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A lot of fillers? *possible spoilers*

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    I was just wandering if the anime has a lot of fillers compared to the manga. Mostly like Hai (is that her name?) the girl that was 18 working on the potion and took it and moved in with Agasa. Some episodes she doesn't even appear even when Conan is at Agasas. I'm only on episode 153, but I was wondering if she's just in there for fillers or if there are a lot of filler episodes in general. thanks ^^
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    You mean Haibara Ai, right? After her first appearance, she doesn't appear a lot in the Detective Boys episodes, but as you get farther in, she becomes integral to the plot and appears in most Detective Boy episodes [and plot episodes]. And yes, this show has tons of fillers, even if they are from the manga.

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