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  • I would rather be put in a detention room with a group of sadistic kids than watch this show again.

    At one point Disney's Saturday Morning Lineup was crushing Kids WB!. Realizing that they needed viewers, Kids WB! created a show they dubbed "original", but instead it became one of the most infamous ripoffs of all times, Detention. It centers around 8 kids who get into trouble and go to detention. There they cause mayhem while they have to be careful of their sinister teacher, Miss Kisskillya. So you may think this show is actually good and original, but upon watching it it's nothing more than a cheap clone of Disney's Recess. The characters are flat and uninspired ripoffs that are similar to Recess. Shareena is the leader and acts like TJ Detweiler. Orangejella and Lemonjella are the brains and are dead ringers of Gretchen Grundler. Duncan Bubble is similar to Vince LaSalle. Gug acts like Mikey Blumberg. Jim reminds me of Gus Griswald with how shy he acts. Shelly Kelly is the good girl who hates trouble. Emmitt is the weird one looking for aliens all the time. Miss Kisskillya is the evil teacher and is an obvious Miss Finster clone. To be fair Emmitt and Shelly are the only ones who don't remind me of any Recess characters. Now while a few of these characters have some personality they mostly are underdeveloped. The humor is full of unfunny gags and jokes that have no heart in them at all. The stories are boring and rather cliched and have been done to death with no new stuff added at all. The artwork is not bad, but I've seen better. The set designs are decent, but the character designs are unoriginal, and look weird. There's nothing really redeemable about Detention other than the fact that it got canned after 13 episodes, with no reruns, and no home release DVDs or videos, and I say good riddance. I would rather be put in a solitary confinement cell for a month than see this show again. Pass up this mess that Kids WB! spewed out, and see Recess instead you'll have more laughs and more fun with that show, than Detention.