Detective Beat

A&E (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • Fatal Fire / Armed Boyfriend
      Homicide Detectives Dee Perales and Bobby Taylor investigate a house fire with multiple suspicious deaths--the bodies of four little girls. The girls' mother and their 14-year-old brother are also found, but only need treatment for smoke inhalation. Could the mother have a motive for murder? And Detective Mark Richardson from the Family Crimes Bureau tries to help a 20-year-old woman who is terrified of her boyfriend.moreless
    • Airport Robbery
      Airport Robbery
      Episode 13
      A commercial crime specialist, Detective Guy Hiles of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, goes undercover to bust a crime ring that's stealing expensive watches from an LA airport warehouse, and Detectives Rod Kusch and Dan Cruz hunt the killer of a man who was stabbed to death during an argument over a Corona beer.moreless
    • War on Drugs
      War on Drugs
      Episode 12
      Sergeant Ron Spear leads an undercover operation against a methamphetamine dealer who's planning to move six pounds of meth. Detective Nondice Mason checks out a 25-year-old man who attempted to take a 15-year-old girl out of school by pretending to be her father. Detective Merrill Ladenheim searches for a man who threatens his wife with physical harm after she files for divorce. Homicide Detective Cheryl Lyons tries to track down a man who shot his brother-in-law and may have fled to Mexico.moreless
    • Search for a Rapist
      Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Detective Rudy Santana is frustrated by a kidnapping and rape suspect who won't confess; Detective Guy Hiles, an ex-rodeo bull rider, busts a gang that imports and sells counterfeit designer sunglasses; and Detectives Barry Wish and John View investigate a grisly scene--a man has shot his wife and three children, then turned the gun on himself.moreless
    • Murder in the Family
      Veteran Homicide Detective Bob Snapper and his partner probe the case of an elderly man stabbed to death by his wife. Vice Detective Melva Mitchell briefs female deputies posing as prostitutes in a "john" sting. And avid surfer Detective Ralph Miller of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Crime Impact Team looks for a suspect who's been shooting an AK-47 in his neighborhood.moreless
    • A Family's Worst Nightmare
      An autopsy reveals that an elderly woman was sexually molested and died of a broken neck while struggling with her attacker. L.A. County Sheriff Department Homicide Detective Cheryl Lyons and her partner focus on the victim's daughter's boyfriend. Detective Chris Hicks is assigned a case involving a 27-year-old female who's having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Detective John Kalita investigates the case of a woman who registered a complaint against her boyfriend for hitting her and her child.moreless
    • Vice Detail
      Vice Detail
      Episode 8
      Detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the nation's largest, take viewers along as they investigate crimes, and allow a look at their personal lives. In this episode, Vice Detective Tim Louis leads an undercover operation against a massage parlor suspected of being a house of prostitution; Bomb Squad Detective Silvia Faris must render harmless a pipe bomb; and Homicide Detectives Bobby Taylor and Dee Perales look for a suspect in a gang shooting.moreless
    • Jane Doe
      Jane Doe
      Episode 7
      Homicide Detective Craig Melvin probes the murder of a woman burned to death; East LA Gang Detectives Anthony Rivera and Dana Duncan investigate a burglary involving a young hood with a history of stalking and raping women; and gang cop Deputy Robert Grey leads a SWAT team and Gang Enforcement police officers on an early morning search at the home of targeted hardcore gang members and finds a working meth lab.moreless
    • Daddy's Money
      Daddy's Money
      Episode 6
      Lakewood Abatement Team Investigator Deputy Bruce Cantley discovers that a man has spent all of his father's life savings while his father recovers from a stroke at a nursing home, and East Los Angeles Gang Detectives Anthony Rivera and Dana Duncan hunt down a gang member who threw beer bottles at them. Then, West Hollywood Station Detective Marla LaBerge prepares for her part-time job as an actress while sorting out why a teenage girl ran away from home.moreless
    • Murder or Not?
      Murder or Not?
      Episode 5
      Detectives Martin Rodriguez and Gary Miller must determine whether a woman's death is accidental or the result of her husband's beatings; Deputy Steve Opferman and Dental Board Investigator Terry Lane put together a case against a dentist accused of doing 14 unnecessary fillings on a patient in one visit; and Detective Wilynn Clinkscales investigates a 36-year-old man suspected of raping his 13-year-old neighbor.moreless
    • The War Against Gangs
      Detectives Anthony Rivera and Rich Ramirez patrol the streets of East L.A. gathering information as part of OSS--Operation Safe Streets--the Sheriff's Department Gang Unit. Detective Nondice Mason works on an ongoing investigation of a $1,100 theft from a safe in a men's clothing store--three of the employees agree to take lie detector tests. And Homicide Detectives Craig Melvin and Ray Rodriguez investigate the murder of a man whose body was found in the middle of the street.moreless
    • Hollywood Vice
      Hollywood Vice
      Episode 3
      Sergeant Bob Harms, from the Special Problems Unit, conducts a sting operation to arrest transvestite prostitutes; Lieutenant Dan Reidder's 2-week surveillance of a suspected cocaine dealer leads to a bust; and, Detectives Cheryl Comstock and Rich Lopez follow leads to discover the identity and murderer of a young Jane Doe.
    • A Father's Death
      A Father's Death
      Episode 2
      Detectives Lynn Reeder and Scott Lusk investigate the strangling death of a businessman that leads to a bizarre conclusion, and Detective Todd Anderson goes after a violent gang member who terrorized another boy with a crowbar.
    • Murder Without Motive
      Detectives from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the nation's largest, take viewers along as they investigate crimes, and allow a look at their personal lives, showing how this stressful, frustrating, and often dangerous work affects them and their families. In this episode, Detective Jerry Beck and his partner Sergeant Rod Kusch investigate the murder of a 15-year-old girl, and Detective Brian Moriguchi investigates a drive-by shooting that involves a hate crime.moreless