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  • It's messy and quirky, but it's got great potential. In a sea of old and new cop shows, this is one I'm actually going to keep on my list.

    I haven't really read anything about Detroit 1-8-7, because I don't get that much into planning out my TV viewing. I peruse the short introductions and make my decisions on whether to add another TV show based on my gut feeling about whether I'd like it or not. My gut hasn't failed me yet.

    Whether you will love this show or not is going to depend on what you're looking for in entertainment. Cop shows, for the most part, have become a horrible bore to me. They follow a standard procedure, have glossy treatment to the final package and may or may not have a cast that I enjoy. CSI bored the heck out of me the first time I tried to watch it. I basically felt like I was being manipulated by the network to enjoy their offering. Detroit 1-8-7 has a completely different feel to it however, and it is my deepest hope that it holds on to that formula and makes it to its sophomore season. It's one of the few shows that stand out from all the others.

    I decided to watch the show based on it's location. We all know Detroit has suffered the ilk of the power brokers of this world. In a city of manufacturers who allied themselves with big oil for corporate board crossing kick-backs, the auto industry shot itself in the foot by refusing to (nay - was bullied) move into the future with earth-friendly cars. The Japanese, having no problem taking over the market, walked in and destroyed the competition. As a result, Detroit has turned into a ghost town. Most people don't seem to care.

    I love Detroit for the amazing music of my childhood. It reminds me of Motown's beginnings. The Temps and the Tops and the Funk Brothers brought new sounds from the clubs and streets of Detroit into the studio to create a landscape which blurred a very stringent color line. Detroit has been a valuable player in the history of our country and even though I've always been an East Coast girl, I still feel its demise deeply.

    From this city, we have the story of Detroit 1-8-7. It's not some cop show painted with the broad, fluffy, pretty brush of the network. It's gritty, uneven, messy, quirky and here at the beginning a little unbalanced, but it has a different look at the problem of crime ("we might be the last assembly line in Detroit") - mostly because this once great city has been abandoned. I like shows with this type of edge - the truth about what has happened to our world and the difference in protecting its citizens due to different circumstances. The cast hasn't completely jelled right out of the chute, but I see a great opportunity for achievement with this unique group of actors and what they are bringing to their characters.

    My hope for this show, is that it speaks the truth about Detroit in the same way HBO brought Treme and the subject of the City of New Orleans, which was for the most part abandoned after the initial Katrina disaster, to the screen. I'd hope we'd not only see what Detroit is facing now, but some of the good things about the city that are taking place in an effort to bring it back to life (hey, people can get killed anywhere in a city - why not show some of the positive things as well). We may watch TV for it's drama, but in the end any show that brings attention to that which needs our love and support to make it great again deserves a slot on my somewhat limited TV watching schedule. I hope you'll join me in giving Detroit 1-8-7 a try.