Season 1 Episode 13

Rule The School

Aired Saturday 8:00 AM Mar 25, 2000 on The WB
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Rule The School
After twins Lemonjella and Orangejella are are thrown into detention, they try to take down Emmit and Jim who have become principal for the day.

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      • Miss Kisskillya: There are people who are breaking rules when I'm not around. And they have got to be stopped!
        Gug: Well what are you gonna do about it?
        Miss Kisskillya: The question is what are you going to do about it?

      • Miss Kisskillya: We both understand the importance of following rules, don't we?
        Gug: I guess so. I mean I never collect my two hundred dollars before I pass go.

      • Jim: (about Gug) Even the Joker wouldn't rat on his friends, and he is the meanest super villain ever.

      • Gug: Whatever it is, I didn't do it. I swear.
        Miss Kisskillya: No, no, no. You've got it all wrong private. I just want to have a word with you.
        Gug: How about the word "adios?"

      • Sharenna: (About Gug) Sergeant Sardine struck again.

      • Gug: I thought you guys were just trying to set me up.
        Jim: We were. We swiped your gym shoes so you would have to go to Phys. Ed. in your street shoes.

      • (Gug showed Sharenna the report he stole back)
        Sharenna: How did you get it back from under watch-dog Kisskillya's nose?
        Gug: Let's just say I swiped it while she was tied up.

      • (Orangejella and Lemonjella explained to Gug that Sharenna needed to get an invitation out of the teacher's lounge)
        Gug: Why should I care? I'm not invited to her stupid party anyway.
        Orangejella and Lemonjella: It was your invitation.

      • Jim: Am I invited?
        Sharenna: Of course Jim. How else are we able to play "pin tha tale on the dorkey?"

      • Sharenna: Whats Duncan doing?
        Jim: He is trying to master a new yo-yo trick called the web of treatury. No one in the world has ever been able to do it.
        Sharenna: What's so bad about it? (Duncan gets tangled up in his yo-yo) Forget I asked.

      • Sharenna: Look at all these sitations. I've been busted more times than the school windows that face the baseball field.

      • Orangejella:(to Gug) Thanks to you...
        Lemonjella: No one is going to get to go to the party now.
        Jim: Ouch. Even Wonder Woman's bracelets couldn't have deflected that one.

      • Gug: You guys are going on report too.
        Emmitt and Jim: For what?
        Gug: Making fun of the long arm of the law.
        Emmitt: You mean the short arm of the law?

      • Gug: I'm just standing up for what is right.
        Emmitt: Standing up? I thought you were standing down.

      • Emmitt: There is a great evil among us.
        Jim: Lex Luthor is here?! Where? Where?
        Emmitt: No. I'm talking about Gug.

      • Miss Kisskillya: I expect a complete report on my desk by Friday.
        Gug: And what if I don't?
        Miss Kisskillya: ETERNAL DETENTION!!!

      • Shelley: What are you doing?
        Sharenna: Planning a party for Saturday night.
        Shelley: Oh. I just adore parties. Can I come over and give you a new hair-doo?
        Sharenna: No way Shelley. Last time you did that, it looked more like a scare-doo.
        Shelley: Well how was I supposed to know you shouldn't use flammable hairspray with hot rollers?

      • (Miss Kisskillya just missed Gug when she lunged at him)
        Gug: HA! You missed me.
        Miss Kisskillya: So you think you can outsmart old Comeback Kisskillya, huh? (She gets up) Well I wasn't a linebacker for the United States Marines three years in a row for nothing. CHARGE!!!
        (She misses Gug and is thrown back by Duncan's Yo'Yo)
        Gug: TOUCHDOWN!
        Miss Kisskillya: (delirious) First did ten, do it again.

      • (Gug just left Miss. Kisskillya's office)
        Emmitt: Did you get totally busted?
        Gug: Worse. I got totally trusted.

      • (Miss Kisskillya said Gugg has to be the new hall monitor)
        Miss Kisskillya: I smell victory.
        Gugg: I smell it too, and it stinks.

      • (After Jim falls trying to jump the steps on his skateboard)
        Emmitt: Whoa, Jim, that was a totally narly jump. What do you call it?
        Jim: An accident.

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