Devious Maids

Season 1 Episode 13

Totally Clean

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 22, 2013 on Lifetime

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  • Devious Maids.

    What a season finale to a Fantastic Show, First things first, I think Zoila's plan has back fired between Remi and Valentina, when Zoila told Valentina what she did, it had the opposite effect and I don't think Valentina will be at home when Zoila gets home. As for Peri the word Bitch comes to mind and a lot more, after all the lies Rosie covered up for Peri just to protect her and now this at the end, lets hope Spence can help her when this season returns. Very sad that Taylor got shot and lost the baby and she was one of the nicest characters on the show. As for Alejandro, just come out of the closet, your GAY big deal and i'm not really happy with what Carmen has agreed to do, by entering a fake marriage just so she can have money and her singing career again and dumping Sam is part of the deal, although I never did see Carmen sign any papers / contract (Alejandro just said that Odessa is freaking out because I told her we were getting married) for me that's up in the air. Now for the major part, so glad Marisol has come clean and told the girls everything and has now asked for their help proving that her son Eddie is innocent and that the real killer is Philippe Delatour. Marisol and the girls come up with a brilliant plan to expose Philippe, but Adrian and Evelyn Powell have a even murderous plan and while all this is going on Genevieve hasn't got a clue about any of it. Marisol's plan doesn't exactly go as well as they thought it would, so enter Adrian and Evelyn's plan. Adrian slips something poisonous into Philippe' drink which is untraceable and says to Philippe you kill my maid and throws him out the window the only witness is of course Evelyn. With no proper confession but Adrian and Evelyn's the other girls Zoila, Rosie and Carmen says I heard it too (a man saying I killed Flora Hernandez and then splash). This Is Such a Fantastic Show. Such a Fantastic Season Finale. Thumps Up. 11/10.
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