Detective Conan - Season 5

Saturday 7:30 PM on Nippon Television Network Corporation Premiered Jan 08, 1996 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Magic Lover's Murder Case (Resolution Chapter)
    Everything is put together in this chapter. And one guest isn't who they seems.
  • Magic Lover's Murder Case (Suspicion Chapter)
    After Ran finds Conan on the snowy ground, she brings him inside the mansion and attends to his needs. However, She does not know that she is in danger. When Conan finally wakes up he tells everyone about what he heard on the radio. When they hear about this they run up stairs to inform one of the members that he is in danger like the rest of them. When they open the door to his room they find that the room is empty and the balcony door is open. When they look outside they see the member ten meters away from the mansion lying on the snow, dead, and with no footprints on the snow. How could this be possible?moreless
  • Magic Lover's Murder Case (Case Chapter)
    Sonoko has met people on the Internet that are magic lovers. She is invited to a mansion up in the snowy mountains for a meeting of the Magic Lovers Club. Sonoko goes there with Ran, Conan, and Kogoro. When the girls are dropped off, Conan and Kogoro leave to go back home because Conan has the flu. On the way back, Conan and Kogoro hear on the radio that a murder has been committed at a person's house. The radio describes that the person was a part of the Magic Lovers Club and was on his way to the meeting with his fellow club members. Kogoro and Conan know then that there is going to be trouble back at the mansion. So Kogoro turns the car around and drives back to the mansion with Conan. When they arrive however, they see that the only entrance to the mansion, a bridge, is burning down. Knowing what could happen to Ran, Conan rushes across the bridge and yells for her. Ran hears him and runs outside only to find Conan fainted on the cold snowy ground, the bridge destroyed.moreless
  • The Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case (Part Two)
    The police has found one of the accomplices who took the bag of money the police put there. But then with the person's cell phone on, the other person hears what has happened and threatens to kill someone if the police doesn't let his accomplice go. The police releases him and the TV station was forced again to pay more money that was impossible to get before the soccer game ends. Conan realizes that this person has planned to kill someone in the first place and knows he has to find this person before one gets hurt! But with millions of people in the stadium, is it really possible to find this person before the game ends?moreless
  • The Stadium Indiscriminate Threatening Case (Part One)
    On New Years day there was a soccer game taking place in Tokyo and the Detective Boys including the new member, Ai Haibara got to watch the game. During the game the TV station was forced to aim the camera below where the Detective Boys were sitting and where the soccer ball was. Then the soccer ball jumped up and deflated. Conan jumps down and realizes that the ball was shot by a gun with a silencer on it. The caller who forced the station to aim the camera also forces them to pay huge amounts of money or else, someone dies!moreless
  • A University Professor and the Girl Who Came From the Black Organization
    A new student named Ai Haibara comes to Conan's class and at that same day, a boy's brother was kidnapped. The brother asking the Detective Boys for help, decide to help find his brother...only it leads to something with something quite interesting.
  • The Black Corps One Billion Yen Robbery Case
  • The Traveling Drama Murder Case (Part Two)
  • The Traveling Drama Murder Case (Part One)
    Ran, Sonoko, Conan and the Detective Boys go to a play rehersal to meet up with a old friends. Everything is going well until a tragedy happens. Conan must find out when and where the next crime is going to happen before another person gets hurt.
  • A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 2)
  • A Mysterious Sniper Murder Case (Part 1)
  • The Weather Girl Kidnapping Case
    When Ms. Aki from the TV station calls Mouri, the Detective Boys decide to investigate on his behalf. Ms. Aki greets them kindly, telling them she just wanted to ask Mouri to be on her show. She is called away for work right after they arrive, but takes down Conan's pager number, promising to call if she needs any cases solved. While watching the news taping, Conan starts getting weird messages on his pager. What are these numbers, and where did Ms Aki go?moreless
  • The Locked Bathroom Murder Case (Part 2)
    Continuation of episode 121 Conan's investigation of the bathroom reveals details which lead him to believe the case is not a suicide, but a murder. Can Conan deduce how the murderer sealed the room to make it look like a suicide?
  • The Locked Bathroom Murder Case (Part 1)
    A two episode story arc. Conan, Ran, and Mouri are on their way to a concert when they run into Ms. Zendai. She needs a ride to the concert and Mouri needs an extra ticket, so Mouri agrees to give her and her sister Mina a ride in exchange for their extra ticket. When they arriveat Mina's house, Mina is nowhere to be found. Ms. Zendai finds the bathroom door closed, apparently sealed shut from the inside. They break open the door to find Mina dead, apparently of suicide.moreless
  • A Honey Cocktail Murder Case
  • Masked Yaiba Murder Case
    Conan and the gang attend a Kamen Rider costume party. A man is shot, then the killer shoots himself. The man who is shot is wearing a bulletproof vest. Is there more to this case than what everyone saw with their own two eyes?
  • The Naniwa Serial Murder Case (One Hour)
    Hattori Heiji invites Kogoro, Ran, and of course Conan to Osaka. Heiji takes them around the city and soon bumps into Kazuha, Heiji's friend. Kazuha who meets Ran mistakes Ran for Heiji's girlfriend and also thinks Ran is Kudo, the name that Heiji has mentioned to her. Heiji laughs at Kazuha and says that the Kudo he was talking about was a boy, Kudo Shinichi, the famous high school detective who had shrunk into Edogawa Conan. Heiji who had promised not to tell anyone that Conan was really Shinichi kept his mouth shut even to Kazuha. Conan was freaked out when Kazuha said 'Kudo'. Later 2 people get murdered and its up to Conan and Heiji to solve the case!moreless
  • The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case (Part 2)
    In continuation from the last case, the search for the mystery writer continues. Conan and the others must decipher the code in his text in order to solve the mystery of his and his wife's disappearance two months ago. Will Conan be able to do help them do this without blowing his cover?moreless
  • The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case (Part 1)
    A young woman shows up at the detective agency asking Detective Mouri to find her father, a mystery writer, who vanished two months ago along with his wife. The only clue to his whereabouts is a piece found in his latest publication, but can Conan and the others solve the code?moreless
  • The Scuba Diving Murder Case (Part 2)
  • The Scuba Diving Murder Case (Part 1)
    Kogoro, Ran, and Conan go to the beach to relax but then Kogoro sees Eri again, thanks to Ran's meddling. When a young woman gets bitten by a sea snake it's up to Conan to determine whether this was a just a freak accident or murder.
  • The White Sandy Beach Murder Case
    (Summary to come later.)
  • The Case of the Seven Mysteries of Teitan Elementary School
  • Cooking Classroom Murder Case (Part 2)
    Continuation from the last episode. Conan figures out who the stabbed the instructor.
  • Cooking Classroom Murder Case (Part 1)
    Ran went to a cooking class instead of Sonoko, bringing Conan and her father with her. Then an unexpected thing happens: the teacher of the class has been attacked with something small on her heart. The hospital told them that she's already died, but who killed her?
  • Detective Club Pursuit Case
    The Detective Boys solve another case and appear on the newspaper! Then while walking home after Kogoro invites the kids to eat, a red car hits Ayumi and takes off. Conan takes out his solar-powered skateboard and the Detective Boys chase after this person. For a while the red car disappears and then reappears and drives to the police station to turn himself in, but thats not all. While the pursuit was going on, a person of a company gets murdered and it happens to be that the man driving that car knew the victim. Is he the murderer? If so, can Conan and the others prove it?!moreless
  • Mogura Star Man Murder Case (Part 2)
    Continuation of the previous episode. Conan talks to the witness and figures out where the body is.
  • Mogura Star Man Murder Case (Part 1)
    A man named Kouda Masao comes to see Kogoro about his missing sister.