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  • why why

    wy if the camera person said i see somenthing?,some time camera caught something, they human eye cant' see camera the same position ,the camera lens to the front .if the person said i see somthing the camera caught the image i the same time. we not need to se the camera person face othertime.
  • What's the matter don't they like Canada ?

    While I really like this show I think it could be better, these guys should spend more time at the destination and get really serious about checking out the areas for any trace of what they're looking for, they seem to rush all the time. one place I'd like them to check out is the Nahanni Valley in Canada's northwest territories and find the valley of headless men, could make for an interesting show.
  • Get more "Truth" at your "Destination"

    I've been psychic all of my 61 years, The biggest mistake this team makes is the "what is that" and/or "did you hear that" the minute something happens. When paranormal beings make their presence it is your perfect chance to start a repore with them. Getting upset is not the way to go. Don't get me wrong I love this show and am sad to see it go. They either need to get a psychic consultant on the team OR take one with them. How many times I've seen them miss the opportunity to find even more TRUTH at their DESTINATION if they just understood the paranormal psychology. One more thing - when they offer food to make a creature come out (as in the episode with the bottles of sour milk) they really need to open the food and pour some out into a plate, . When I did a show at the St James Hotel in NM we actually poured a shot of whiskey (and left the bottle). The next day almost 1/2 inch of the whiskey was gone in the shot glass with ectoplasm in it.
  • WHY!!!!

    Been watching destination truth for a while now and began to ask myself why do they always do night investigations when most of the sightings have been seen during daylight hours. Do the destination truth team feel its more exiting at night or you can see more creatures or ghostly activity???????. One more point is the position of the cameras and the fact that everything the team see's or experiences they have 99% of the time is off camera (shocker). The camera position is always on there faces but they always see things in front off them, you would think this would give them a big clue to maybe to have a forward facing camera so we don't have to guess what there seeing.
  • Same old stuff as always

    Although destination truth has some recurring cliches that every paranormal series has. I wouldn't say it's bad. There's always some unique adventure going on, and you really get to see a bit of the unique areas they visit. From the crews discoveries they apparently find evidence, but digging enough you're can find possible set up or fake scenes in almost every video So if you watch this show just watch it for what it is, and enjoy it.

  • I see it a few times Ghosts and other stuff

    My youngest aunt, sees it all the time.

    The ghosts loves to disturb her and her family.

    For me, the ghosts would keep a distance from me.

    All the screaming, Destination Truth are mostly screams.

    No footage of a proper sighting.

    I seen a few and I didn't scream or run.

    I would pray.
  • What a waste of time...

    The actual name should be "Attractive Gay Man Can't Find Sh*t". So many miles flown, to only spend 1 entire day and night doing exhaustive for nothing; EVERY time! For a team that seems to focus on things that are purported to be seen 24-7, they do much of their observation after Mama, these characters have hundreds of pounds of night-vision/surveillance/monitoring/lighting/videotaping equipment expressly for that purpose. By a strange "Coincidence" they are as afraid of the dark as a 5 year -old with ADD! The inconclusive hi-jinks ensue; lots of "Did you hear THAT? I thought I saw something! I'm getting freaked out!", etc. I suspect that this is a ploy to get well paid for traveling to exotic locales and acting for a day and night, just to enjoy hanging around for a while! I have a "feeling" that they will never find any evidence of anything EVER!
  • Heat Signatures

    Aren't dead people cold? Don't you feel cold spots when you think a ghost is near? Then why are you looking for HEAT signatures to identify ghosts? Shouldn't you be looking for COLD signatures?

    Respectfully yours,

  • Awesome Sauce

    I love this Josh Gates so funny!!!... it sad that they won't be doing another season cause it wasn't just about ghosts it was about everything... they had some balls i would never go to that scary ass doll Inland ever!! freaked me right out!!
  • Destination NOTHING.

    I love the show , but the only thing that really bothers me is that they go all the way around the world and do a short investigation. If they do a week long investigation, they might actually fricken find something or more evidence damit. I think they waist so much time and money of Nat Geo's money, that they should at least take time and spend a little bit more TIME on the investigation. Am I the only one who feels this way? Oh ya, and by the way, Ryder is friggen HOT>

  • Fantastic show

    I think this show is amazing. Josh Gates is, let's face it, a LEGEND! He's funny, he lightens the tone when it gets just a little too silly with everyone freaking out and he has no problem self-denigrating when the show calls for it. As for the rest of the cast, most are 1-season spectaculars, but there are a few that stick with you. The forefront of, in my mind, is Evan, camera man in Season 3. Season 3 episode 1 and season 5 episode 2, (Both from Hoia-Baciu, Haunted Forest) are my favourite episodes. I highly recommend watching those one after the other and have just 2 words....Poor Evan.

    Another one was where they were looking for "alien mummies". I really don't expect them to find those any time soon but the parabolic dish started emitting sounds, and it wasn't even hooked up.....a parabolic dish....a microphone that has no way of emitting audio made weird alien sounds. Pretty funny to see their reactions
  • disapont ment to the tv people

    I LOVE THE SHOW!!!!! It will be hard to find a replacement if the show stays off the if u agree. I think they should give them at least 1 more season.. (but what i heard was is that they got too close to the truth thats why they were tooken off the air
  • If I was given the choice of watching paint dry, or watching this show. I think I'd rather watch the paint dry. I find it VERY irritating to hear Josh making fun of other people with his lame jokes.

    Remember the "dinosaur" search? They go and set up cameras aimed on a chicken as bait. Then they hear something, and might actually catch something on film. Then comedian wanna be Josh goes in and makes a bunch of noise, and the thing that was there takes off. WHY set up cameras to capture something then RUIN the chance to capture it on film? They do this EVERY TIME! Was anything really there? Or was it just someone off camera shaking a bunch of trees? This show really BITES! Please take it off the air..
  • Sea Monster Episode [turkey]

    Fake Actors..they never find anything...OVERHYPED Serial....First time i watched it, thought it would be nice..but it was dissappointing ...will never watch again...Sea Monster [Turkey] episode was real funny..they go hunting in the night !!! they know that in night you wont get clear image or photo of a monster so try shooting...just moving cameras left right or shouting doesnt mean you got someting or you doing a fine job....please Dont Fool us.
    Try and do better job Wasted time of Turkey Goverment & money...Only thing i liked about the episode was the scenic valley & old structures in the city..
  • Josh Gates and his team try to find the truth behind legends from all over the world by investingating local lure and on site sampling. This show is ghost hunters and Man Vs. Wild all in one.

    The show's host is great and I love his corny jokes. His team trusts his instinct and intellect. The places they investigate are better then any other paranormal type show I've seen. The destinations alone are enough for me to keep watching. Some of the locations to name a few are Mt. Fuji, Pompeii, the Bermuda Triangle, and the Great Wall of China. They seem to catch more paranormal activity then shows who are just dedicated to the paranormal. Keep up the good work guys, and I can't wait to see what crazy broken down vehicles you will be getting yourselves into next season.
  • I despised the first season, but now it's one of my favorites.

    The first season of this series really rubbed me the wrong way. The tone was that of a pretentious scientific expedition with the only saving grace being Josh Gates' witty, sarcastic asides. In a rare example of "fixing" a show and actually making it better, someone in charge realized this seriousness wasn't working and turned "Destination Truth" into one of the most fun hours on TV.
    Whether or not they find the creatures they're searching for isn't important. It's all about the adventure of traveling to exotic locations, the dangers they encounter in getting there, and the thrill of exploring in the dark. "Destination Truth" is the camping trip every 12-year-old kid (or overgrown kid like me) would kill to go on: creepy old buildings possibly haunted by ghosts to get lost in, rivers to navigate and go diving in, wild animals lurking behind every jungle bush, and monsters to hunt.
    I can't say enough good about Josh Gates. Once they gave him free reign, he's shown himself to be genuinely funny and a goof who doesn't take himself seriously. His narration is dry, a little sarcastic, and makes the show.
    In short, the show's an exciting bit of exotic travel I look forward to taking every week.
  • The host is able to masterfully inject comedy into all the adventure, horror, & suspense. & while I can't say that there's "tension"/romance brewing between Josh & the token female researcher (Ryder/Jael), the latter is ALWAYS hot. That's a constant.

    Personally, I find that Josh can be downright hilarious (or annoying/obnoxious..up to you), as well as random scenes from the show, like when they found a "Margaritaville" in the middle of the forest, when they turned Mike Turkish, when Jael thought she recognized their tourguide with the Egyptian-British accent from the cover of Egyptian romance novels, that Lobizon man that looked like my dad...... Apart from the hot researchers, it's also always a delight to see the team's American-ness in very un-American, backwater settings & of course, Josh's (futile) attempts to "train" for capturing when he had that bow & arrow. He-larious. It's all simply very entertaining. Obviously, the team has realized that apart from the Yeti footprint & hair sample that looked like it was conveniently placed by the Yeti him/her/itself on that tree branch, evidence-wise, the team's only gotten lucky with GHOST footage/audio. I still feel weird when they try to converse with the ghosts in English. I mean is there like a spirit world medium translator thing...

    They're playing the hands they're dealt, but of course we realize there's already a show called GHOST HUNTERS on the same channel, so they've had to resort to the whole "OMG what is THAT??" type gimmick to make viewers think we're about to see something important/exciting/life-threatening. But whatever...we're buying it. At the end of the day, maybe I'm glad they don't actually find anything. Maybe I want my cryptids to remain as magical & mystical as possible. After all, I was like 4 when I was told there's no Santa (if you didn't know, SORRY). I believe that was after I asked 'Santa' for 1 of everything from Toys 'R' Us........


    While the crew hasn't met their Blairwitch Project ending (not that I'm *hoping* for that.....), I will continue to look forward to down.....err..watching new episodes of Destination Truth. Annnnd this is the part where I notice my boss glaring at me.
  • I really like your show but, why take so many chances?

    I really like your show but, why take so many chances? Why not get a dog to go with the team every now and then? At least the dog can sense things. What do you think?

    Just don't pick a whimpy dog. You should pick a good protection dog. Trained in obedience and protection. Even our friends in Ghost Hunters should consider something like this.

    There is a web-site, here you can do allot of research on breeders as well ss the different breeds. I venture to say even a trained Chihuahua would be better than nothing. Maybe even get with these breeders and or trainers and see if they would be interested in loaning a trained dog. This would be a win, win deal.
  • This show is AWESOME!!

    I love this show! I think it's great. My boyfriend and i watch it everyweek night. We hope to see Josh n crew come to kelowna b.c and investigate the Ogopogo that lives in Lake Okanagan. There is many storys to be heard! If you google him you can find lots of information. ---> Canada's most famous water monster is Ogopogo of Lake Okanagan in the south central interior of British Columbia. Although Indian legends support a monster living in Okanagan Lake long before white men arrived in this country, Ogopogo is very much a present day phenomenon. Each year, sightings are reported of a creature some 20 to 50 feet long, with a horse shaped head and an undulating serpent like body! Okanagan Lake is about 80 miles long extending from Vernon at the north end to Penticton in the south with the fast growing city of Kelowna in the center. Sightings have been reported throughout the length of the lake but the monster appears to favour an area just south of Kelowna in waters near Peachland. The first recorded sighting by a caucasion was by Mrs. John Allison in 1872.....
  • More Fun Than A Barrel of Chullachaqui. . .

    I wasn't too sure about this show when it first premiered, but it has become a must-see every week for me. I even DVR it if I can't watch it.

    It's fun to watch because Josh Gates has the same sarcastic humor that I have and I find myself laughing even when there is scary/freaky stuff going down on the show.

    The team do kinda get wussy-ish from time to time, but then I have to wonder, exactly how would I act if I was in the middle of the jungle/water/etc and something I couldn't see was seemingly stalking me?

    I can give them the slack when I think about how my wimpy self would act in the same situation.
  • I love the show.I like all the different places you go.I love the jokes.

    I love the show. You keep it very interesting. I like the places you go.Some of the places you go would scare me.So I think it is alright to show your scared.Keep up the good work:)I like how you have been investigating the ghost and ufos also.That makes the show even more interesting.If possible ,If you can follow up on some of the places you went to give us a recent update on them, that would be great.I like how you interact with the people .I do like all the jokes and how goofy you are.Love you all.Thank you for your show.
  • I'm not expecting to see Bigfoot anytime soon on this show.

    Josh Gates is funny and well, lets face it, easy on the eyes. This is why I watch for the most part. The locations are beautiful and seeing how other cultures exist is interesting and sometimes scary when you see "guides" with guns slung over their shoulders. I hope the team knows a few Rambo-style moves just in case. We may not see
    creatures from the black lagoon, giant snakes, dinosaurs, man-eating woodchucks or Jimmy Hoffa but we have seen animals that are not native to the United States. I've never been out of the states so getting a glimpse of what it's like in the Amazon is worth the time. "Assistant" Erin really does need to go, though. Her constant fear paired with the Blair Witch camera angles bring nothing to the show. She seems to be playing the part of hysterical female and that hasn't been attractive since Jessica Lang did it in King Kong. Frankly, I just kinda figured she was Josh's girlfriend who either wanted to be in the show or he wanted the convenience of having her close.
  • good show even though they usually dont find anything

    Destination Truth, hosted by Josh Gates, takes viewers across the globe in search of answers.

    Every week Josh visits a different locale where he interviews witnesses in an attempt to get to the truth regarding some of the world's most notorious supernatural mysteries even though he usually doesnt find anything i like to see the adventures he has when he looks for whatever he looks for and i like to hear the different stories the villagers tell him about whatever hes hunting. one thing i have noticed is that most of the time he usually finds something when he hunts for ghosts LOL and its ironic that hes a host on ghost hunters knowing they are the most successful show (currently) on sci fi
  • I'm a bit "half and half" on this show...

    I think Josh himself is great. His funny and very outgoing and adventurous, not afraid to take risks. His team however, I just can't stand! When I first started watching this show, it was entertaining for me, both comical and interesting in a sorta "mediocre ghosthunter" way. But as I was it more and more, its becomes so hard to not be distracted by his crew. They're such babies! They so useless, they scare so easily! They freak out and have even been known to cry when they become frightened, and its over something that their not even sure exists! Josh is the only one who has any guts on the show. I think Josh needs to find a better, less wimpy crew, if he wants to accomplish anything.
  • Annoying co-investigator ruins what could be a cool show.

    The show is of the type that I usually love, involving the investigation of some sort of paranormal or otherwise strange creature or place. In fact, I discovered DT due to my current addiction to Ghost Hunters. The idea is good and the host, Josh Gates is hilarious. However, I have discovered a flaw that is making it hard for me to watch: co-investigator Erin. Apparently, she is afraid of everything, and I mean everything. She jumps and screams at every sound or movement. She will refuse to go places in order to investigate because she 'has a creepy feeling'. (Hello. That is the point of the show!) She will even yell at Josh and the other investigators to 'Don't go in there' or 'Lets get out of here' at the first sign of anything out of the ordanary. They will even end an investigation before finding any evidence because she totally freaks out because of bugs or bats or something. Although I found her to be funny at first, she ends up reminding me of an annoying girlfriend on Halloween at a haunted house back in middle school or something. She totally ruins what could be a cool show.
  • I like it just because:D

    I like it. Don't know why. I just do. Josh Gates is cool, with his really strong American accent (Aussie talking) i just find it funny. When ever an episode is on i quiz mum on what she thinks they are looking for in which country, i reckon the ghosts in Thailand were entertaining. But last night we had the thrill of lake monsters and big something-a-rather in South Africa (we are a little behind the rest of the world). I even got my 18 year old bro to watch it too, he thinks it's a load of bs, it probably is, but it's entertaining. For one of the monsters in South Africa, they were getting all these bottles with sour milk, funny. With arms full!! And then he dropped them. Goodness knows what the shopkeeper thought!! Well anyway, a good show. It goes right down there with "Ghost Hunters".
  • not bad....

    this show is basically one of those sci-fi shows where people tell u a story of something that they witnessed and think its some type of old legend or watnot so the host goes there, listens to their stories, and "debunks them" if u will. sometimes they find something sometimes they dont. this isnt like those shows on travel channel on friday nights where people tell stories of seeing a ufo or sasquatch and they dont have any real evidence to bak it up. this show is one of those shows where people tell stories like that and they try to see if the stories are real are not by investigating the place and seeing if its real or not and why, etc.. so this show is ok and i cant wait to see the premiere for the next season!
  • Prepare to believe!

    Ghost's, crypids, oh my! If you do not believe in crypids (unclassified animals: Bigfoot, Chupicabra, ect.) Destination: Truth has shown the most proof of any documentar film or series. They have caught footage of some of the creatures that they have looked for. The show gets scary because of the filming of the creatures. Then the narrator/host/star adds humor to lighten up the fright that you have just experianced. This show has alot of potential, not just on the SciFi channel but other cable channels. maybe even network channels. Destination: Truth makes up for the SciFi Channel failiers such as Painkiller Jane, Jake 2.0, and The Dresden Files.
  • This show is great!

    I love this show. Not only is the guy trying to get to the bottom of a few supernatural, mysterious stories...he's funny in doing so. Very entertaining. I hope I don't have to miss any episodes and I hope the show goes on as long as there are mysteries in the world.
  • anyone like shrimp scampi?

    This show is another instant classic, why do people not like it, that is above the knowledge I can comprehend, in other words, this show is SwEeT! I've seen better but I'm still giving it a ten. Cryptozoology is one of my many favorite subjects, especially anything that has to do with the metaphysical world. If anyone agrees with me I'll be happy about that. I don't think they will base a videogame off of it, the game would be incredibly boring, and abysmal, don't get me wrong but, I don't think a tsuchinoko would be all that interesting, and for those who want to know what a tsuchinoko is, it's a snake of japanese legend. In southern japan it is known as Bachi Hebi. It has a fat body, like an andaconda's, it's very short, and it looks kind of like it has a neck in old japanese pictures.
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