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  • Ended up opposite two dinosaur series.

    Devlin's one of my childhood shows that was so cool! Of course when it first aired on ABC, the series was opposite two prehistoric shows (Valley of The Dinosaurs; CBS & Land of The Lost; NBC). It would've been a sweep if ABC had placed Korg; 70,000 BC @ the 9:00 slot.

    Sure, I enjoyed the motorcycle action, even though my brother teased me a lot for liking that show over the dinosaur series.

    Never saw Devlin again until 1986 when USA had their Cartoon Express in the mornings. I got re-acquainted with my favorite motorcycle series.

    Also liked Mickey Dolenz voicing Todd, the one who would always get squirted by the elephant!

    Little piece of trivia; part of that theme song would later be used on Captain Caveman & The Teen Angels.
  • dumb dumb dumb

    this is without a doubt the dumbest cartoon to be put out in the 70's. evel kenevel was popular so what did they do, they did another rip off of scooby doo. only this time you had no dog, an idiot middle brother, an agrivating little sister, and a daredevil stunt rider. i am glad this show did not last that long.