Desperate Landscapes

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Desperate Landscapes

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Backyard need a quick fix? Learn how to update it with the tips from the pros on this DiY show.

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AIRED ON 4/30/2016

Season 13 : Episode 6

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  • Lazy Assed Contestants

    It is very frustrating that you pick contestants who basically ask you to do the landscaping for them when they have made no effort to take care of their property to the point it is an embarrassment to all of the neighbors around them. Case in point was the show with the two "award" winning teachers who couldn't bother to pick up and throw away a dead plant or pull a weed and yet you "reward" them by doing what they should have been doing all along. Rather than choose people who make no effort to even try to clean up their property, why don't you pick individuals who do show they are trying to make an effort but just need help. Giving someone a new yard as a reward for what is basically bad behavior is sickening. Yard work is hard, I know, because I spend hours doing it. I realize that we live in a society that has a sense of entitlement but you aren't helping make people responsible by picking folks that whine about their yard in order to get a freebie from you. There are so many people out their more deserving that you could truly help and that are trying to make a difference in their yards. Why don't you pick one of these more worthy instead of insulting those of us who do work on our yards and stop rewarding people who are just to damn lazy to get off their butts and pick up a shovel and rake. Another point is that you choose people who obviously have the financial capability of hiring a landscaper which is another slap in our face. Your selection of people to help leaves a bad taste making us less likely to watch your show.moreless
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