Desperate Romantics

Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Tuesday 9:00 PM Aug 04, 2009 on BBC Two
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Episode Summary

Rossetti and Hunt become jealous when John Millais secures the backing of Ruskin.Will their friendship remain intact?
After being commissioned to paint Effie Ruskin, the beautiful, lonely and bored wife of John, Millais learns that the couple have never consumated their marriage, causing him to come to a sudden realisation: he is supposed to sleep with her.
While his friends ponder it, Millais remains horrified at the idea, thinking of the scandal it would cause.He resolves himself to doing without the help of John Ruskin and walking away from the chance to further his career, which is easier said than done when it dawns on him how much he loves Effie.moreless

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    Rafe Spall

    Rafe Spall

    William 'Maniac' Holman Hunt

    Samuel Barnett

    Samuel Barnett

    John Millais

    Aidan Turner

    Aidan Turner

    Dante Gabriel Rossetti

    Sam Crane (II)

    Sam Crane (II)

    Fred Walters

    Tom Hollander

    Tom Hollander

    John Ruskin

    Zoë Tapper

    Zoë Tapper

    Effie Ruskin

    Recurring Role

    Amy Manson

    Amy Manson

    Lizzie Siddal

    Recurring Role

    Jennie Jacques

    Jennie Jacques

    Annie Miller

    Recurring Role

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      • Fred Walters: I would like to report that Gabriel feels a smidgen of remorse at packing his friend off to the Holy Land in order to clear the path between him and Ruskin.Or at the very least, that his deceptive ways have lost him the one thing he truly values.But no.He seems to have no idea that Lizzie's love for him is both undeserved and unfair.

      • John Millais: Effie.There is only one thing for it.I must never see you again.Although there is the matter of the painting to be completed.And what with materials and so on, I would be out of pocket were I to leave now.

        Dante Rossetti: Keats and Wordsworth themselves would be pushed to word a more romantic sentence than that.

        John Millais: Thank you.

      • (Practicing a speech)

        John Millais: Effie.I am a man and you are a woman.That much is apparent even to me...Oh no,no!

      • (Discussing John Ruskin's plans for Millais and Effie)

        Effie Ruskin: Always best to protect your reputation by pretending that which is, is not.

        John Millais: I simply do not believe that a man of Mr Ruskin's towering character would ever contemplate what you are suggesting.

        Effie Ruskin: What if I were to tell you that Mr Ruskin is an undeniable giant as an author, but a poor, weak creature in everything else.

        John Millais: I....I don't know what has got into you, Effie.But you have rendered me into a fug that can only be resolved if I leave immediately.I can't stay and hear you attack Mr Ruskin in this way!

      • (Talking of his trip to the Holy Land)

        William Holman Hunt: It is my intention to tether a goat in the desert to paint it as a symbol of Christ's presence.

        Annie Miller: A goat?! You are leaving me for a goat? What is wrong with an English goat?

        William Holman Hunt: It's not the goat, it's the's the thought of Christ's presence.

      • Mr Stone: Miss Siddal, Mr Rossetti.How is the work progressing? Still painting juvenile daubs of no artistic merit?

        Dante Rossetti: Are you still hanging them?

        (Stone turns to Lizzie)

        Mr Stone: Miss Siddal, when will you be sitting for John Millais again?

        Dante Rossetti: She won't.Miss Siddal will be modelling for my masterpiece.

        Mr Stone: Oh, well.At least you have millinery to fall back on.

      • Fred Walters: As Rossetti struggled with his muse I struggle to keep at bay the poisonous image of Lizzie lying in his arms.Hunt, our king of pain, finds himself trapped between the demands of Annie and the demands of God. Millais, however, remains blissfully unaware of mental and emotional struggle.

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