Destination Truth

Season 4 Episode 14

Ghosts Of Antarctica

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Apr 19, 2011 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

Josh and Team Truth take on one of their most challenging investigations ever when they sail to Antarctica to investigate stories of ghosts in the buildings left by former explorers of the continent who never made it back home alive.

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    Christopher Lore

    Christopher Lore

    Case Manager

    Recurring Role

    Erin Ryder

    Erin Ryder

    Field Investigator

    Recurring Role

    Allie Boettger

    Allie Boettger


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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • The team's investigation never takes them to the mainland of Antarctica, but rather to several of the islands just off the coast which are considered to be part of Antarctica (just as England is part of Europe).

      • Also Appearing:
        Monica Shillat - Historian
        Nicola Rickett - Base Leader, Port Lockroy Station

      • The investigation of Wordie Hut took place on January 12, 2011, according to the date embedded in their camera footage.

      • Allie and Chris are shown at the beginning of the episode at the DT office space, and join the team as they troop out carrying their gear, but do not join the expedition to Antarctica. Shawn also returns as Medic, because Rex was unable to go due to prior commitments.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Josh: (pointing at the colorful bras festooning the Faraday Bar) So what's with the bras, Andrei?
        Andrei: Old tradition. All girls who give us this present, this bar will be free for this girl forever.
        Josh: They drink for free, if they give the bra?
        Andrei: For free, absolutely. All drinks, all snacks.
        Ryder: Wait, snacks as well?
        Andrei: As well.
        Ryder: All right, only because there's free drinks and free snacks, fine. (she pulls a bra out of her shirt)
        Josh: Hold on a second. (he pulls a hot pink bra out of his shirt) There we go, there we go. (he hands it over to Andrei) You can have both of our bras. I drink for free too, though, right?
        Andrei: No, for the girls only.
        Josh: (outraged) What?! I want my bra back! I want my bra back!

      • Ryder: (wearing her arctic gear) I feel like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

      • Ryder: (doing a scene from "Titanic" of Kate and Leo, arms raised at the bow) I feel like I'm flying, Josh!
        Josh: I'm the king of the world! (looking into the camera) Well, what do you want, there's ice, we're on a boat... what, am I not going to make that joke?
        Ryder: If we sink now because of this hilarious joke...!
        Josh: God, it's cold.
        Ryder: Why don't we go inside, I'll paint you naked.
        Josh: All right, cool, let's go.

      • Gabe: (finding some whale bones) Holy jeez! Biggest DT bone find, ever. Oh my gosh, we're going to need an evidence kit the size of the boat!

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