Devil May Cry

Season 1 Episode 4

Rolling Thunder

Aired Unknown Jul 05, 2007 on WOWOW

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  • Decent

    Well this episode was decent, but probably my least favorite so far. This episode was very action based, as I suspected, with two major fights between Lady and Trish. I thought the first one was pretty cool, but the second one with the girly type arguing was really silly. I don't see how they are trying to give them girlish charm, because to me, Lady and Trish have always been pretty unattractive. The fact that the animation was all over the place in this episode didn't help. I couldn't help but notice that everyone's eyes looked dead, and the scene where Dante came into the church was just horrible. You didn't think I would notice, did you Madhouse!? I was really excited to see the fake priest turn into one of the monsters from the game, because I could recognize it right off hand. Speaking of that, I found it funny that this episode tried to give off the same appeal as the game. It had Lady and Trish changing clothes half way through the episode, the same type of reward you would be trying to get in the game. The preview has one scene with Dante glowing red, so does that hint a devil trigger activation? I'm not going to keep my hopes up, but if my guess is right I am going to be very excited for the next episode.