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AIRED ON 6/15/2013

Season 22 : Episode 20

Show Summary

Shin'ichi Kudou is a high-school student who is famous for helping the police solve crimes. His almost girlfriend, Ran Mouri, is the captain of the karate club. Ran's father, Kogoro Mouri, is a detective and blames Shin'ichi for his lack of business. One night while Shin'ichi follows someone suspicious in the amusement park Tropical Land, he is given poison by a man in black which was supposed to kill him, but instead shrinks him to the of a six year old. Under the suggestion of Professor Agasa, he keeps his identity a secret from everyone until he can change back, going under the name Conan Edogawa based from mystery writers Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Ranpo Edogawa.

"There is only one truth!" ("Shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu!")

Opening Themes:
1) "Mune ga dokidoki" by The High-Lows (eps. 1-30) 2) "Feel Your Heart" by Velvet Garden (eps. 31-52) 3) "Nazo" by Miho Komatsu (eps. 53-96) 4) "Unmei no Roulette o mawash*ite by ZARD (eps. 97-123) 5) "Truth ~A Great Detective in Love~" by TWO-MIX (eps. 124-142) 6) "Girigiri Chop" by B'z (eps. 143-167) 7) "Mysterious Eyes" by Garnet Crow (eps. 168-204) 8) "Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense" by Rina Aiuchi (eps. 205-230) 9) "Destiny" by Miki Matsuhashi (eps. 231-258) 10) "Winter Bells" by Mai Kuraki (eps. 259-270) 11) "I Can't Stop My Love for You" by Rina Aiuchi (eps. 271-305) 12) "Kaze no lalala" by Mai Kuraki (eps. 306-332) 13) "Kimi to yakusoku shi*ta yasashii ano basho made" by Yuuka Saegusa in db (eps. 333-355) 14) "START" by Rina Aiuchi (eps. 356-393) 15) "Hoshi no kagayakiyo" by ZARD (eps. 394-414) 16) "Growing of my heart" by Mai Kuraki (eps. 415-424) 17) "Shoudou" by B'z (eps. 425-437) 18) "100 mono tobira" by Rina Aiuchi & Yuuka Saegusa in db (eps. 438-456) 19) "Kumo ni notte" by Yuuka Saegusa in db (eps. 457-474) 20) "Namida no yesterday" by Garnet Crow (eps. 475-486) 21) "Glorious Mind" by ZARD (eps. 487-490) 22) "Ai wa kurayami no naka de" by ZARD (eps. 491-504) 23) "Ichibyou goto ni Love for you" by Mai Kuraki (eps. 505-514) 24) "MYSTERIOUS" by Naifu (eps. 515-520) 25) "Revive" by Mai Kuraki (eps. 521-???)
Ending Themes:
1) "Step by Step" by Ziggy (eps. 1-26) 2) "Meikyuu no Lovers" by Heath (eps. 27-51) 3) "Hikari to kage no roman" by Keiko Utoko (eps. 52-70) 4) "Kimi ga inai natsu" by Deen (eps. 71-83) 5) "Negai goto hitotsu dake" by Miho Komatsu (eps. 84-108) 6) "Koori no ue ni tatsu youni" by Miho Komatsu (eps. 109-131) 7) "Still for Your Love" by Rumania Montevideo (eps. 132-152) 8) "Free Magic" by WAG (eps. 153-179) 9) "Secret of my Heart" by Mai Kuraki (eps. 180-204) 10) "Natsu no maboroshi" by Garnet Crow (eps. 205-218) 11) "Start in my Life" by Mai Kuraki (eps. 219-232) 12) "Always" by Mai Kuraki (eps. 233-247) 13) "Aoi aoi kono chikyuu ni" by Azumi Uehara (eps. 248-265) 14) "Yumemita ato de" by Garnet Crow (eps. 266-287) 15) "Mushoku" by Azumi Uehara (eps. 288-299) 16) "Overture" by Koshi Inaba (eps. 300-306) 17) Ashi*ta wo yumemite" by ZARD (eps. 307-328) 18) "Kimi to iu hikari" by Garnet Crow (eps. 329-349) 19) "Nemuru kimi no yokogao ni hohoemi wo" by Yuuka Saegusa in db (eps. 350-376) 20) "Wasurezaki" by Garnet Crow (eps. 377-397) 21) "June Bride ~Anata shika mienai~" by Yuuka Saegusa in db (eps. 398-406) 22) "Sekai tomete" by Shiori Takei (eps. 407-416) 23) "Thank You for Everything" by Sayuri Iwata (eps. 417-424) 24) "Kanashii hodo kihou ga suki" by ZARD (eps. 425-437) 25) "Mou kimi dake wo hanashi*tairi shinai" by Aya Kimiki (eps. 438-458) 26) "Shiroi yuki" by Mai Kuraki (eps. 459-470) 27) "I still believe ~Tameiki" by Yumi Shi*zukusa (eps. 471-486) 28) "Sekai wa mawaru to iu keredo" by Garnet Crow (eps. 487-490) 29) "Yukidoke no ano kawa no nagare no you ni" by Yuuka Saegusa in db (eps. 491-504) 30) "SUMMER MEMORIES" by Aya Kamiki (eps. 505-514) 31) "Go Your Own Way" by Yumi Shi*zukusa (eps. 515-520) 32) "Koigokoro kagayaki nagara" by Naifu (eps. 521-???)


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