is understandable to an extent and the most solid union on this show is now thrown into doubt when Lynette informs her husband how she would handle being cheated on and quelle surprise, it seems Tom has a marriage threatening secret of his own. Whatever it is, I hope he removes all sharp and blunt objects when Lynette finds it out.

    Oddly enough, my favourite housewife's storyline of the week was actually a bit fillerish. Don't get me wrong it was still very good but the other plots were much better. I'll admit though I did enjoy Bree and Rex antics in the settlement office. There's obviously still love there between the both of them but I'm not actually looking forward to this inevitable reconciliation. To be honest, I've never been a huge Rex fan; at best I think he's a whiny, submissive wimp. At worst (which means in this episode) he's an arrogant prat. George may be creepier than thou, now that he's upping his Bree obsession but Rex had no right to talk to him the way he did. I kind of wish for once in a while doctors on US programmes (besides ER) were portrayed better. Rex is the stereotype up himself idiot who thinks he's superior to everyone else. When this show began, a lot of people wondered how he putted up with his wife's OCD like idiosyncrasies but I'm starting to wonder how Bree put up with his attitude. George was totally wrong for tampering with Rex's medication (first Paul, then Carlos and now George. What is it with these people?) but I don't think he's entirely wrong about the not so good doctor. Now I really feel for Bree if these two halfwits are her only options.

    However the arc that excels the most here though revolves around the Susan/Julie/Zach/Paul angle. Here's the latest headline – Julie and Zach are a couple, Susan doesn't like it one bit while Paul only becomes concerned when he finds his son's girlfriend knows a fair about the Young family tree. The truth about Dana is inadvertently revealed to Susan, only for Paul to later spill to Zach that mystery Dana is well and truly alive and then Zach goes nuts when Susan bans him from seeing Julie. Is everyone still with me because this thread almost made me lose my breath? It's comedic at first for Susan's hysterical reaction of catching Julie and Zach kiss, not to mention that Paul is capable of cracking a smile that doesn't hint at something sinister. Comedic then quickly shifts to tense – Paul helping Zach with his tie for the school dance while quizzing him on his memories. It looked for a brief moment he was gonna strangle his son because Paul is just about capable of anything. Then we had him explaining the Dana situation to Susan while they danced and when he pulled her closer, it looked the literal meaning of the song "Murder On The Dancefloor" was gonna take place.

    Now onto the revelation of Dana still being alive. Well, first of – what the hell? Secondly, where is she? I'm assuming she was three or four years younger than Zach so that makes her eleven or twelve, so if she's alive and kicking, she has to be somewhere, right? If Zach didn't kill her, there has to be some reason why the Young's to have given her away. This is really gonna hurt my head if I think about it too much but this enquiring mind wants answers. So to also recap, I was impressed with Zach blackmailing his father into staying into Wisteria Lane but fearful for Susan when he turned on her and now more for Julie now that his feelings for her bordered on the obsessive. Still though, this plot kept hooked more than others combined so I can't wait to see what happens next.

    Also in "Your Fault"

    Have to talk about this week's teaser. I was very impressed with the role reversal good/bad kids' thing with Susan and Lynette. I think it was the first flashback wasn't actually used.

    Bob (to Gabrielle): "You'll have to forgive my wife. She's still a little upset over the whole-"
    Helen: "– statutory rape thing!"

    Just to clarify, John is now 18, so if he and Gabrielle do hook up again, at least this time she won't be considered a paedophile.

    Rex: "What do you say, Bree, do we send the vulture's home?"
    Bree: "I want to keep the Club membership. Rex is terrible at tennis and hates buffets".

    So Bree and Rex actually did take tennis lessons then? Assets that were divided included good china, golf clubs and something to do with Aspen.

    Good use of music in this episode but what is the name of the song Susan and Paul were dancing to? And for a school dance that Bree was also chaperoning, I was surprised not see either Andrew or Danielle there.

    John: "Sure, we'd be poor at first but we'd be happy"
    Gabrielle: "I've tried poor but happy. Guess what? Wasn't that happy".

    Lynette (to Tom): "And I am definitely not your mother because if you ever betray me, I will leave you. I will take your kids and walk out that door".

    Doug Savant has gotten the "Special Guest Star" credit, so this only means meatier storylines for Tom. That's a goodie for us.

    Okay I really liked this episode a lot. The writing was tight and acting above par but I do wonder with all these nifty new revelations about are the writers digging themselves a creative hole. Oh I don't care; this was another great episode that the addiction to this show is justified.