Destination Truth

Season 1 Episode 5

Mamlambo and Tokeloshe

Aired Wednesday 10:00 PM Jul 11, 2007 on Syfy
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Episode Summary

The half-horse, half-fish Mamlambo is investigated in South Africa; the Tokeloshe in Lesotho is investigated.

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  • I think Josh Gates is starting to hit his stride.

    By that, I mean it seems like he's trying harder to be a straight forward investigator, instead of trying to out-quip Jeff Corwin. The first half was particularly riveting, what with the fierce thunderstorm that stymied the team's first night of trying to spot Mamlambo. As for the Tokoloshe? It sounds like an African version of the chupacabra. Except for the sour milk drinking. That sounds more like one of the Tenctonese from "Alien Nation!" Even so, it was undeniably eerie seeing that round transparent image appear around the top of that videorecorded milk bottle. It looked, to me, like an arm was appearing out of one side! Hopefully, if he gets renewed for a second season, Mr. Gates can return to South Africa for further research.moreless
Gregg Stutchman

Gregg Stutchman

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Marc Carter

Marc Carter


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Lindsay Gillette

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Eric Wing

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Nitpick: Josh scares Eric out of going into the river looking for the Mamlambo by telling him that it's full of parasites that can swim up a person's uretha and lodge itself within using the barbs on its head. There is a fish called the Candiru in the Amazon River that does exactly that, but while there are plenty of horrible parasites living in the African bush and waters, the Candiru is not one of them.

    • Also Appearing:
      Dr Mark Midgley, PhD - Zoologist
      Div de Villiers - Game Ranger
      Churchill S. Jojo - Chief of Lubaleko
      Teri Kun - DNA Specialist, UC Davis
      Dr Tim Hovey, PhD - Fisheries Biologist

    • Nitpick: The episode title graphics and the listing of this episode at the official Destination Truth website spells the name of the small, furry humanoid Josh hunts in Lesotho as the "Tokeloshe". But the episode's graphics when Josh is speaking to various eyewitnesses, and a South African newspaper headline shown concerning this creature spells its name as "Tokoloshe". There may not be a set spelling for the creature's name, but it seems odd that they didn't settle on a single spelling for the purposes of this episode.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Josh: The sangoma explained that not only are there many people in this region scared of the Tokeloshe and actively avoid encounters with it, they also refuse to discuss its very existence, fearing retributiuon. It's kind of like talking about the Yankees in Boston.

    • Josh: You know, I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been a really good sea monster movie.
      Neil: Goonies.
      Josh: Goonies is not about a sea monster.

    • Josh: (preparing a stakeout for the mamlambo) If an enormous river monster comes out of this water, what's our plan of attack?
      Marc: We all keep shooting.
      Josh: That's what I like to hear!

    • Neil: (as he dresses for bed) My pants that are supposedly bug proof. Bugs can't bite through these pants, somehow.
      Josh: The other amazing thing about them is that they are, they're also girl proof. (Neil laughs) It keeps bugs and women out.

    • Josh: (while searching for a Tokeloshe eyewitness) Apparently, the reason she was so scared was the only person she knew who had physical contact with a Tokeloshe was a local named Crocodile who dabbles in the Black Arts and doesn't like foreigners. Just what I need, a guy who can actually shrink my head for making a shrunken head joke.

    • Josh: (after a nearby lightning strike drives off of an investigation) If thunderstorms are a sign of angering the Mamlambo, then I for one will never make a 'yo Mamlambo!' joke again.

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