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Devil May Cry

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This anime is based on the 2001 Capcom video game for the Playstation 2. The main character, Dante owns an agency that is devoted to battling demons. The agency is called 'Devil May Cry'. There are many allusions in the game as well as the show to Dante Alighieri's 'Divine Comedy'.
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  • Good stuff

    Devil May Cry: A story that follows the adventures of one devil hunter, Dante. Son Of Sparda, terrible gambler, and in possession of debts up his arse; all elements of what makes the show so great. Most likely set sometime after the events of Devil May Cry (the first video game), Dante the devil huneter along with his associates and friends Morrison, Lady, Trish, and Patty take on the underworld in an effort to protect those that are good and innocent; of course, for a price. The gang has not had the best business in recent times; most especially Dante, shown through his aforementioned debts, due to the enemy merely being 'small fry'. But that all changes when a certain small fry decides to no longer be small fry anymore...moreless
  • One of the few animes that manages to adapt a computer game to the small screen and still keep all of the elements we loved about the games.

    For those of you who have played the games then the plot line is obvious, for those of you who haven't... why on earth not?! But anyway, the show is about Dante a 'man' (he is actually the son of a very powerful demon) who owns a small private detective agency called Devil May Care. This agency specialises in eliminating demons and other monsters that are attempting to destroy the world. All in all it is a great adaptation, it keeps the elements that worked well in the d=game - namely the excellent fight sequences and undeniable hardness of Dante. It also adds a few characters to keep Dante more human and make sure we don't start to hate him and his stand-offish attitude.

    A great show and definitely one for gamer's.moreless
  • I'm a massive DMC fan and this pretty much tells you what DMC is all about, in an anime fashion. Dante is the same, and this will explain a tiny bit about DMC4, how Lady and Trish met up. If you like a Action Anime, or simply like Dante, then try this!moreless

    Devil May Cry (or DMC shortened) is about a devil hunter named Dante, who seems to be constantly in debt by the likes of Lady and Morrison. On top of hunting demons he has to look after Patty, an orphan or lost her parents, and to make things worse, Dante's favourite treat Strawberry Sundae's are always eaten by her. What more can a guy ask for?

    This isn't as action packed as the games obviously, as the episodes would have to be an hour long, but the fight scenes are short and sweet. The situations are talked out more, like the queen of rock, Elena Hueston and how she became a devil. This can be a tad emotional, but it is very strong.

    Dante seems to be more caring, which again explains him for taking on Credo's request in DMC4. He seems to have kicked Trish out of Devil May Cry, but she later comes back and explains to Lady, after a violent confrontation all about it.

    Just for people that want to know, after DMC1, Trish renamed Devil May Cry to Devil Never Cry, but Trish left, Dante told her if she ever wanted to join his side, she could.

    If you like or love Bleach, Naruto or any other anime like that, then check this out! I know what your thinking, 12 episodes for an anime? Weak. Hopefully Capcom will consider making more series, but the episodes are really good, and no doubt you'll enjoy the music too!moreless
  • awesome

    Devil May Cry" is a twelve-episode anime series that is adapted from the popular Devil May Cry franchise for the Playstation 2. This series looks to test out the waters to see if it could be feasible to have an anime series based off of Devil May Cry. So far, it has worked for "Viewtiful Joe" and "Street Fighter." The series looks to take place after Devil May Cry and shortly before the events of Devil May Cry 2 as Lucia isn't present in the series. However, Trish from Devil May Cry and Lady from Devil May Cry 3 make appearances in the anime as they tend to be foils for Dante. Lady tends to make more appearances in the anime than Trish does. In a sense, the anime looks to have influences from "GetBackers" as Dante is doing jobs left and right to clear the huge amount of debt that he owes. So far, I was pretty impressed with the series as it tends to do Devil May Cry a lot of justice. Most of his jobs come from Lady who Dante owes a lot of money to. As a result of his huge debt, Dante is usually down on his luck. His main employment is being a "devil hunter" taking up jobs that deal with evil supernatural creatures called devils. In each case, he takes on either one or a whole bunch of these devils. Still, Dante doesn't make that much at the end due to damages and other hidden costs. But it doesn't help as Lady and Trish make purchases and put them on Dante's tab. Dante ends up finding himself in more debt. Dante displays horrible eating habits as they are limited to pizzas and strawberry sundaes. In one episode, Lady brings up Dante's eating habits while Trish scolds him for not laying off the pizza. There's hardly any mention of the games as it looks for the series to have its own storyline. Patty and Morrison are two new characters introduced. Patty is a girl that is under Dante's guardianship throughout the movies. She tends to be more mature and intelligent than Dante. Patty also is a better gambler than Dante in cards and other games. Morrison acts as Dante's agent and repairman. Dante tends to get jobs from both Morrison and Lady. There is one recurring villain who is a weakling that schemes to get rid of Dante. My one complaint with the series is that Dante looks a bit like a pansy as he didn't kill that demon immediately. Still, Devil May Cry still looks to be an interesting anime series. VERY Goodmoreless
  • A devil hunter named Dante goes around protecting a girl named Patty Lole who gets into various Adult (Violence and chaos)themes that she was not to see but does anyway. Along with Dante's Ex-Partners they make one hell of a team.moreless

    How can you hate this show? Honestly this has to be my favorite show of all right down from the first "Mission" Devil may cay, when Dante went to a bar and shot a demon with out even looking. Loved it. If you don't like Blood, Destruction, and Anime. Honestly if you don't love this show you have something wrong going on with your life or you don't know what great television is. Sadly they should make more episodes of this series since it's a masterpiece in the making. This show should get a nominee or something. I wouldn't understand how someone would hate this show since it's gotten over a 9/10 rating in all of the episodes.moreless
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