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Destination Truth, hosted by Josh Gates, takes viewers across the globe in search of answers to some of the most burning questions in the fields of cryptobiology and paranormal investigation. By interviewing eyewitnesses, Josh and his team narrow down where to look for the alleged creatures and what to look for, then they set up their cameras and attempt to get evidence of them on film. Later, they return home and go over the evidence they collected, and with the help of various experts, determine whether or not they've found something new, or whether they can explain the stories as simply misidentification of known species by the locals.

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  • Get more "Truth" at your "Destination"

    I've been psychic all of my 61 years, The biggest mistake this team makes is the "what is that" and/or "did you hear that" the minute something happens. When paranormal beings make their presence it is your perfect chance to start a repore with them. Getting upset is not the way to go. Don't get me wrong I love this show and am sad to see it go. They either need to get a psychic consultant on the team OR take one with them. How many times I've seen them miss the opportunity to find even more TRUTH at their DESTINATION if they just understood the paranormal psychology. One more thing - when they offer food to make a creature come out (as in the episode with the bottles of sour milk) they really need to open the food and pour some out into a plate, . When I did a show at the St James Hotel in NM we actually poured a shot of whiskey (and left the bottle). The next day almost 1/2 inch of the whiskey was gone in the shot glass with ectoplasm in it.moreless
  • WHY!!!!

    Been watching destination truth for a while now and began to ask myself why do they always do night investigations when most of the sightings have been seen during daylight hours. Do the destination truth team feel its more exiting at night or you can see more creatures or ghostly activity???????. One more point is the position of the cameras and the fact that everything the team see's or experiences they have 99% of the time is off camera (shocker). The camera position is always on there faces but they always see things in front off them, you would think this would give them a big clue to maybe to have a forward facing camera so we don't have to guess what there seeing.moreless
  • Same old stuff as always

    Although destination truth has some recurring cliches that every paranormal series has. I wouldn't say it's bad. There's always some unique adventure going on, and you really get to see a bit of the unique areas they visit. From the crews discoveries they apparently find evidence, but digging enough you're can find possible set up or fake scenes in almost every video So if you watch this show just watch it for what it is, and enjoy it.

  • I see it a few times Ghosts and other stuff

    My youngest aunt, sees it all the time.

    The ghosts loves to disturb her and her family.

    For me, the ghosts would keep a distance from me.

    All the screaming, Destination Truth are mostly screams.

    No footage of a proper sighting.

    I seen a few and I didn't scream or run.

    I would pray.
  • What a waste of time...

    The actual name should be "Attractive Gay Man Can't Find Sh*t". So many miles flown, to only spend 1 entire day and night doing exhaustive for nothing; EVERY time! For a team that seems to focus on things that are purported to be seen 24-7, they do much of their observation after Mama, these characters have hundreds of pounds of night-vision/surveillance/monitoring/lighting/videotaping equipment expressly for that purpose. By a strange "Coincidence" they are as afraid of the dark as a 5 year -old with ADD! The inconclusive hi-jinks ensue; lots of "Did you hear THAT? I thought I saw something! I'm getting freaked out!", etc. I suspect that this is a ploy to get well paid for traveling to exotic locales and acting for a day and night, just to enjoy hanging around for a while! I have a "feeling" that they will never find any evidence of anything EVER!moreless

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