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Devious Maids

Season 1 Episode 10

Hanging the Drapes

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2013 on Lifetime

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  • Devious Maids.

    So Marisol finds out that her son Eddie was selling drugs and his partner was someone called Brad and apparently Flora meet some of his buyers and one person in particular is (Back to that later). So Remi comes home from rehab and despite what Valentina thinks, she is pleasantly surprised that Remi actually thanks her for saving his life. So when the girls are having coffee and talking about things Remi and Valentina show up and Remi wants to ask Zoila if he can date Valentina and Zoila says you have to talk her her father and so he is invited to have dinner at the Diaz' home. (Zoila' character is very good, she knows how to play the game in a nice way). Meanwhile Peri wants Spence to go to counselling to try and fix their marriage, but Spence isn't too keen on the idea and then they have a big argument, apparently Spence isn't too big on being assertive, he is more like a nice guy. While Rosie is in the parking lot at the grocers Adrian shows up and propositions Rosie basically offering her money to take care of one of his friends (Prostitution Again), but she doesn't buy into it and gets in the car and drives away. Anyway Taylor has some wonderful news for Michael that she is pregnant and Taylor wants to tell everyone but Michael is worried about Olivia, so he goes and tells Olivia in person that Taylor is pregnant and despite the news Olivia doesn't really handle it too well because she is so much in love with Michael. Remi goes to Valentina's for dinner, but things don't go so well as planned, Remi doesn't really know much about Valentina not even her surname. While over dinner it goes straight downhill and Valentina ends up in tears and Remi leaves, but Zoila says to Valentina now that you're going to start school you can give up your job working the Delatour's and start to see Remi without being the maid. Spence comes over to see Adrian and confronts him about the proposition that he made towards Rosie and Adrian says you're having sex with her why can't i, if i'm willing to pay for it. Then Spence gets ready to punch him in his face and slips on the wet floor and ends up with concussion and he tells Peri what he did and she thinks its wonderful defending a woman's honour and they start to make up. Because Marisol has no luck in tracking down Brad all she has to go with is that he works for a catering company, so in the meantime Taylor comes home from shopping with all these baby clothes. So Marisol has this wonderful idea of throwing a dinner party and then that way Taylor can announce to some very close friends that her and Michael are having a baby, so Taylor runs with the idea and decides to do it and Marisol says hire a catering company to do all the cooking and service. What a rude awakening Carmen has with Alejandro which i had no clue either, Carmen and Alejandro share a moment together where Alejandro confesses that he finds it hard to trust alot of people in his life. The people that he did trust betrayed him and so he built a wall around him so no one could get too close and Carmen does understand, but she also says to Alejandro you can always trust me, you can tell me everything and i will never betray you. So with that said Alejandro is going on a date and he says to Carmen you should meet my date and Carmen says who is the lucky girl and it turns out to be a guy. Carmen meet Scott my boyfriend (Carmen was a bit more surprised). So Taylor has her dinner party and Brad is there and also Remi and his new date Valentina and while all this is going on inside the house Olivia is outside and is getting ready to hang herself right outside the window. Marisol confronts Brad and she tells Brad that she is Eddie's mother and that she will tell the police about Brad's drug dealings and then he confesses to Marisol that there was someone at the Powell's who was fooling around with Flora and all Marisol wants is his name. Brad says you can go ask him he right there and it turns out to be Remi (So Flora Was Pregnant With Remi's Child When She Was Murdered). Outside Olivia hangs herself and Marisol sees Olivia hanging from the tree and Michael says somebody get a knife to cut her done and Remi gets the knife. We don't know if Olivia is dead, but when Marisol sees Remi holding Valentina he still has the knife in his hand. What a Fantastic Episode Again Thumbs Up. This Show Is Fantastic.
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