Devious Maids

Season 1 Episode 9

Scrambling the Eggs

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 18, 2013 on Lifetime

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  • Devious Maids.

    So Alfred has a talk to Valentina about donating one of her eggs and she agrees to do it, until she tells her mother and Zoila is dead against it. But Valentina says that she is going to do it whether she likes it or not, so Zoila has a word with Genevieve and convinces her to not to do it. Only because Genevieve isn't lets just say a very good mother to her own child Remi, as Zoila explains to Genevieve that Remi isn't skiing, but he's in rehab again. So Genevieve makes the decision to go and be a mother to Remi and see him in rehab and Alfred and her break up, also Zoila comes to the conclusion to sell the diamond ring that Genevieve gave her to pay for Valentine's tuition. Marisol is trying to do everything to get her son out of jail, but the DVD that Rosie stole from the Powell's safe isn't that incriminating, but something Flora's grandmother says to Marisol, that Flora cheating on Eddie (Marisol' Son) with his friend (Who Is That). Adrian comes back home and finds Rosie working for them and straight away tells her to take the baby and never come back to the house again as Adrian tells her why. So Rosie goes back to the Westmore's and starts looking after Spence and soon enough they start to take each others clothes off, when Evelyn stops by and catches them pawing at each other. Rosie goes over to the Powell's and explains why she can't tell Peri and Evelyn blackmails her into bringing the baby over and Rosie goes back and tells Spence what she intends to do. So Spence at first doesn't really care, but Rosie tells him to make his marriage work and if it doesn't then she will be with Spence, so obviously Spence had a word with Adrian about the blackmail and at the end Adrian comes over to the Westmore's and talks to Rosie and says everything is resolved and Evelyn isn't going to say a word to anyone and then makes his move on Rosie. Fantastic Episode. Thumbs Up. I had no idea that was Liz Torres, she has had some Major Club Dance Hits All Over The World.
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