Detective Conan

Saturday 7:30 PM on Nippon Television Network Corporation Premiered Jan 08, 1996 In Season





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  • Decent plot, riveting mysteries but characters seem too polished.

    You're got to give it to Gosho that he's still dishing out new mysteries even after 13 years on the job. But unfortunately what turned out to be a unique and highly pleasurable to watch series seems to have suffered under the constant demand for new chapters and ideas. It almost feels as though Gosho's been so preoccupied with maintaining the mystery element of the series that he's failed to progress with the development of main characters. The clearest example here is protagonist, high school detective Shinichi's growing moral egotism which keeps him emotionally detached from the suspects he investigates. Instead each case becomes more of a statistic and the suspects themselves get hardly any true development at all. These dry 2D characters simply become tools in the final deduction which once completed would predictably end in the character's admission of guilt and Shinichi or one of the other main character's moral message that ties the whole case in a neat little package. I guess what personally bothers me is that Shinichi himself never learns anything from the cases he solves. Unlike the older episodes (the Moonlight Sonata case for example) he now seems to be at the point where there is no character flaw, and that makes the show hard to get into. It also may be hard to take in for those new to the show that it's teenage stars are able to easily outwit senior officers at their own case time after time. Absurd as it may seem this too soon becomes repetitive. For once this reviewer would like to see a team of trained forensic officers solve as case before Shinichi/Conan does. However the show is still watchable for it's clever mysteries and a plotline that now seems to be heading towards some sort of showdown with the Black Organization (the bad guys), but don't hold your breath yet. This has been happening for awhile too.
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