Devil May Cry

Season 1 Episode 4

Rolling Thunder

Aired Unknown Jul 05, 2007 on WOWOW

Episode Recap

A man is running in fear from a demon like dog. He screams for help as he is cornered, when Lady crashes through the gate to save him. After getting the man to run away, Lady drives while blasting the many other demons that have appeared. However, the last one is struck by lightning before she can finish it off. Looking up, she sees the figure of a woman looking down at her. The woman is Trish herself. Noticing the lightning Trish seems to generate, Lady sees that she resembles the demon a priest was warning her of. Excited from finally finding her, Lady makes her way to the roof. While Lady is making her way around, Trish appears from behind, and knocks her away. This isn't enough to stop Lady, as she throws a grenade in Trish's direction, and uses her gun to make it explode. Trish is not harmed from this blast, but she looks down to see that her clothes have been ruined. Lady gives chase while shooting at Trish's feet, but Trish drops from the roof and disappears.

Lady walks into the Devil May Cry, while Dante is looking through a woman's fashion magazine. She mentions the demon she just encountered, and wonders if he knows anything about her. Dante denies, but Lady mentions Trish's twin handguns that seemed to resemble his. Patty walks in as Lady is leaving, then asks if Dante has looked through the magazine properly. Dante had promised to buy her something if she won in cards, but he has spent his money through his usual habits already. While trying to convince Dante, Patty accidentally knocks over the picture of his mother on the desk. This reminds Dante of Trish, as he answers an incoming call. During one of her regular stops at a shop, the owner tells Lady of someone standing outside. Lady runs out with her obtained rocket launcher, but falls back when she realizes that a grenade has been thrown at them. Looking up, she sees that it was Trish giving payback for the last encounter. Lady goes to a clothing store to purchase some new clothes, but when she goes to try some on, Trish walks out of the dressing room. They prepare themselves as they pass each other, but refuse to fight in such a place. While Trish is about to purchase a large amount of clothing, Lady draws the employees attention to herself by asking them to bring her some clothes to try on.

Returning to the church, Lady explains to the priest that she does not believe that Trish is the harmful demon he thinks she is. The priest thinks she must be mistaken, and tells her that she must go after her. Lady agrees, as she sees that Trish has already arrived. Trish crashes in from above and starts going for the priest, but Lady tells him to get out of the way. The two then scuffle with each other, as they each dodge each others' attacks. Trish gains the upper hand first and prepares to shoot Lady, but when Lady opens her eyes after the shot, she sees that Trish has only shot off a portion of her hair. This makes her angry none the less, and uses the blade on her rocket launcher to go after Trish. Trish uses her lightning to cause an explosion inside of the church, as Dante arrives outside. The two fist fight for awhile, when Dante walks inside to break up the fight. As he clears up the misunderstanding, Trish finally introduces herself as Dante's partner. Trish and Lady argue over their positions and Dante's bad habits for awhile, finally relieving Lady. This brings their attention to the next thing, the fake priest. He finally walks back out after being called out, and transforms into his true form. This doesn't do him much good, because the three finish him on quite easily on the spot. Dante sees Trish off at the Devil May Cry later, mentioning that she can come back anytime. Trish tells him to take care of himself as well as she leaves, and finds that Lady is outside to give her a ride on her bike. Dante smiles as he watches them drive off, but someone addresses him before he can close the door. He finds that the woman has a bill for the damages caused, left to him by the two girls. Meanwhile, Patty walks back to the Devil May Cry with a bag full of new clothes, bought with Dante's money.