Devil Hunter Yohko

(ended 2007)


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  • Season 1
    • Devil Hunter Yohko 6: Double Trouble, Double Jeapordy
      Just when she thought it was finally all over, Yohko must now face a new, more difficult challenge then she has ever faced before. This new enemy is more powerful than her family's mortal enemy ever was! What's more, the new enemy claims to be the true Devil Hunter! Things continue to go bad, as Yohko now faces a betrayal!moreless
    • Devil Hunter Yohko 5: Hell on Earth
      Yohko must deafest her toughest challenge yet! She must conquer the enemy of her 107 ancestors before her!! Is she strong enough to beat this demon that controls time? Or, will Yohko need to seek help from the past...? Meanwhile, her grandmother is changed back into a young girl again! But, is her re-discovered youth enough to help Yohko in this deadly fight?moreless
    • Devil Hunter Yohko 4-Ever: Super Music Clip
      Clips from the past three episodes play, as well as some music videos. No new story progression is made.
    • Devil Hunter Yohko 3
      Yohko is pulled through a dimensional warp into another world after dreaming of a handsome man. It turns out that the man is real and is a prisoner within a sphere within a demon. Now, Yohko must try and set him free. Meanwhile, back in the bedroom, Azusa and the manager find a way to enter the world Yohko had been pulled to, managing to end up in the middle of a battle. Eventually, both end up back in the bedroom, leaving Yohko to deal with the demon alone!moreless
    • Devil Hunter Yohko 2
      Yohko is soon joined by a "Devil Hunter in Training" named Azusa Kanzaki, along with a “Devil Hunter Manager” (Yohko's best friend). But, the peaceful times are short lived, as greedy construction workers have been tearing down an ancient forest in order to put up a new building, and in the process release some protective demon spirits from the forest. Now, Devil Hunter Yohko has to stop these and see if her new "assistant" can manage on her own.moreless
    • Devil Hunter Yohko
      Yohko is a normal 16 year-old girl who is about to discover something shocking that will turn her life upside down. She is the 108th Devil Hunter (!) and must now battle demons and devils!! What's worse, the first demon she has to fight may be someone close to her...