Detroit 1-8-7

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2010 on ABC

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  • Pharmacy Double/Bullet Train!

    This was a great start to a new show! I thought the cases that were investigated were quite interesting, and the most impressive aspect of this episode was the way they linked the two crimes togehter.

    I thought the episode was great! We got introduces to all of the characters, and I really loved the scene with the criminal "Pooch" running away with a slide handcuffed to his rwrist.

    The biggest criticism I have for this episode is the predictability of the killer. That much was pretty obvious. However, they did execute the latter stages of the episode quite well, and I wlove the early cliffhnger! Can't wait to see how this is resolved!

    All up, a great start to this show, and I am eager to see how this show will develop!
  • Excremental Camera work

    Jumped the Shark in under ten minutes.

    The production was typical trendy hand held shaky cam, jump cuts, swoops, zooms, attention deficit disorder editing, and irritating. Get a tripod. NAIL down the camera. STABILIZE the image. SLOW down the cuts.

    In short, another pilot episode ruined by jerky, hand held camera work. What more can I say?
    I can't blame the actors. Can't blame the writers. Can't blame anyone but whoever is making the creative decision to make crappy visual TV.

    Come on - buy a tripod - nail down the image. It may be trendy, but this jittery jumpy image is unwatchable, especially on an 8' wide HDTV screen. I watch TV for entertainment value - not nausea nor motion sickness.

    When I have to avert my eyes, or shut them, the show devolves into UGLY RADIO.

    This is the age of HDTV, digital image processing, and pristine detail. And what do we get? A never ending Brownian movement background, hand held shaky cam shots ad infinitum, and action sequences that one cannot grasp because the jump cuts and edits mar any continuity of vision.

    When I, a live human being, watch something in real life, I don't see a shaky image, I see a steady image even if I'm jarred. I possess a visual processing computer system that transcends any piece of photographic hardware existing by a huge margin. There is absolutely nothing endearing about shakycam, it's a fad that's being overused by individuals without a scrap of real creativity. It works in very small doses (very very small) where it can express chaos but when it's the entire visual presentation it's just visual noise.

    I, for one, am not a fan of noise.
    Noises off.
  • A Promising Start

    I enjoyed the Pilot. I think the show has a lot of promise and there some good looking storylines between the main characters that, if written well, could make for good television.

    The writers did a good job of introducing us to the main characters and giving a little bit of background on each one. I thought that was very well done and nicely woven into the two cases. The two cases did converge, but I like the fact that there are two separate cases. Most of the early season episodes of CSI:NY are like that and I like some those better than the 'one-case' shows.

    Is it just me, or did Det. Fitch and Lt. Mason look a whole lot like Det. Logan and Lt. van Buren? :)