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  • Best show ever

    great shpw
  • My favourite guilty pleasure!

    I recently discovered this show and I've been binge watching it until the most recent episode since.

    Me and my wife are hooked because it's just sooooo funny! Our favourite beverly hills couple are the Powells, just because they stand out so much in an already over the top show.

    I also like how they've developed Marisols character over all 3 seasons.

    Carmen and Rosie are extremely hot!

    I'm hoping this show will remain on the air for some time!

  • finally

    so glad to see this awesome show is back
  • where is my show

    IS it done ??? I don't see it on tv ... omg I am so mad :(

  • Interesing and unpredictable

    This show gets better by the episode. there is so many secrets to be revealed. this show contains: mystery,action, love and more. I hope their will be a season 3 becuase this show is the best. Love this show. DO NOT CANCEL.
  • love this show too

    i'm having a good time watching this show, love the cast, the misterious, the funny moments.
  • Great show

    In my opinion, the show is getting better every episode.

    You get to know the characters much better and I think they're really funny.

    The plot is entertaining too ! Maybe a little girly but well it's also nice to have some girly shows.

    However, it's kind of annoying to wait all the time to watch the next episode.

    Sometimes you just forget a lot of thing while waiting for the next season (huge gap between)

    But It's the same for each show.

    Can't wait to watch the next episode !
  • Love this show!

    This show is a lot of fun. Actresses and actors are great, all of them! Plot is very entertaining! Thank you Lifetime!
  • Latino pipe line

    Love the acting, the actors are so great; do not care so much for the plot though. Its so funny; looking forward to watching it again.
  • Brilliant Show

    This show is just great, a lot of fun and looking forward to season 2!!

    That was a great season finale lifetime really made my summer with devious maids glad they picked it up i wasnt really into the who killed flora story line that much but im glad they got rid of that now lets see what season 2 will bring its still alot of un resolved drama between most of the cast mates
  • It's getting worse and worse...

    from episode to episode.

    too bad I really had high hopes after the pilot and the second one.
  • Desperate Housewives 2.0

    Excellent! A light hearted programme that'd really enjoyable to watch. I am surprise ABC passed it on to Lifetime. A show not only for the girls ;)
  • Enjoying It!

    Finally a tv show that fills the void of Desperate Housewives going off the air. I love the concept and the actresses. This show is like a cross b/w the movie "The Help" and "Desperate Housewives" with some Latin flavor thrown in.
  • Fun stuff overall!

    This show definitely takes the place of Desperate Housewives. With Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria involved, that's no surprise. This is another satirical prime-time soap, with a nice mixture of mystery and comedy, with both quirky and "normal" characters and some over-the-top scenarios. Fun stuff overall. Fans of Desperate Housewives will likely enjoy this one.
  • Great

    I am tired of seen people being such a drama because Eva Longoria is producing this, The story is nice, I don't care about the fact these are latin girls and they are "maids" who cares? I am a latin guy and I am over it, Is like we do a show about "2 broke girls" who works in a Taco Bell restaurant, I mean, if they are white is funny, but if we put 2 broke latin girls in a Olive Garden oh my is so offensive! get over the fact they are maids and latin, it makes sense and make this even more real, give it a try to the mystery to be resolved instead of looking for poor critics, go beyond the articles and find yourself if this is worth watching or not.

    I like it, don't ask me why but I like it... Oh and btw I love 2 Broke Girls too, I just used an example ;)
  • Don't waste your time

    Complete rubbish
  • I expected better from Marc Sherry

    It could of been better and most of the actors/actress's have poor acting skills! The pilot really didnt wow me, hopefully the show picks up!