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this show is the best

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    you know why i love this show becouse it stardles me in a good fun way & its ecsiding to see what thay will finde, like tonights episode thay found a skeliton of some unkown creature in the caves were thoss big carving are in the deserds of chilie, did iny one see that that was awsome same reason why i love gohst hunters & lost tape, but the most that freak me out was the island of the dolls woooooo scary i like that one the most it was freaky but the part that freak me out the most was when the doll's eyes open by its self now that was creepy, i cant wait to see next weeks episode of destination truth its gunna be fun and freaky, so was last weeks episode and the alux one i think thats how you spell it, to bad thay never found the couples son who was taken away by the alux he' probubly alright, this show i give it 10/10 bone chilling thums up.
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