Destination Space

Season 1 Episode 17

Mission to the Earth-Threatening Asteroid

Full Episode: Mission to the Earth-Threatening Asteroid


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Astronomers locate a rogue asteroid on a collision course with Earth. It will cause massive destruction. The asteroid is half a mile across and hurtling towards Earth at 10,000 mph. The ever-present cosmic threat is now an imminent disaster. Twelve days before the asteroid's impact the SIMs are launched on a mission to deflect the asteroid and save the Earth.The Martian mission planned for five months hence is cancelled. Military security and Earthnet security are alerted - for the first time in the SIMs' experience. The SIMs take off on their secret mission. There is a news black out. The 2000 digit number to unlock the coded instructions is sealed until they reach the space station. New equipment and Archie, a robotic controller, used by the military are loaded. Earthlink will take instructions from Archie.But as they head towards the asteroid, Earthlink's computer software fails. Can the SIMs complete the mission and return as heroes?moreless
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  • Mission to the Earth-Threatening Asteroid

    S 1 : Ep 17

    Aired 1/1/00 (26:00)

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