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This ABC crime drama, Detroit 1-8-7, (exec-produced by Jason Richman and David Zabel) follows Detective Louis Fitch (Michael Imperioli, The Sopranos) and his fellow police officers as they struggle to keep Detroit crime-free. Originally intended to be shot as a documentary-style show, the format was revamped to remove the fictional film crew altogether.

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  • Michael Imperioli

    Michael Imperioli

    Detective Louis Fitch

    D.J. Cotrona

    D.J. Cotrona

    Detective John Stone

    Natalie Martinez

    Natalie Martinez

    Detective Ariana Sanchez

    James McDaniel

    James McDaniel

    Sergeant Jesse Longford

    Shaun Majumder

    Shaun Majumder

    Detective Vikram Mahajan

    Aisha Hinds

    Aisha Hinds

    Lieutenant Maureen Mason

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    • A Tragic Loss

      Ironically this week I watched two police dramas set in Detroit. One was a complete dud and the other was a gem. I am referring to Low Winter Sun and Detroit 1-8-7 respectively.

      The latter really blew me away especially after seeing Low Winter Sun. I was so surprised by 187. It has great characters, good scripts and kept your attention throughout each episode.

      Detroit 187 to me was a hybrid of NYPD Blue and Homicide: Life on the Streets. And the character Fitch in some ways reminded me of Horatio Caine from CSI:Miami.

      This was a great show which prematurely ended. A real travesty.

      The cast was great.

      The pilot was a bit jagged but after that smooth sailing. Adieu great show that died before its time.moreless
    • To bad it got canceled.

      Another great show that got canceled. Love everything about this show, cast, etc.
    • LUV this show

      My wife and I love this show. It is sheer class. the chararcters stories and humour are all just brilliant. Only half way through the series here in New Zealand. Sadly its on at 11.30 at night and no one knows or watches it.

      I do hope they don't can this series... What would Fitch do then???? =)
    • Happily Surprised and Sorry to see it go.

      I didn't give it a chance and I am sorry for that. I wish it wasn't canceled. But this is true to life networks keep the crap and cancel really good shows like this. Will be missed.
    • Do the viewer's opinions really matter?????

      We watched this on Netflix. When it unexpectedly ended we were shocked! We just knew this show would've continued on because it is such an amazing and well written show with an excellent cast that, to us, casts people of an average look, not the perfect Barbie and Ken look alikes you see in all these cop shows (i.e. Chase).

      Well, I guess they did us a favor with at least ending it with a satisfying ending and not something to keep you hanging on, like most of them do. Ugh.

      WE WILL MISS YOU GUYS AT DETROIT 187! We will especially miss the episodes. Shame on these networks for cancelling such amazing shows!!!!! But then, why am I NOT surprised.moreless

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