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  • This show centers around a group of kids, their mean teacher, and said teacher's kiss-up. Doesn't it remind you of a certain Disney show?

    This show looked like it had good potential, but it failed. Disney's One Saturday Morning was beating Kids WB! in the ratings for Kids WB!'s Saturday morning block (and adding to that, Disney was adding a weekday afternoon block for OSM the same time as the weekday afternoon Kids WB!), so Kids WB! had to rip-off one of the most popular shows on the block, which happened to be one of my favorite cartoons, Recess. So basicly, this show was made to compete with Recess, and that was its entire purpose for airing.

    The characters aren't very interesting and their only personalities are to act like the main six from Recess in one way or another. While the main eight kids all each have personality traits of at least one or two of the kids in Recess, their teacher, Miss Kisskillya, is an obvious rip-off of Miss Finster from Recess.

    The show only lasted 13 episodes, and never got picked up for reruns. I'm assuming this was because the popularity was very low, or Disney sued. Again, it would be a lot better if it wasn't ripping off a pre-existing show.

    Watch the REAL Detention, Recess, instead of this show.
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