Destination Truth

Season 1 Episode 6

Lobizon and Pombero

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 18, 2007 on Syfy
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The Lobizon, a werewolf, and an an imp-like creature, the El Pombero, are investigated in Argentina.

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  • End of a very short first season.

    During the first two episodes of this new documentary series, it seemed like Josh Gates was trying to be like the Jeff Corwin of crypto-zoology. And, failing! Well, at least, in regard to being witty. But, he has slowly improved over the weeks that followed. Culminating, tonight, in a more serious (if not, more professional) demeanor. Tonight, he investigated two more cryptids I've never heard of. The pombero and the lobizon; both of Argentina. Sketch artist renderings, of eyewitness descriptions, make the pombero out to be some kind of hairy, dwarf-like creature. Superficially similar to drawings of the South African tokoloshe, in last week's episode. Unfortunately, Gates' stakeout of one alleged pombero's stomping grounds was just as unproductive as last week's hunt for a tokoloshe. Not so the stakeout for an alleged lobizon. The name of this creature seems to be derived from "lobis-homem" (the Portuguese word for "werewolf"). And, according to tonight's show, the unbaptized youngest of seven brothers will become a lobizon under the full moon. Well, Gates and his team found just such a seventh son, and got permission from his parents to have him sit in a wooden folding chair, outdoors, under a full moon, surrounded by night vision cameras. Now, the boy didn't pull a Lon Chaney right in front of the cameras. But, something tall and dog-like crossed in front of two of those cameras! A post-facto analysis by a consultant, at the Los Angeles Zoo, tentatively identified it as a maned wolf. The latter is actually a very long-legged species of red fox native to South America. I agree with this explanation. Yet, there's one thing that was not explained; by Gates or anyone else. Mostly, because they didn't seem to notice it. The eyes of that young seventh son reflected some of the team's headlamps...just like a cat (or some other nocturnal predator)! To my knowledge, the human optic nerve isn't naturally capable of "eyeshine." So, can anyone else reading this solve that mystery for me? Until then, I will conclude by saying this. Josh Gates has improved enough that I am now in favor of SCIFI Channel of renewing him for a second season. Well done, sir! And, keep up the now-good work.moreless
Naomi Grossman (I)

Naomi Grossman (I)


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Marc Carter


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Eric Wing

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Also Appearing:
      Investigation 1: El Lobizon - San Ignacio, Argentina
      Ramon Farias - Author & Lobizon Expert
      Fernando Peralta - Zoologist
      Ramon Gimenez - Police Officer & Eyewitness
      Father Andres Smoli - Priest from the Church of San Martin

      Investigation 2: El Pombero - Jardin America, Argentina
      Cirilo Duarte - Teacher
      Dr Teri Kun - Forensics Specialist, UC Davis

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Josh: Local witnesses have descibed the Pombero as short, hairy and grotesquely ugly creature that will pay you a late night visit if you leave rum, cigarettes and honey on your doorstep- it's sort of like trick-or-treating in Las Vegas.

    • Neil: Hey Josh, we found our seventh son. He must have run into his house.
      Josh: Did he wolf out on you?
      Neil: No, but he does seem a little cranky.

    • Josh: (as they search for a Lobizon at the home of a seventh son) Chair's out here. I want this kid isolated in case he turns into a freakish werewolf.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode is listed under the title "El Lobiozon and El Pombero" at Syfy's official Destination Truth website.

    • Zoologist Mike Dee theorized that the creature caught on film near San Ignacio, Argentina might be a maned wolf. He knew that this species was found in Brazil, but wasn't sure off the top of his head if their range extended into Argentina, as well. They are indeed found in Northern Argentina, so this animal could very well have been a maned wolf.


    • Josh: You know, it's like he took this Lobizon through a Double Dare course!
      The '80s Nickelodeon show Double Dare was a gameshow in which the winner of the challenge is sent through an obstacle course, with prizes for every obstacle overcome and a grand prize for defeating them all.

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