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Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Pyramid Scheme
      Episode 13

      Lee discovers that the Student Council plans on opening the pyramid during a solar eclipse and tries to stop them. Meanwhile, Cam and Brandy believe that they are very close to catching the blackmailer, or so they think.

    • Corndog Day Afternoon

      Lee is given the weekend off and decides to use this time to ask Tina out on a date. She agrees, but her idea of a date is to go to the abandoned amusement park and learn more about Finnwich. Meanwhile, Brandy joins Cam on his quest to find the mysterious blackmailer and Biffy and Kimmie try to help Holger and Greta with their relationship.

    • Fight or Flight
      Fight or Flight
      Episode 11

      Cassandra places a threat on Lee's family unless he draws her up a map of all of the tunnels under the school. Now Lee tries his best to avoid going along with this evil plan without his family getting hurt. Meanwhile, Tina and Jenny soon learn more about the mysterious book they found with help from the school Liberian.

    • The Hydra
      Episode 10

      Lee, Jenny and Tina start to learn more about the pyramid under the school while Cam, Holger and Biffy head to a casino called The Hydra to try and find the person who stole Lee's key.

    • Bed Bugged
      Episode 9

      Someone is spreading nasty rumors all throughout the school and Lee and his friends try to figure out who it is. Meanwhile, Cam receives another note from the mysterious blackmailer and also discovers that he's not the only one getting them.

    • 11/7/13

      The Outcasts steal Lee's bag, which contains Lee's special key that they plan on using to get their hands on another Tazulwurm whisker, and Lee and his friends try to think of a way to get the bag back.

    • Fence-O-Palooza
      Episode 7

      Lee gets a message from Lynch, telling him to meet him at the carnival. While there, Lee soon discovers a shocking secret about "Radcircles." Meanwhile, Cam starts a protest to get the huge fence surrounding the school taken down.

    • All That Taz
      Episode 6

      Barrage offers a reward to anyone who can get their hands on the Tazulwurm and Lee tries to help his scaly friend from getting caught.

    • 10/3/13

      Lee overhears Barrage and Clarissa talking about a plan that has something to do with "fencing." Lee thinks it has something to do with the school's fencing team, so he goes undercover as a team member to figure out what the plan is.

    • 9/26/13

      Barrage is back, but he has no memory of what happened after he was captured. He also upgrades the detention room and tells Lee that if he can escape it, he'll have no more detention for the rest of the year. Meanwhile, Brad tries once again to become more popular than Lee by coming up with a plan that involves Brandy and Greta.

    • Misadventures in Babysitiing

      Lee starts spying on Kimmie's mom to try and figure out what she knows about where Barrage is, but finds it difficult when he has to take along a robot baby that he is suppose to take care of for a school assignment.

    • Clogspiracy
      Episode 2

      Lee and Cam head off to Barrage's house in hopes of finding any evidence of where he is, only to discover that the Hazmats are there, removing everything to make it look like Barrage never existed. Meanwhile, Biffy and Kimmie head to the factory where Biffy's parents work to try and find out why they invented the brainwashing phones, but the Hazmats are there as well.

    • 9/5/13

      Even though Lee has discovered who set him up for the prank, he still has to prove that he's innocent. Lee believes that Barrage is the only one who can help him, but he has gone missing, so now Lee and his friends try to find him.

  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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