Destination Truth

Syfy (ended 2012)


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  • Fantastic show

    I think this show is amazing. Josh Gates is, let's face it, a LEGEND! He's funny, he lightens the tone when it gets just a little too silly with everyone freaking out and he has no problem self-denigrating when the show calls for it. As for the rest of the cast, most are 1-season spectaculars, but there are a few that stick with you. The forefront of, in my mind, is Evan, camera man in Season 3. Season 3 episode 1 and season 5 episode 2, (Both from Hoia-Baciu, Haunted Forest) are my favourite episodes. I highly recommend watching those one after the other and have just 2 words....Poor Evan.

    Another one was where they were looking for "alien mummies". I really don't expect them to find those any time soon but the parabolic dish started emitting sounds, and it wasn't even hooked up.....a parabolic dish....a microphone that has no way of emitting audio made weird alien sounds. Pretty funny to see their reactions