Devious Maids

Sunday 10:00 PM on Lifetime Premiered Jun 23, 2013 Between Seasons



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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Pilot
      Episode 1

      The society event of the season is marred when the hosts Evelyn and Adrian Powell's maid, Flora, is murdered. Her friends lean on each other for support. Newlyweds Taylor and Michael Stappord hire Marisol as their new maid. But Marisol has a secret motive, someone she loves is caught up in Flora's murder, and going undercover as a maid is a way to find the truth.

    • 6/30/13

      Valentina continues her pursuit of Remi despite Zoila's objections; Marisol looks for anyway to continue her spying at the Powell home; Carmen's alternative motives are upsetting Sam; Rosie is stuck in the middle of Peri and Spence's fights.

    • 7/7/13

      Oliva exposes a juicy detail about Taylor's past. Adrian attempts to boost his friend's spirits.  Valentina and Genevieve do their best to get Remi to notice Valentina.  Rosie gets help from Spence. A music producer sets a meeting with Carmen.

    • Making Your Bed
      Episode 4

      Genevieve's brother makes things difficult for Zoila. Rosie makes a decision to help Spence. Carmen attends Alejandro's party as a guest.  Marisol proffers to help out at the Powell's fundraiser.

    • 7/21/13

      Someone from Carmen's past makes an appearance at Alejandro's. Valentina does her best to rein in her feelings. Details about Flora are revealed. Peri is sure Spence is having an affair. Important birthdays are observed for Evelyn and Adrian.

    • Walking the Dog
      Episode 6

      Genevieve's financial woes puts Zoila's job at risk. With Zoila's urging, Genevieve goes to her ex-husband Philippe for help. Marisol makes a breakthrough at the Powell's. Sam's dating makes Carmen jealous. Remi's strange behavior has Valentina concerned. Adrian upsets Michael. Spence and Rosie ratchet up their relationship.

    • Taking a Message
      Episode 7

      Marisol's cover might be blown when a former student recognizes her at the grocery store. Valentina figures out what's up with Remi and asks Zoila for help. Carmen and Sam are at odds over their relationship.

    • Minding the Baby
      Episode 8

      Genevieve keeps her real age a secret from her new boyfriend. Rosie is hired to work at the Powells. Carmen learns Odessa has a secret. Taylor takes Marisol with her to a fertility clinic.

    • 8/18/13

      Evelyn uses what she discovers about Rosie and Spence to vie for more time with Tucker. Genevieve confides to Zoila about Alfred's request regarding Valentina. Marisol is wary of Michael after she discovers some new information about Flora. Alejandro's reaction to Odessa's cancer doesn't sit well with Carmen.

    • Hanging the Drapes
      Episode 10

      Valentina is anxious about Remi's return and whether he will hate her. After Adrian propositions Rosie, she wants Spence to defend her honor. Marisol learns that Eddie was into some very disreputable behavior. Alejandro asks a favor of Carmen. Taylor and Michael disclose some thrilling news.

    • 9/8/13

      Alejandro and Carmen are at odds over his new relationship with Scott. Taylor and Michael catch Marisol eavesdropping and become suspicious. Marisol is closer to the truth about Flora's death. Rosie takes care of a serious situation for Peri. Zoila is concerned about Genevieve and Philippe's growing relationship, since she doesn't believe Philippe has given up his casual sexual affairs with other women.

    • 9/15/13

      Marisol's in danger as she proceeds to dig deeper into Flora's murder. Peri decides to bring Rosie's son up from Mexico in order to make amends. Seeing how lonely Alejandro is, Carmen renews her relationship with Sam. Zoila still disapproves of Philippe's renewed relationship with Genevieve. A decision made by Remi puts Valentina in a difficult position.

    • Totally Clean
      Episode 13

      The mystery surrounding Flora's death comes to light.

  • Season 2
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