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  • A Tragic Loss

    Ironically this week I watched two police dramas set in Detroit. One was a complete dud and the other was a gem. I am referring to Low Winter Sun and Detroit 1-8-7 respectively.

    The latter really blew me away especially after seeing Low Winter Sun. I was so surprised by 187. It has great characters, good scripts and kept your attention throughout each episode.

    Detroit 187 to me was a hybrid of NYPD Blue and Homicide: Life on the Streets. And the character Fitch in some ways reminded me of Horatio Caine from CSI:Miami.

    This was a great show which prematurely ended. A real travesty.

    The cast was great.

    The pilot was a bit jagged but after that smooth sailing. Adieu great show that died before its time.
  • To bad it got canceled.

    Another great show that got canceled. Love everything about this show, cast, etc.
  • LUV this show

    My wife and I love this show. It is sheer class. the chararcters stories and humour are all just brilliant. Only half way through the series here in New Zealand. Sadly its on at 11.30 at night and no one knows or watches it.

    I do hope they don't can this series... What would Fitch do then???? =)
  • Happily Surprised and Sorry to see it go.

    I didn't give it a chance and I am sorry for that. I wish it wasn't canceled. But this is true to life networks keep the crap and cancel really good shows like this. Will be missed.
  • Do the viewer's opinions really matter?????

    We watched this on Netflix. When it unexpectedly ended we were shocked! We just knew this show would've continued on because it is such an amazing and well written show with an excellent cast that, to us, casts people of an average look, not the perfect Barbie and Ken look alikes you see in all these cop shows (i.e. Chase).

    Well, I guess they did us a favor with at least ending it with a satisfying ending and not something to keep you hanging on, like most of them do. Ugh.

    WE WILL MISS YOU GUYS AT DETROIT 187! We will especially miss the episodes. Shame on these networks for cancelling such amazing shows!!!!! But then, why am I NOT surprised.
  • A real loss for fans who love good cop shows. This show and Southland were the two best cop dramas for 2011 and both were cut. After speaking to a few down under folks, they say they were cut in favor of fans who like reality t.v. These are the same yuppi


    A real loss for fans who love good cop shows. This show and Southland were the two best cop dramas for 2011 and both were cut. After speaking to a few down under folks, they say they were cut in favor of fans who like reality t.v. These are the same yuppies who started watching Survivor because they live every day in a bubble and think they can get educated by watching fake reality shows. The irony of it is that the reality shows are not real and the fiction dramas are about as close to reality as you can get. The rest of us simple minded clones watch t.v. for entertainment and realize that it doesn't get more real than downtown Detroit or L.A.. Please put Detroit 1-8-7 and Southland back on. Maybe enough people will see the truth and want to do something to stop it.

  • TV at it's best. Keep at it...

    Great show, hope it stays on for more seasons...

    It's becoming really frustrating to start watching a show, get cought up in it, and then seeing it gets canceled.

    The reason most people probably don't watch new shows is just because of this - they wait to see if a show has at least a 2nd season before starting to watch.

    If the producers or whoever pays the bill doesn;t have faith on a show, don't start it to begin with. I think the min should be at least 2 seasons, that would give (I think) a more accurate indication on how it's doing.

    I would have posted all this in another place rather than in the shows review, but didn't find any...
  • Well scripted, great casting, dynamic pace,best cop show for 2011.

    This show is(was) GREAT. If you jump in mid-season you wont get it.

    The location itself is one of the best characters and of course the exquisite storyline which allows for the development of each character. This is similar to Dexter which has a lot of sub stories developing while using the location as its grand canvas of interlocking sub plots and twists.

    I recommend watching this just to see the Fitch character develop from a obsessed detective to a charming father with all the internal conflicts involved.

    The other detectives are really well portrayed with everyone having their personal dramas run alongside the crimes they investigate.
  • It boggles my mind that this show isn't a hit. It is clearly one of the best TV dramas on the air. The cast is fantastic and it's extremely refreshing seeing a different cityscape rather than the usual LA/NYC/Chicago.

    Being a big fan of L&O, L&O:SVU and Criminal Minds, I'm very surprised that L&O:LA is getting a second chance because it was absolutely terrible. 187's show was character driven with some strong scripts whereas other crime shows, including good ones like Criminal Minds, don't even have characters this strong.
    The problem with network TV is the same as the music industry: it's only about the bottom line. There is no longer an investment in a show. Allowing it develop helps give it some longevity and builds a fan base. The ABC network needs to show some patience in developing this show and giving it a consistant, strong slot.
  • Detroit 1-8-7 is one of the best shows on the air. It shows what an actual city looks like versus the unreality of Hollywood. The characters are believable, and the actors are fantastic and human.

    This show is very refreshing and realistic. I hope the powers that be will give this show the chance that it needs to suceed. Television is fast becoming too overladen with reality shows. If people need reality, they can look in the mirror, or step outside with their eyes open. I, for one, am sick of false reality shows. Give us more entertainment and less false reality. Most of these so called reality shows are as phony as a three dollar bill. What a load of crap we are feeding our children these days. We are polluting their minds with all of this nonsense.
  • N.Y.P.D. Blue on sedatives.

    Not a bad show, but it's being billed as the new N.Y.P.D. Blue and I have a problem with that. The chemistry between the characters is good, but not up to the standards of N.Y.P.D. Blue, which I consider to be a yardstick by which I tend to judge police dramas. This show seems to lack the machine gun pace of the old N.Y.P.D. Blue series and the intensity of that old classic. Detroit 187 could still evolve into a classic, but the writers need to cut back on the Prozac before that's likely to happen. The season is still young...I'm still giving this one a chance.
  • One of the top new shows this season! I can't understand why more people aren't watching it!

    WARNING-SPOILER! This has got to be one my favourite new shows this season. As a die hard fan of NYPD Blue, I love the look and feel of this show. There hasn't been a show that's been anywhere near the calibre of NYPDB since it went off the air. But Detroit 1-8-7 fits that bill. The show gets better and better each week with great character development. And how fitting that James McDaniel is in this show! This show is gritty and hard hitting. Never a corny line. I love how it portrays Detroit. This episode was the best so far. But did they really kill off Stone?! Only the next episode will tell...
  • The best show on TV. Hands down.

    When I think of Detroit, I think of Motown, the head of the American automotive industry and the highest homicide rate in the US. I was surprised and in a way shocked that no one had ever set a cop show in Detroit considering that statistic. But then I found Detroit 1-8-7. After watching the pilot episode, I was hooked. I hit every note. Det. Fitch browbeating the witness, Sanchez getting into a car crash with the shocking ending of Washington getting shot, I fell in love. Although it has some rough edges, those only add to the freshman charm of this gritty new cop show. ABC would have to be the dumbest network on television to cancel this gem. I would highly advise you to watch this show. I can't believe anyone would rate this show low. It is so much better than anything on Tuesday nights. I makes Glee look like a pile of rat droppings in an alley in Detroit. It makes No Ordinary Family look like a portal into the Inferno. Although I like V I still think Detroi t 1-8-7 trumps it in almost every respect. The Good Wife isn't even worth mentioning when compared to Detroit 1-8-7. Parenthood is basically a bunch of people talking over each other. Detroit 1-8-7 deserves better ratings and a fast renewal. This show needs viewers. Please watch this show. It's the single greatest show of the 21st Century. However good you think your favorite show is, Detroit 1-8-7 is one million times better! It pains me so that this show is in threat of cancellation.
  • Detroit 187 is the perfect crime drama.Michael Imperioli makes this show!

    ABC, Do Not Cancel this Show! The best new crime drama in a long time. Detroit 187 is the perfect crime drama. Michael Imperioli makes this show! It's his best work since the Sopranos. Exciting, Riveting and plain enjoyable. ABC is crazy if they cancel. Try moving it to a different night. All of the detectives are very interesting. This show is getting better and better with each episode. Not sure if I would have killed Harry off so quick. It makes me wonder if they really are going to cancel. Detective Fitch is a complicated character that can become more interesting as the show progresses. It is one of my favorite shows.
  • Gets better each week

    I had doubts about this show but I have to say that each week I get a little more hooked on it. I'd much rather watch this show live and watch Parenthood on Hulu. The characters get stronger and more defined with each episode and they have souls. They aren't plastic eye candy, but quirky, moody and extraordinary in their ordinariness. This last episode on 10/12 played out and wrapped up nicely but then when you don't expect it, they throw you a sweet and touching moment that makes me say, "give me more." Unfortunately, the shows I really want to see more of usually get canceled. This one reminds me of "The Unusuals", a short-lived but truly excellent police drama. I hope it lasts. I really do.
  • I just can't wait for this show to come on every week.

    This is my favorite new show. I love the interaction between the characters, especially between the partners. It's realistic and exciting. My favorite moments are watching Fitch's subtle facial espressions and quirks (like resorting to calling people on the phone to let out his feelings!). I just know that every week his character is going to be more and more interesting. The music is amazing, too. I can't wait for Tuesday nights at 10! Then I rewatch the DVRed version the next day. I don't usually watch cop shows, but this one is different -- not too graphic, but still realistic.
  • Just when you though the Motor City was self-destructing under an enormous amount of bad press...1-8-7 comes to the rescue and reveals the real deal: grit..and humanity...

    It's a very good program made better by the excellent writing, directing and acting. Production design is top well. The cast seems to really enjoy themselves and the professionalism shines through their performances. The dual story-lines in each episode make the viewing experience well paced and dynamic. I give ABC and the creative staff behind this show kudos for taking on Detroit and showing the audience that this is a not the back "end" of Michigan but rather a hard-boiled city with real humanity and compassion. Throw in the criminal element that is present in every big city and watch the cast sort it all out...I was a huge fan of another ABC crime drama..NYPD Blue...and Detroit 1-8-7 comes close to that masterpiece (especially seasons 1-4)...Of course seeing James McDaniel again is just great.
  • It's messy and quirky, but it's got great potential. In a sea of old and new cop shows, this is one I'm actually going to keep on my list.

    I haven't really read anything about Detroit 1-8-7, because I don't get that much into planning out my TV viewing. I peruse the short introductions and make my decisions on whether to add another TV show based on my gut feeling about whether I'd like it or not. My gut hasn't failed me yet.

    Whether you will love this show or not is going to depend on what you're looking for in entertainment. Cop shows, for the most part, have become a horrible bore to me. They follow a standard procedure, have glossy treatment to the final package and may or may not have a cast that I enjoy. CSI bored the heck out of me the first time I tried to watch it. I basically felt like I was being manipulated by the network to enjoy their offering. Detroit 1-8-7 has a completely different feel to it however, and it is my deepest hope that it holds on to that formula and makes it to its sophomore season. It's one of the few shows that stand out from all the others.

    I decided to watch the show based on it's location. We all know Detroit has suffered the ilk of the power brokers of this world. In a city of manufacturers who allied themselves with big oil for corporate board crossing kick-backs, the auto industry shot itself in the foot by refusing to (nay - was bullied) move into the future with earth-friendly cars. The Japanese, having no problem taking over the market, walked in and destroyed the competition. As a result, Detroit has turned into a ghost town. Most people don't seem to care.

    I love Detroit for the amazing music of my childhood. It reminds me of Motown's beginnings. The Temps and the Tops and the Funk Brothers brought new sounds from the clubs and streets of Detroit into the studio to create a landscape which blurred a very stringent color line. Detroit has been a valuable player in the history of our country and even though I've always been an East Coast girl, I still feel its demise deeply.

    From this city, we have the story of Detroit 1-8-7. It's not some cop show painted with the broad, fluffy, pretty brush of the network. It's gritty, uneven, messy, quirky and here at the beginning a little unbalanced, but it has a different look at the problem of crime ("we might be the last assembly line in Detroit") - mostly because this once great city has been abandoned. I like shows with this type of edge - the truth about what has happened to our world and the difference in protecting its citizens due to different circumstances. The cast hasn't completely jelled right out of the chute, but I see a great opportunity for achievement with this unique group of actors and what they are bringing to their characters.

    My hope for this show, is that it speaks the truth about Detroit in the same way HBO brought Treme and the subject of the City of New Orleans, which was for the most part abandoned after the initial Katrina disaster, to the screen. I'd hope we'd not only see what Detroit is facing now, but some of the good things about the city that are taking place in an effort to bring it back to life (hey, people can get killed anywhere in a city - why not show some of the positive things as well). We may watch TV for it's drama, but in the end any show that brings attention to that which needs our love and support to make it great again deserves a slot on my somewhat limited TV watching schedule. I hope you'll join me in giving Detroit 1-8-7 a try.