Devil Hunter Yohko

Season 1 Episode 4

Devil Hunter Yohko 4-Ever: Super Music Clip

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  • Devil Hunter Yohko Music Videos

    I absolutely love these music videos, I especially love "Full Moonlight", my favorate part is when the girl sang "on the 15th night". True poetry. It makes me want to dance around like that girl from "Flashback". Oh and the pics they used in the music vids, a-maz-ing. I also love the martial art fight scenes! Yohko can totally kick butt. Although I really didn't like Devil Hunter Yohko Music Vid; Sexy Girl and that second one based on that second Devil Hunter Yohko movie. Anyway, the other Devil Hunter Music videos were wonderful. I wonder if someone ever did a Xiaolin Showdown music vid with one of the songs from Devil Hunter Yohko. I totally love J-Pop music.