Destination Wild

Season 1 Episode 7

Fly-Fishing In Big Sky Country - Yellowstone, MT


Full Episode: Fly-Fishing In Big Sky Country - Yellowstone, MT


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Courtney tries her hand at the relaxing, yet invigorating, sport of fly-fishing. Local guide, Charlie Immemschuh, gets Courtney into some fish at a secret hole just outside the western town of Big Sky. We'll also visit the country's oldest and most famous national park, Yellowstone where Courtney views Grizzlies at play, wolves feeding and encounters a herd of Bison that get a little to close for comfort. After a visit to Old Faithful, we're off for some clay pigeon shooting practice. Fine food isn't hard to find in the small but hip town of Bozeman. The trip culminates at the Rainbow Ranch Lodge with some fine wine and a soak in infinity hot tub in the rain.moreless
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