Devil Hunter Yohko

(ended 2007)


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  • A sixteen year old girl named Yohko has become the new Devil Hunter. She has to fight demons and devils from destorying the world, while protecting her virginity.

    Devil Hunter Yohko is a classic. It has everything; action and adventure, romance, comedy, drama, teen angst, etc. Personally I thought Devil Hunter Yohko 1 and 5 were terrific. Of course I would give Devil Hunter Yohko 2,3, and 6 eight out of ten stars. There is no other movie like it. As an anime fan, I would recommend this to my close friends. I also absolutely love, love, love Yohko's red dress, it's like totally to die for! Although I think Yohko needs a better hair stylist. But she is still cool in my book. This (or these) movie(s) will leave you in awe.
  • Some of Hisakawa Aya's best work,the voicing of Mano Yohko (AKA Mamono Hunter Yohko) & the music in the series.

    6 VHS,6 episodes?One might ask if it's worth the while....That is till they hear Hisakawa Aya in action.This is some of her best work.The show is action-packed,and features some great tunes by Ms. Aya as well!So,if you have had any doubt in whether or not to see it,now is the time to give that up,and watch this masterpiece!
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